Was Zazu on Scar's Side all along?

Was Zazu on Scar's Side all along?

Zazu might have a dirty little secret, his feathers cannot hide...

This fan theory surrounds Zazu; the very put upon King’s aide (and also the most complicated puppet in the musical), the “parrot from The Lion King” (he’s a red-billed hornbill, guys). Whilst he may be a bit tetchy and fairly irritated by the young prince’s lack of care for the position, ultimately he seems to one of the good guys.

Or is he?

Zazu is quite literally pushed around, hit, dunked in water, sat and stepped on by just about every animal in the kingdom (see – I Just Can’t Wait to be King, Simba even threatens to fire Zazu when he finally gets the position). It’s clear that no one really cares about his opinion, and he just seems to be trotted out by the monarchy whenever they need some menial task fulfilled they can’t be bothered to do.

So, perhaps sick on being walked on and used by the monarchy, Zazu actually joined up with Scar and plotted to get Simba out of the way?

It’s Scar who lures Simba and Nala to the Elephant Graveyard in an attempt to kill them, so they lie and say that they’re going to the watering hole and Zazu goes escort them.

Please tell me how a tiny bird can save two lion cubs from anything.

Of course, them being rambunctious kids with a hidden agenda, they try to lose Zazu and go off on their own – but Zazu caught up with them at the elephant graveyard. How would Zazu know that that is where they were actually going – not the watering hole – unless someone told him?

The only other person who knew they would be heading to the graveyard was Scar and his hyenas…

The idea that Zazu is a traitor is backed up by the fact he is a mirror of Polonius – the chief counsellor to the King in Hamlet, and co-conspirator with Claudius, spying on the young prince for his uncle.

“But Zazu went to get help when Mufasa was dying!” okay yes, but it’s unlikely Zazu ever wanted Mufasa dead. His main concern is how ill-suited for the throne Simba seems to be, and it’s likely he went along with Scar’s plan thinking Scar just wanted the heir out of the way so that he was next in line.

It would also explain why Scar kept Zazu close after taking the throne, he didn’t want the person who knew all his secrets to let anything loose.

I hope ya'll like my theory guys. Remember, stay tuned for more theories!!

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June 28, 2020
Australia Is not currently on the site
But Zazu was only with Simba and Nala because of Sarabi... "As long as Zazu go's with you". Pretty sure she didn't know the plan or want Simba dead.
Nice article though

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