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Created by : Luscience

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail .Mihrimah.






“Union of Sun and Moon” in Turkish 


Parent’s pride (former) 

Bizawabi pride (former)

Unity Pride (current)



Prince (former) 

Zumaridi (current)






A sweet and loving lioness, Mihrimah is well known for her gentle nature. She has a bad habit of acting out to get her way. While initially appearing aggressive, she is actually a very emotional lioness with too big a heart. Mihrimah can be very naive and was very spoiled when she was younger. 


Mihrimah grew up more or less spoiled by her parents. She was adored and given everything her heart desires, and as such was very unaware of the realities of life. When she was an adolescent her father was beaten in a challenge for the pride and was made to leave. The new rulers instated their daughters, Sarabi, Naanda, Diku and Dwala as the new princesses while demoting Mihrimah and her mother. Mihrimah began to act out as a result, but the new rulers of the pride would not tolerate that sort of behavior, so she was banished. 


Alone, barely old enough to hunt and for the first time ever on her own with no one to guide her, Mihrimah struggled to survive. She ran into a pride of young lions who offered her shelter, and she gladly accepted. It soon turned out that the pride wasn’t as loving and peaceful as she thought, but Mihrimah couldn’t bring herself to leave. She became entangled with the prince who began to manipulate her. He brought out the worst in her, and she was most definitely running with the wrong crowd. 


Into her adulthood she ran into some hyenas while out solo hunting. She was saved by a traveling rogue who she then continued to secretly see. Zumaridi eventually made a point of telling her that he would not become a member of such a pride, and Mihrimah finally gained the courage to leave, although it had to be in secret. 


She settled down with Zumaridi and the two founded their own pride. After some time Mihrimah even had a cub, Huyam. All of this however did not stop her from being afraid that one day her prince not so charming would come and find her to try and ruin her life for leaving. 


~Relation to TLK~

Pride was Overtaken by Sarabi's parents, and Mihrimah especially dislikes Sarabi and her sisters. 

Art (c) Me


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