Zira: Scar's Queen?

Zira: Scar's Queen?

Just a mate? Or just a follower? We'll see...

This is a pretty interesting theory, one that I myself have switched between believing and not believing it. However I've settled with one: Zira was the Queen of Scar and this is why:

A scene, an scene from the Final movie, hints at the "deleted" scene called "Kovu's Bug" which can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leiPvxuNop4 . Like "The Lion King" It takes place directly after the Royal cub's presentation and moves onto the villain.

Here Nuka and Vitani report to Zira, telling her Simba's new cub is a girl(note: New cub...Perhaps he had another cub before? Or it may be because Kiara is newborn cub so don't get carried away). Before this happens the scene firmly establishes, no Kovu was not Scar's son but yes he did chose the cub as the next King. Here Zira says it clear as day,

"Yes! Because of Simba! If weren't for him Scar would still be King. And I, Zira his loving devoted Queen"

Now I know what you all are thinking: It's just a deleted scene! That doesn't mean anything. It wasn't featured in the movie, so it's not canon.

Or is it?

When Kiara and Kovu stupidly wander into a mess of gators and escape, they begin to bond. Zira, who is hiding in the grass, looks at Kiara awfully hard, as if she's seen the cub before. She doesn't seem very pleased, which is weird considering how much of an opportunist she is. Kovu would need a queen or at least a mate to continue his line.

One might argue Zira wouldn't want to betrothe her son to a pridelander, which a seemingly sound argument. But it's pretty weak. It's not the Pridelanders Zira hates, as she used to be one herself and strives to be one again by taking over the Pridelands via Kovu. Sure she goes 'What have I told you about THEM?' but she never elaborates on who 'them' is. The Pridelanders? Or just Simba's family? The second one obviously.

The cubs go on to introduce themselves, and as soon as Zira hears Kiara's name, her hard stare turns into a snarl.

She obviously knows the cub, and that's she's Simba's daughter, the snarl proves that much. But how? Zira and Kiara really never interact until the movie's end...

The only way:

That scene was not deleted, but strongly hinted at due to time contraints. It makes sense. And then there's the fact every(or almost every. All the ones I have say so) SP book includes this scene.

Upon hearing Simba's cub is female Zira laughs, "A girl? Ha, ha, ha! Scar my beloved, did you hear that? This couldn't be more perfect!"

In my books Zira's response to the news is very much the same:

"There was news from the Pridelands-Simba's cub was a girl!"Perfect!"Zira exclaimed, "Girls will be girls, but boys will be Kings!"


"Nuka and Vitani, Kovu's brother and sister, reported back from their secret trip to the Pridelands that Simba's new cub was a girl."

Heavily hinted at in the movie, said straight out in the books. It's basically canon if you ask me.

This scene is not exception. Almost all the deleted scenes are hinted at in the movie.

Nuka's original lasts words: He preps to say them(actually he does say "I") but Zira's shush's him before he can.(he actually gets the "didn't I?" part out)

Zira's suicide: Before Zira falls, Kiara's gives an extremely shocked look. Also, she can still be seen smiling before she hits the water.

Conclusion:There are a total of 5 deleted scenes in Simba's Pride. Two of them(Zira's suicide, Nuka's original death) were removed for content and the rest(Kovu's bug, The other cub, Nuka/Vitani's news) were not included due to time contrainsts. Vitani and Nuka's news was in the movie, though it wasn't actually visually there as it, unlike any other scene, is featured in books. Everything within that scene is canon as it is the only explination why Zira knows Kiara, none of the content contradicts anything the finished film says, and therefore comfirms Zira was Scar's Queen. 

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March 23, 2020
Is not currently on the site
Zira was originally going to be Scar's mate but due to the incestuous undertones of Kovu's relationship with Kiara, the relationship was obscured to appear as "just a follower "

I think Zira was madly in love with Scar but he died before she could propose taking away her dream of becoming Queen of Pride Rock.

May 30, 2019
Is not currently on the site
I think Zira would be the perfect candidate for Scar's wife.

August 04, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
I think Zira hates Kiara because she is Simba and her daughter a symbol of the mistakes she has made. Simba is from another pride with Ziras mate Kopa. As for the deleted secens in a deleted version Kobu was Scars son Kiaras cousin so things that are taken out are taken out for good reason. It was said Zira was a follower not his mate.

July 22, 2012
Is not currently on the site
yes i agree nuka's death always makes me cry i because he looked like scar so zira would remember but when he died she was :issedoff: off....

lioness jhr
January 30, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I think the scene was, or should of been deleted for this reason, zira's cubs' ages were really inacurate, Kovu whould of been much older when he met Kiara if he was already a cub when Kiara was born. °x°

January 10, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
I definetly think Zira is scars queen because she stands up for scar when she says to Simba ' these lands belong to scar' in an aggressive way at simba as if she were protecting him as though he were alive. So she must be, she has to be scars queen.

