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Detail .Khan.




“Ruler” or “Nobleman” in Turkish/Arabic

-Titles and Nicknames-

Fourth Prince, General, Khanny  (by Penda)


The Pride Lands


Kovu X Kiara


Gainell , Elewisa, Lapin




Sincere, very forthright, honest, candid, and well known for his bravery. He is extremely patient and giving, selfless to a certain degree. He is very rebellious and can easily be described as dashing. While an overall loving lion, Khan does have a temper that can easily be flared with the right words. He is very much the knight in shining armor. Known to play pranks.


Khan was the last-born cub between Kovu and Kiara. Khan grew up with much affection from both his parents, but especially from his father Kovu. The king clearly favored his youngest son and was the quickest to praise Khan’s actions. Thus, began Khan’s belief that his father wanted him to rule. In his younger years Khan did not care much for the throne or ruling. He spent much of his time pranking his pride mates and irritating a young leopard by the name of Penda who often hung around his older brother Elewisa.

As Khan began to grow, so did his belief that he was the rightful heir to his parents’ throne. This belief was enflamed by the words of his cunning brother Elewisa, who was always around to remind Khan of his precarious position and the fact that their eldest brother Gainell also sought to take the throne. Since Kovu hated the idea of his sons fighting, he never chose a clear heir, though many lions in the pride had their opinions as to who should be the next king. Khan being the most liked by his father appeared to be the obvious choice, but there were still many lions who preferred Gainell, as he was oldest and believed to be the wisest.

Another instance that drove a wedge between Gainell and Khan was Penda. Khan had secretly admired the Leopard for some time, but she appeared to be showing interest in Gainell. Khan’s jealousy got the better of him, and so he spoke some ill words about Gainell’s intentions to Penda’s older brother in the hopes of ending the budding relationship.

When Khan began to reach adulthood, his father sent him off on a mission to bestow peace between the pride lands and the hyenas. After much turmoil and months away, Khan finally managed to garner an agreement between the hyenas and the pride lands residents. Upon his return, Khan found that his oldest brother Gainell had spent every moment trying to convince their father to pass the throne to him. Khan was exceptionally angry, as he now fully believed that he would make the better king. When issues arose between some of the older lions of the pride and the hyenas, Khan tried his best to stay objective and concluded that the lions had been at fault. This impartiality, however, was then used by Gainell who flipped many of Khan’s former supporters into believing that the prince did not care for them and that he was simply in league with the hyenas.

By the time Kovu passed away, Gainell had more support than Khan. Thus, Gainell was named king. His immediate reaction, however, was to forsake Khan and his followers. Khan and his followers received help from an old acquaintance of Khan’s: Penda. The leopard helped the lions safely make their way out of the pride lands. Khan felt somewhat guilty for having treated her so coldly back when she had started interacting with Gainell more. He feared for her well-being, and so told her that he would take her away if she wanted. During his time in exile, Khan let go of his ambition for the throne. His new goal was simply to help his followers live well.

After about two months of Gainell’s rule, Khan was tracked down by Penda, who admitted that Gainell was not the lion she thought he was. She stayed with Khan and his followers for a few days before she was found by Elewisa. The second prince came with news for the outcasts: many of the lions that once supported Gainell did no longer. They now supported Lapin, the half-brother to the three princes. Khan, being experienced in battle and negotiations agreed to help his half-brother take the throne. Gainell was usurped and Lapin assumed the title of King in his stead.

When things finally settled, Gainell was allowed to stay in the pride as a cub sitter. Khan was asked to patrol the great territory of the pride lands, and so he lived mostly on the outskirts alongside some of the guard. Khan and Penda found each other again after some time and the two became mates.

-Special Features-

Khan is exceptionally tall and large, with a build resembling Mufasa. His back stripe is also apparent on his face, and his right eye is both green and orange in color.

-Relation to TLK-

Son of Kovu and Kiara

Gainell and Lapin © Swashh.

Art © me


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