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Created by : Luscience

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail .Elewisa.




“intelligent” in Swahili

-Titles and Nicknames-

Second Prince, Ambassador,  Ellie (by Penda), El (By his brothers and close friends)


The Pride Lands


Kovu X Kiara


Gainell , Lapin, Khan


Calculating, sneaky, and carefree. Elewisa is the first to abandon ship when he perceives something to be wrong. He’s very intelligent but is rather impatient and not known to sit still for prolonged periods of time. He enjoys being on his feet and playing tricks on others. El likes story-telling and exploring.


Elewisa was always a curious lion who loved to explore. Being the second born, he had a lot less restrictions than his older brother Gainell. El used this freedom to the fullest extent, always finding new places to venture out to. On a particularly sunny day, Elewisa snuck off in pursuit of honey. On his trip the young cub encountered a nasty badger who charged him, leading him close to the riverbank where he could not escape. El was miraculously saved by a strange young leopard cub who, in the heat of the day managed to trick the badger and momentarily blind it with sand whilst getting herself and El up into the safety of the nearest tree where the badger couldn’t see them. Thus, began the life-long friendship between Elewisa and Penda. After the incident, El continued to hang around Penda, initially because he felt safer in her presence but later because the two had grown to be close friends.

The badger incident was the most dramatic moment of Elewisa’s cubhood. The rest of his first few months of life were spent picking flowers for his mother, whom he loved dearly, and playing sitter to his new, younger brothers. When he wasn’t in the confines of pride rock, he spent time with Penda. Through him the leopard was introduced to many of the lions, including his brothers. By the time he was an adolescent, he was one of four princes. Out of all his siblings, Elewisa doted on Lapin the most.

Initially it was out of pity; his half-brother had no mother and was rather scrawny and weak compared to the other cubs who often times found ways of irritating the half-prince. As time passed, El and Lapin’s friendship changed to comradery. Elewisa trusted Lapin the most out of all his brothers, and often spent time with him, watching together as Khan and Gainell butted heads for the throne. Since Lapin was only their half-brother, and was never interested in the throne, he and Elewisa became very close as El trusted his ambitions to the ears of Lapin alone. In his early adolescent years especially, Elewisa himself was also very interested in becoming king. A good amount of Gainell and Khan’s mistrust had been sewn there by him personally, as he plotted that the best way to be chosen by their father was to prove himself the level-headed choice whilst the other two fought and embarrassed themselves.

By the time of Kovu’s death, Elewisa had exchanged his ambition of becoming king to be an ambassador for the pride lands. His curious nature and enjoyment of travel lent him well to the position, and after one mission he was sold. He withdrew from the happenings between Khan and Gainell and instead spent time with Lapin and his other friends. Elewisa witnessed his oldest brother Gainell rise to power, and struggle with it dearly. It was only after the exile on Khan that Elewisa decided it would be best for someone else to lead and became involved once more. He arranged safe passage out of the pride lands for his dearest friend Penda, who went off in search of Khan. Although the youngest brother was El’s original idea for the new contender, Elewisa changed his mind to supporting Lapin. The half-brother was not at all interested but was talked into it nonetheless by Elewisa and Kelele. Upon Khan’s return, Gainell abdicated to Lapin, and peace finally returned to the Pride Lands.

Elewisa eventually went on to take an apprentice, Deka, to train as a dignitary for the Pride Lands. A former follower of his brother Khan, the lioness was an eager learner and Elewisa enjoyed proudly showing her off.

-Special Features-

El has a very curly mane and tail that are almost wiry in appearance; his whiskers appear frayed/curled and his paws are uncolored like his grandmother Nala.

-Relation to TLK-

Son of Kovu and Kiara

Gainell and Lapin © Swashh.

Art © me


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Thank you for your kind words Sky :NalaHeart: Your work is also fantastic!

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Congrats! Your artwork and characters are all so beautiful, please keep up the good work ;)

July 26, 2020
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Um.... Oh my gosh...I'm honestly in shock. Thank you for making him a must see!! :NalaSurprise:

July 24, 2020
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Thank NightRose! :D I really love the way his mane turned out as well ^^

July 24, 2020
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His mane is really unique. I love it:SimbaHeart:

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