September 22, 2011
Is not currently on the site

Yeah. The only similarity between my visions and the outsider made official stuff is that in my fanfics too there were numerous cubs in the pride when Simba was a child, like there is in the german comics. But that vision of mine did not come from the comics but simply from the fact that in real life there always are numerous cubs while the movie leaves the matter open for Mufasa's pride - and I think it's more fun with a larger generation number for Simba than just Nala. Naturally the pride also had more adult males in my vision, which is another thing the movie leaves open. We just don't _see_ anyone but Mufasa and Scar. ^^

September 21, 2011
Belgium Female Is not currently on the site
ElChivato:Mm..sounds interesting.So you only follow facts? I mean,you ignore the things that aren't made of the TLKmakers?^^

September 20, 2011
Is not currently on the site
@ VitaniLover:

I think Nuka, Kovu and Vitani have the same father, simply because I see no reason why they creators would've meant it to be any more complicated without mentioning something. As for the father's identity, I don't care for the books so I don't care to drag a character from them into my visions. I love the german comics to bits but I still don't like to drag specific characters from them into my visions. If something isn't stated in the movie universe, that something I prefer making up all by myself. So, to me Nuka, Kovu and Vitani's father is some rogue from the time before Zira became part of Scar's pride. A rogue whom Scar never met. I haven't really written about it yet, so I might change that into something more complicated. But one thing is sure, to me Scar is not any of their father and the father was never a pridelander.

September 20, 2011
Belgium Female Is not currently on the site
ElChivato> Oh. Yeah,in that case xD
Never mind.xD
Yup.So...what's your opinion then?Who is Nuka,Vitani or Kovu's father to you?^^ I'm kinda interested.

September 20, 2011
Is not currently on the site
@VitaniLover: Zira was obsessed and obviously her love for Scar was on somewhat worshipping level. Obsession and worship, again do not require a two-way relationship and is enough to cause one say a name often. Plus the movie's story takes over numerous years, so 20 times isn't really that much. ;D

What do you mean by this? --> "it's a DisneyFilm,an animationfilm,remember? In 3/4 of al the disney movies there is almost not one real human thing."

If that was true, one of the most ctucial efforts that Disney makes would completely fall away: teaching important life lessons to children.

But indeed, Zira and Scar's relationship has been left completely an opinion matter. Anything in the film about it can be interpret in at least two different ways. I'm thinkin that they changed the queen/mates idea away at the same time they changed Kovu into not being Scar's son.

September 20, 2011
Belgium Female Is not currently on the site
@ElChivato: Yeah,i know that,but still...it's a DisneyFilm,an animationfilm,remember? In 3/4 of al the disney movies there is almost not one real human thing.
Zira said."This is for you,Scar." All the lioness had followed Scar once,but when Kiara said We are one,they go that easy to Simba's side. Except Zira. She wanted to complete what Scar couldn't done.
Zira had said Scar's name like 20 times in the movie!So she must be more then a fangirl,don't you think? However,everbody has an opinion,this is mine,that is yours.*shrugs*

September 20, 2011
Is not currently on the site
@ Wereberus:

Hmm...You may be right. But my point stands valid; the deleted scenes deletion-level doesn't matter when it comes to how definite proof the line from Zira is. :)

@ VitaniLover:

The amounts of love doesn't proof a status. Because in life one does not always get what she/he wants no matter how much one loves/desires.

September 20, 2011
Global Moderator Usa Female Is not currently on the site
VitaniLover -- "i also think Zira must be his queen,she loved him too much for being just a fangirl."

Exactly! That's what I've been sayin'.

September 19, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Then HOW does Zira know Kiara? How? They've never met before, as Kiara clealry doesn't know her.

Also, there were no other cubs on pride rock except Kiara. Not even a book mentions any other cubs. Besids, this is later on AFTER Kiara is a newborn, and Zira would probably want to know more about Simba's daughter. She had spies, Vitani and Nuka do this at a young age. Vitani knows Kiara, but they never meet.

September 19, 2011
Belgium Female Is not currently on the site
Again i agree^^ i also think Zira must be his queen,she loved him too much for being just a fangirl.

September 19, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I'll ignore the books because as always they are nothing more but outsider's work based on the movie's creators. So I don't care what the books say.

You make a good point that the "Kovu's Bug" scene may still apply to the movie in its creators' intent, but then again it just as well may not. After all, in the deleted scene the only thing revealed to Zira is that Simba's child is a girl, not her name. So if the snarl reaction was about realizing her to be Simba's child by hearing the name, the deleted scene does not apply. This results that I don't consider that Kovu/Kiara scene as a hint to the deleted scene, not necessarely anyway.

But in the end it doesn't matter how deleted the scene is. The line from Zira "Scar would still be king. And I, Zira, her loving devoted queen" is TOTALLY open for interpretation. It COULD mean that she was his queen back then. But it COULD just as well mean that she THINKS she WOULD be his queen by that day. Him having chosen Kovu as the next king could've easily encouraged her fantasy. Especially as she was so in love with Scar. I prefer this only-a-follower-with-a-fantasy interpretation because it's completely plausible and does not contradict the canon film but only adds to it.

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