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Detail Fluffy

Tthe little cub that is presented at the end of the first film of The Lion King fas jokingly named "Fluffy" by the producers. This little cub had no specified gender and it's design was the same as of cub Simba, because it was not expected to have a story of it's own, but only there to keep the circle of life continuing at the end. The creators of the second film have transformed the little "Fluffy" into Kiara. Contrary to popular belief, Fluffy is not Kopa (Which was invented after the movie's release). Although it is possible that this cub is Kion.


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August 06, 2019
Is not currently on the site
He'll always be Kopa to me.

Tanabi's storymaker
November 05, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Here is a theory about Fluffy aka Tanabi in my opinion as well as another theory:
Fluffy was just a nickname to Prince Tanabi, but the cub disliked it. Tanabi was bullied because of that nickname which was given by Simba. Due to this, he bonded more with Nala [his mother] then Simba [his father]. One day Simba lost his temper and clawed Fluffy/Tanabi's face giving him a scar on his left eye [which looked a lot like Scar's scar] due to disobedience. Tanabi ran away later that night and never returned which made Simba regretful. Three days later, the pride found Tanabi dead near the outlands [although Tanabi was faking it] and they were all upset but Simba was the saddest. Zira was the one who attacked Fluffy/Tanabi and was exiled for it [think of Not One Of Us but it is about Zira and the animals are more furious, oh and a cheetah gives Zira the bite/scar on her ear]. Tanabi woke up after everyone was gone and left and started his own pride and had twin cubs with a white lioness named Abla.
Kovu and Kiara's cubs theory:
Kovu and Kiara became queen and king and their cubs may have been Nyeusi, Adia, Tanabi Jr., and Erevu/Shani II.

September 27, 2014
Is not currently on the site
As I said in MY THEORY Kopa is Fluffy, so please don't try to explain everything to me it's MY theory not yours.

September 17, 2014
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Co... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
Kopa doe not exist in the movie universe :icon98:

September 17, 2014
Is not currently on the site
In my theory Fluffy is Kopa, because they both have ear rims, orange fur, and other things similar to baby/cub Simba. Therefore, I believe Fluffy's true identity is Kopa.

September 10, 2014
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Co... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
The page was created because it's a genderless cub that was later changed to Kiara in the sequels, and directors (jokingly) named it "fluffy" (and people in TLK fandom tend to freak out over every single lion character).
But people naming their fancharacter based on this cub "Fluffy" is indeed weird xD

September 10, 2014
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Mercury Phoenix Trust
lol its name isn't really fluffy...during the commentary they just named him that as a joke but oh well

July 23, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Disney said the cub was genderless

November 23, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Lion King verse is too complicated.░x░ lol

September 15, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site


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