The Cubs Of Scar...

The Cubs Of Scar...

What If They Aren't His Cubs?...

Theres always a lot of debate over whether or not Scar's cubs are his or not. Nuka and Vitani are usually accepted as his cubs, and Kovu widely accepted as not being related to Scar. It's only been the recent years that Vitani has really been debated about.

And so here I am to be the odd-ball to the fandom and present ideas as to why none of them are related to Scar. However, keep in mind, that I am a fan of Nuka being Scar's son, before people think I'm hating xD

First, let's analyse some dialouge, shall we?


Let's start with the very introduction to Nuka and Vitani.

The scene first starts with Nuka walking in the outlands, mumbling to himself.

"Kovu,Kovu,Kovu....Scar wasn't even his father...he just took him in.."

He then talks to Vitani, and after arguing a little, Nuka continues to say:

"Ah! Who cares?! I should have been the chosen one! I'm the oldest! I'm the strongest! I am the smartest-!"

If Nuka was Scar's son, wouldn't he have mentioned so? Wouldn't it have been the very first thing he would have mentioned, in his argument as to why he should be king? No. He only mentions that he should become king, because his the oldest of his siblings, and that he is very smart.

He refers to this also in a deleted scene: 


Pay attention to what Nuka is saying.

"Hey...speaking of kings. I was thinking...that since I'm the...oldest...maybe I should be king! huh!"

Again, he doesn't mention a word about being Scar's son. He had a clear opportunity to suggest that he could be king instead of Kovu, and surely, he would have used the best reason as to why he should? Shouldn't he have said: "Hey...speaking of kings. I was thinking...that since I am Scar's son..maybe I should be king! huh!" 

And now, let's address another reason.


Throughout the film, Vitan and Nuka always refer to Scar, as just 'Scar'.  Surely if Scar was their father, wouldn't they call him 'Father' or 'Dad'? Wouldn't have Zira taught them that Scar was their father, and he should be addressed as so?  Just a thought.


And now, here is a (deleted) scene that was only released recently, that might also help back-up my point: 

Scar decides that he needs a queen. And his first choice is Nala. Nala, in this scene, is an adult, and there is no Zira in sight. After Nala rejects Scar, she runs away. Now, It took Simba a few days to reach the Oasis where he would live for the next few years. Nala would surely reach the same place in a few days as well? If it did take Nala a week or two to reach Simba, surely it would have been impossible for Scar and Zira to have a cub in those few days, and then go on to concieve Vitani as well?

Perhaps Zira had already given birth to Nuka, when Scar chose her as queen.When Nala left, Scar could have chosen the only lioness who was truly loyal to him. Perhaps Nuka was from a different lion, which is why Scar rejected him as heir. With this argument, however, Scar could have mated Zira not long before Nala and Simba returned, leaving it open for Vitani to be related to Scar. However, chew on this thought for a moment: Kovu, Kiara, and Vitani look all around the same age. Perhaps Kovu and Vitani are from the same litter. Throughout the film, it is stated over and over that Kovu is not Scar's son.  If Vitani and Kovu are from the same litter, then how would Vitani be related to Scar, if Kovu wasn't?

Some may argue, that if a lioness mated with two different lions while she is still in heat, she could produce tWo cubs two different fathers. But by this point, we know Zira is completely devoted Scar. Why would she run off and mate with another lion, when she had Scar as a mate?


And those are my arguments against Nuka and Vitani being releated to Scar ^^ I applogize for the massive amounts of text.


If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer :3


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August 11, 2016
Uk Is not currently on the site
Well, About the one Nuka not mentioning Scar as his father well, What if he wasn't aloud to say it in front of them and Zira? Also, don't forget that he was treated badly after Scar and Zira started placing there attention on Kovu, So maybe Nuka didn't accept Scar as his father.:icon310: Just my opinion by the way! :D

November 03, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I watched the deleted scene. they should've kept the scene! Anyway, poor Nuka...

