Timeline Issue

Timeline Issue

Lions of the Outlands

*Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for an episode of The Lion Guard. If you like being spoiled before actually watching the episode, well, I can't stop you.*



I recently noticed a tiny problem with the timeline of The Lion King's universe in the 20th episode of The Lion Guard, the one titled ''Lions of the Outlands''. In that episode, Zira and the Outsiders apparently lived in a corner of the Outlands, before being catapulted by Kion's supernatural roar into the termite mounds near the end of the episode. Rendered there, Nuka asks where they are, and Zira responds that it is their ''new home''. So apparently, they did not live in termite mounds like the second film until Kion and his guard arrived. And there's something wrong about it.



Apparently, Kovu already knew Kiara as he mentioned in that episode, and that long ago.



But shortly after meeting her, aswell as the short confrontation between Zira and Simba, it was shown that the Outsiders already lived around termite mounds!

See the problem? 

According to that Lion Guard episode, the Outsiders lived in the canyon corner of the Outlands before being forced to move away, while in Simba's Pride, they always lived around termite mounds! And it appears that the termite mounds are not even part of the Outlands as Kion seemed to have said! (He told the Outsiders that they were not welcome in the Pride Lands, OR the OUTLANDS!) But it was clearly refered to as the Outlands in Simba's Pride

But wait! There must be a certain explaination to this gap! Maybe Zira was just being sarcastic, and that she and the Outsiders only left the termite mounds to conquer Jasiri's watering hole. But Nuka did not seem to recognize this place once they ''came back'' there. Either he got a nice blow on his head while crash landing, or Disney simply messed up the timeline of this story.

But oh well, just a tiny itti bitti mistake nonetheless. Nobody's perfect, and nothing's perfect. Let's just be glad that temporal paradox is only fictional.


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