The Lion King 2 and The Animals of Farthing Wood

The Lion King 2 and The Animals of Farthing Wood

TLK may be more exotic, but TAoFW is similar

For those of you who don't know what The Animals of Farthing Wood is, it's a British cartoon.

First series is when Farthing Wood is being destroyed for building work and the animals take the oath of mutal protection (which means that they must protect each other and not eat each other). Under the oath they travel to a nature reserve called White Deer Park.

The second and third series are all about them in White Deer Park and one of the plot lines in series 2 is like the Lion King 2.

Here's the comparison:

Fox and Vixen (yes that is the characters' names) have cubs, the male ones are called Bold and Friendly and the female ones are called Charmer and Dreamer, but for the Lion King 2 comparison, just remember Charmer.

As you know, Simba and Nala have a female cub called Kiara.

Both films have good and bad sides (TLK: Pridelanders and Outlanders - TAoFW: Red foxes and Blue foxes)

Both Kiara and Charmer's farthers are leaders of the good sides

Both Kiara and Charmer fall in love with the heir to the leader on the bad sides

Both farthers aren't too keen

but the mothers want to give them a chance


Also in some Lion King books Simba had a cub called Kopa who wasn't in the Disney film. I think (and this is just my opinion) that he was origionally going to be in it as well as Kiara and maybe even spy on her and Kovu and report to Simba which is what Friendly (or Bold if you count the book Animals of Farthing Wood the journey continues). However thye were already in a court row over the first lion king film (see artical LeovsSimba) and they didn't want a court battle with the BBC as well so the cut him out. Remember that The Animals of Farthing Wood was written first.


Well, that was my first artical and I hope that you are still awake enough to read this. LOL!

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October 01, 2010
Male Is not currently on the site
sure I agree!, but TAOFW is nearly exactly the same as Watership Down and Watership Down is VERY, VERY, extraoridinarly similar to Warrior Cats. But as far as I know this is the order of realese.
Watership Down (book, film TV Series) 1972, 1978, 1999
TAOFW: (book, TV Series) 1979,1992
TLK: 1994
TLK2: 1996
Warrior Cats: 2003
Even Wikipedia conjoins The Animals of Farthing Wood to Watership Down! But it says NOTHING about the clear copying (even some scenes having the same words, actions and backgrounds) of Watership Down and Warrior Cats. (my video on YouTube, Warrior Cats versus Watership Down)

June 19, 2009
Poland Is not currently on the site
I too saw this similarities. I love The Animals Of Farthing Wood. And when I thinking of Kopa ( although I didnt read any Lion King book) I think there was some similarities to Fox Cub Bold.

February 16, 2009
Uk Is not currently on the site
The Lion King 2 was based on Shakespeare's Romeo & Julliet. Yes, there are similarities but TLK2 didn't copy The Animals of Farthing Wood.
(They wern't going to put Kopa in the film with Kiara. They replaced Kopa with Kiara because they had already had a story of a boy cub growing up, they wanted to have a girl cub growing up).

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