Vitani's Sister
July 10, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Well, I also believe that Vitani is Taam and Tojo's sire...but Zira kidnapped her, thinking she was a boy. That would be the only reason as to why she'd kidnap a little girl.
Now, I think that she just calls Zira 'mother' because Vitani was eiher to young to remember or the Outlands and training made her forget the pride lands - and Zira never really considered her a daughter, just someone to train up as 'second in command'. But Vitani may have just been calling her that out of respect or something, maybe cos she 'raised' her.
I like what you said about Nuka, though...I think he was from any random outsider. i mean, most of them have grey-ish coats.

April 07, 2012
Is not currently on the site
loved it, you used proof and youtube too lol it's cool

April 07, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
great artical it was very intresting :) ;) ;) :p

January 31, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
TLKFan#1: Those are fan theories. Kopa and vitani is also a fan pairing. No one knows for sure who their parents are. So none of of those are classed as official Plus, Kopa doesn't exist in the movie universe, so he doesn't really contribute here. Vitani is the same age as Kovu, and kovu is the same age as Kiara, so that argument is invalid too ;3 It's been confirmed that Kovu is adopted. He is not related to either Scar nor Zira, and since there is no proof that Chumvi is his father (that as well as the fact they don't exist in the same universe) However, I do like the idea of Kovu being somehow related to Chumvi.

January 02, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Vitani's is adopted her real parents are Tama and Tojo cuz she falls in love with Kopa and it would be wrong if she was Scar's like it would be wrong if Kovu was Scar's cuz he falls in love with Kiara if Kovu or Vitani were Scar's they'd be loving their cousins! I believe Vitani is Tama's and Tojo's cuz she has Tama's hair style and Tojo's eyes and Kovu is actully youngest cuz Kopa likes Vitani when he's Kiara's big brother so he would have to be Vitani's age or close like Kovu and Kiara btw Zira is Kovu's mother and his dad is Chumvi. so I think Kovu and Nuka are half brothers cuz you're right about Nuka

December 19, 2011
Uk Is not currently on the site

You're acting as though I suggested it was canon xD I'm not trying to prove anything here, all I'm saying is that there are some reasons to suggest that Nuka could not be related to Scar. And I said earlier, I do support the idea of Nuka being Scar's son as canon.

You're forgetting what I said earlier in my article. Zira wasn't around when Nala is an adult, years after Simba was banished. This could mean that Zira didn't appear long before the end of Scar's reign. She could possibly already had a cub by the time she reached the pridelands. This means she couldn't have cheated on Scar before she even met him. But you're also forgetting that at some point, Zira cheated on Scar to make Kovu (and possibly Vitani). If she was willing to cheat to make Kovu, why can't it be the same for Nuka?

We don't know if the eldest always gets the throne. It is never stated spefically in the film. So that point is invalid. Asking why Nuka wanted to be king is like asking why Scar wanted to be king. Just because they don't have teh right to something, doesn't stop them from wanting it.
Scar was not exactly popular with the lionesses. Zira was a good choice because she was a devoted follower. Its shown that Zira did care for Nuka, as any mother would. I'm pretty sure that Zira would not let Scar have her cub, no matter how loyal she was. Perhaps Scar was not willing to risk angering Zira by attacking her cub.
Asking why Nuka was kept alive is like asking why Kovu was chosen to be king over one of his own cubs. Think about it.

Heh, sorry about the mountains of text ^^'

December 18, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Nuka doesn't mention anyting about ANY male that could possibly be his father. Besides, how do you know Scar and Zira just left him to rot after deeming him pathetic? You dont. NO ONE knows what happened during Scar's reign, it's up in the air. Age-wise, he could be the son. What other males were roaming the land two years into Scar's reign when hyenas were running all over the place? Why would Zira cheat on Scar with some genetic failure of a lion? Isn't Scar ALREADY a Genetic failure of a lion.

Also the eldest cub always gets his fathers throne, maybe THIS is why he wants the throne and keep refering to his age? Your idea of Nuka already being there makes no sense. Why did Scar not KILL HIM? He was a threat!

This is a question no one can answer: If Nuka isn't Scar son, what was the reason he was kept alive,huh? Why?

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