TLK characters: Zodiac signs

TLK characters: Zodiac signs

Have ever wondered what sign from the zodiac a TLK character would be?

The zodiac is very popular among a lot people (including me), if you believe or don't in it, and we can find or guess the zodiac sign of someone by their birthday, or by their personality. What about TLK characters? What would be their zodiac signs?

Mufasa  - Leo


"A wise and strong leader, whenever he goes he is the example of a true king, proud of his pride and of himself, his royalty can be seen in his looks. Mufasa seems to always have the upper hand, and even in moments of anger and fury, he can be wise and argument like a true noble and strong king."

The sign of Leo is mostly generous, a good leader, wild, dominant and dedicated, they care about knowing, learning and mostly of all teaching, and show how strong and wise they can be, their heart is humble and honest and it matches with their leader personality to always think well before judging and prefering a good argument. Depending on the Leo mood, it's easy to make him angry, but his anger and fury is full of arguments before a "brutal attack", so it's also easy to calm him down speaking wisely.

In his most close relationships (family, friends, etc) the Leo likes to impress and give the best of him to all, he can be a bit dominant with his family like telling them what they should do, but his the best advicer of the family and is very generous, this sign likes to be respected and does everything to deserve it.

(Should I say more? Mufasa is with no doubt a Leo)

Sarabi - Cancer


" A calm and friendly Queen, a good example of a lovely mother as it seems that Sarabi relates well with cubs and she can be fun and the best company, dedicated to her family and her home, to Sarabi they come first in all the occasions, even in the darkest times in Scar's pride, Sarabi stayed by the side of her friends and family"

The sign of Cancer is mostly sentimental, protector, patient, very homemade, reserved and gentle, what most matters to them is family and friends, they are loyal to them until the end of times, Cancer prefers staying home and having a good time with his family and friends than beign in different places and knowing other people, their home is their "castle". Cancer is a very patient and the most gentle sign, they are comforting and their presence is the best someone could ask for, they are also generous and love to share their things with others, you'll hardly see a selfish Cancer around you. This sign is gifted with the talent of beign great family members and friends.

Simba - Libra

"I wasn't sure if Simba would be Libra, because he could also be a Sagittarius, but thinking well, he makes more of a Libra because he's not all fun and games all the times. Simba (adult only) is a young and full of energy lion, although the life in the jungle made him a bit lazy, he's determinaded, love's having fun and beign with his friends, but sometimes he also needs a time alone, to think, he needs moderation and peace, he likes harmony. Simba sometimes can be insecure and lost, and is seems to always think about his attitudes."

Libra is a moderated sign, they need to feel in peace and harmony, conflcits distances them and they will look for the best way to find a ambient of peace again. It is a sign that needs to be calmed and reassured perfectly. It doesn't accept, in any way, changing it's course, leaving for the adventure without having reflected much about the project. The Libra needs a certain routine and stability to live in harmony.

It is also for this reason that Libra avoids taking certain very heavy responsibilities. Libra constantly weighing the pros and cons before deciding ... what causes it to never take very big decisions. It's a big downside to it. Libra has much need of others to exist that sometimes they must lie to get confortable Libra never admits to being indecisive and not liking his routine.

Nala - Gemini


" Nala is a agile character, she's always looking for a solution for the problems and she hardly is stopped in just one place, she's also persistent and doesn't gives up so easy, she thinks and analize before acting and is also convincing and uninhibited"

Insightful, never at rest, Gemini seeks to know, understand and explain all aspects of life. His legendary curiosity makes him a very interesting person and therefore often noticed because it has a lot of knowledge. As for all excited, sometimes lack concentration to this sign and it can lose good opportunities, both social and professional. Gemini blames himself but moves on quickly. It is a sign continuously moving like a shooting star, it loves changing and moving
It is also the sign with excellence in communication. A great speaker, he always knows how to express themselves, even using tricks to get faster on their goal. With this very agile personality, they quite often overshadows their professional colleagues and members of the family.

Scar - Scorpio


" I once heard in TV that Scorpio and Aries had possibilities of beign great movie villains, and I don't doubt that too. Scar is a mysterious character, and just by that it makes him a total Scorpio, Scar is naive, silent, discreet and observer, he waits and analizes before the "sting", he's cold and independent, lives on his own and doesn't give up. He's also charming and a bit malicious"

Scorpios are full, sensual and uses all their charm and mysterious personality to "catcht their prey" 

Scorpio is capable of anything to reach their goal. They know how to use all the strategies to reach the ultimate goal, and are always ready to lie and manipulate. They hates above all, being betrayed and abandoned. No doubt it is for this reason that he seeks a single person that he can give the life that he dreams to finally be happy. This sign, which can be daunting if hurt is very intelligent in the perception of things. He likes to use natural magnetism and has to be loved and adopted. They know how to use the art of secrecy perfectly. It is a spontaneous personality, strong, evil and mysterious.

(Scorpio is Scar itself)

Timon and Pumba - Taurus


" I think that Timon and Pumba can be of the sign since their personality is identical with the exception of a few traits. Both Timon and Pumba are looking for a good and calm life, full of pleasures and only the best they can find (typical Taurus). They are friendly and loyal, and like living alone and lazy in the jungle"

 Taurus best blooms in a quiet life in which he could feel safe. This sign loves the comfort and fears losing it. If it feels safe, he is the happiest in the world. His goal is to be surrounded by people he truly loves, his "tribe" and living in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, if this is not the case, the natives of this sign may very quickly feel anxious. After all, naturally, they are fragile. Of course, the Taurus is a bit lazy. And sometimes, because of his seek for a good life, Taurus can be selfish and possesive (Like when Timon refused to follow Simba and wanted to stay in jungle alone)

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed - Pisces


"These 3 besides only being shown as goofy and minions of Scar, they are undecided, and if it wasn't by  Scar maybe they wouldn't be so evil"

Pisces have a difficult personality to decipher. Variable nature, this water sign has trouble positioning: sometimes victim, sometimes aggressor, this duality is often difficult to admit. It is a sign that lives according to their emotions: the good times and good humor, sometimes negative and indifferent. So it is up to people to learn to deal with him and his mood very cyclical.
Pisceans are beings who occasionally play tricks to better withstand the stresses of life. Thus, to preserve, they can become extremely handlers or liars.

Thats was it folks, hope you like the article and comment if you have any suggestion or something you don't agree. I will do the same with TLK 2 characters maybe. Also, if you don't believe in the zodiac, okay, just don't take this article the wrong way, I believe that people who are common to the zodiac will understand this article, or give some suggestions. No fights and arguments, because of the zodiac!

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