The Newly revealed 'Simba' Concept...

The Newly revealed 'Simba' Concept...

... is actually still Mheetu.

It has come to my attention the attentions of many that the Concept once thought to be Mheetu has now now been "revealed" to be Simba.


The words "Simba" are printed clear as day alongside the image, where they weren't there before, along with Thom's signature.


So there's no argument here right? The cub is CLEARLY was clearly meant to be Simba and never Mheetu? Right? Yes?

No. Wrong.

Though the second screen has pretty concepts and all, many of these concepts have been colored when they were once blank. They've been edited, and clearly that's what has happened here. I dunno about you all but that "SIMBA" Looks absolutely nothing like Thom's handwriting.

See the Difference?

Handwriting his habitual, meaning you write a certain way exclusive to only you without knowing it and using a little thing i like to call Forensic Graphology, or "Handwriting Analysis" i can point out the difference between this and Thom's signature.

Editing/Forgery is easy to spot if you know what to look for.

Right off the bat -

The Pen Pressure between these two are different. The writer of "Simba" presses down VERY firmly on the paper which makes his letters darker. Thom on the other hand has medium pen pressure as his writing is a lighter gray in coloration.

Or "Simba" was written on this paper recently, as opposed to the faded signature. That would certainly confirm that this images was in fact edited.

Penlifts is another observation i've made. In "Simba" The Letters are perfectly spaced -- They don't overlap, link or touch, which a contrasting to Thom's signature. When Thom writes, his does not lift his pen.

More Proof of Editing within Second Screen

Here's the original image of Mheetu first revealed on the Laserdisc:  



And Here is the cleaned up image found onthe second screen.


Can you see the difference?


There was another Mheetu image in the top right corner that was erased in the new image. This is undeniable proof these images were prepped for presentation. The old, low quality concepts can be viewed on youtube by typing in "Making of the Lion King". It should be by Buleguppies or someone by a similar name. The Link to the new image can be seen in Disney's secondscreen, which can be seen here: 


And now, just in case none of that was enough to pursuade you, I present to you the word of the artist himself.


Thom has told me himself those Rough Model sheet were of Mheetu NOT Simba. Simba pictures never made it to the public to even be seen, according to him.


No one can rival the Artist's word, and so it is confirmed. The cub is still Mheetu, regardless of what it may say or what you may think.

If anyone is curious or still doesn't believe me, here.  I contacted thom at that link and replied to me the very next day TWICE.


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lioness jhr
January 17, 2012
Is not currently on the site
That.... iz weird, but I do ask, can someone please write and article showing the newly released pics of Mheetu showing him with Scar-like colours, they are on lion king wiki.

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