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Aaila (S15)

Aaila (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Aaila (S15)

Name: Aalia.

Name Meaning/Origin: Arabic; It means "Beautiful and attractive like the moon".

Gender: Female.

Age: Varies (Depends on use).

Parent(s): Scar and Saabira (biological), Kaan(stepfather).

Sibling(s): Ra'id (half), Kovu (half), Vitani (half), Nuka (half).

Aunt(s): Sarafina.

Cousin(s): Simba (technically since Scar and Mufasa are biological brothers), and Nala (since Saabira and Sarafina are biological sisters).

Crush(es): Isai.

Mate(s): Isai (Possibly).


Pride(s): Born at Pride Rock (did not live there long), Anuka Pride (grows up and currently lives there).

Status: Princess of the Anuka Pride and lead huntress.

Personality: Brave, smart, sassy, high minded, respectful, kind, very stubborn, slightly a spoiled brat, very protective over family and friends, sarcastic, calm.

Bio: Aaila is the daughter of Scar and Saabira. She was born a year after Simba and even had her own little small ceremony presenation thanks to Mufasa and Sarabi being kind and sweet. They've always wanted the best for Scar and to wish nothing but happiness and blessings for him. But for some odd reason, he wants nothing to do with his first born daughter.

He knows Aaila is his, but Scar is just not ready for parenthood. It terrifed him when Saabira first came up to him with the news that she was pregnant. So of course, this had ended the relationship between the two leaving Saabira a single mother. Sarafina and Sarabi both have taken turns baby sitting Aaila so her mother could get some rest. Being a single parent is very hard work and strong dedication, but it also can require lots of rest too!

Aaila did not live her whole cubhood in the Pride Lands, but while living there though, she grew a nice bond with her "cousins" Simba and Nala. The three always went on adventures together. On the days when Simba and Nala are both busy and can not come out to play, Aaila would spend her lonesome time trying to bug her father Scar, forcing him to create a some-sort of bond. But still, Scar is not interested and would try to shoo off the poor little cub away.

After Mufasa's death and the beginning of Scar's reign, Saabira (aaila's mother) decides that it is time for her and Aaila to leave Pride Rock and find some place else to live. So she did just that and with high luck, she made it out safe without Scar or his hyenas interrupting her planned escape. After a bit of time, Saabira and Aaila had comes across the Anuka Pride. There, they meet a King named "Kaan" who becomes the father Aaila have always wanted to have and bond with. Aaila's mother granted the King a son, Aaila's half brother "Ra'id".

After growing up and living in the Anuka Pride, Aaila felt happy and good enjoying her new life. She is now titled Princess and the lead huntress of the hunting party. She have inherited her grandmother's (Saabira and Sarafina's mother) excellent hunting skills, which is how Nala inherited hers too. One day while hunting, Aaila had got into some trouble with a group of hyenas and got rescused safe from a rogue lion named, "Isai" who is the son of Tanglemane. Aaila rewared him to join the Anuka Pride. The male at first was unsure about it, but eventually got over his worries and joined. He has so much trust in Aaila and she also promised him that she would help him blend into the pride well and show him around the area. Soon, this develops more than just a friendship.


Base(s): Teal-Quil (C), DA.

Anuka Pride, Saaabira, Kaan, Ra'id: Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): Scar's daughter, niece to Mufasa and Sarabi, born at Pride Rock, niece to Sarafina, cousin to Simba and Nala, great cousin to Kiara and Kion, half big sister to Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu, possible mate to Tanglemane's son.


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