ScarXZira: Would it Work?

ScarXZira: Would it Work?

My thoughts on the ScarXZira pairing

I would like to discuss, analyze and Disect the relationship between Zira and Scar. All the official information is unreliable, contradicting, or just plains stupid. Is it canon? Or Fanon? The movie doesn't make this entirely clear but it is widely accepted by most fans Zira and Scar were together at one point.(Actually this is basically canon. Zira clearly says Kovu was hand chosen by Scar to be king, both in a 'cut' scene and in the completed movie. Plus, according to My Lullaby, they both raised him until Scar' death.)The movie implies their relationship to be romantic. But in a conditional or unconditional sense? Is is one-sided or are both parties participating here? Is it really love or no? Can these two atagonist, one a murderer and one planning to murder, even feel such emotions?

Well first one must look at the Pysche of these characters.


Scar is a bastard. That much is established in The Lion King when he kills his own brother and nephew for no reason other than what his name, his original name means: Taka, which describes him perfectly: Want.

This would establish him as self-obsorbed and manipulative. He uses the wants and desires of others for his own gain.(Example(s): Using the Hyenas want for food so they do his bidding, using Boma's want to keep the waterhole to himself to make Mufasa look foolish, Using Simba's want to know what the 'shadowy place' is to mske him wander into the elephant graveyards.) He doesn't care if other people get hurt or killed in the process, clearly shown when he had absolutely NO remorse for his brother's death and flat out ordering the Hyenas to pursue and kill Simba without an ounce of emotion. It's not like he's bi-polar or has a personality disorder, he's always been a scheming being according to what little backstory we were shown and was hinted at.

Scar's characteristic

*Scheming(obvious reasons)

*Irritable(annoyed by the hyena trio's stupidity)

*Tolerant(tolerating the hyena Trio, willing to share power with a queen)

*Cowardly(fleeing from Simba and pleading for his life when the hyenas close in)

*Intelligent(obvious reasons)

*Egotistc(See 'Be Prepared' and how he negatively reacts to Shenzi 'We though it was somebody important' comment)

*Dominant(strikes Sarabi for speaking out, asserts dominance over Hyenas in 'A Tale of Two Brothers')

*Harsh(striking Sarabi)

*Sarcastic(obvious reasons)

*Alpha male(see dominant)

*Heartless(kills brother and runs out nephew without regret/remorse/guilt)

*Backstabbing('Oh no Mufasa, perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me')

*Stubborn(refuses to move pride during drought)

*Powerhungry(obvious reasons)

*Controling('You belong to me! You all belong to me!')

*Jealous(Refers to Mufasa as Daddy's favorite)

*Charismatic(British accent)

*Inconsiderate(Ignores the wants/feelings of Hyenas and condition of lands. Eventually leads to his downfall. Introduces Hyenas without pride's consent.)

*Oath-breaker(Promises hyenas would never go hungry again. Blantant lie.)

Pay close attention to the Dominant, Egotistic, and Alpha male traits. Scar was no pushover: He almost held his own against Simba in the final battle. Scar is an Alpha male, which is why he felt he lived in Mufasa shadow. When Mufasa ask Scar if his statement of, 'Oh no Mufasa, you shouldn't turn your back on me' was a challenge, he does say no but look at what he says afterwards.

'Well as far as Brains go I've got the Lion's share, but when it comes to brute strength...I'm afraid i'm on the shallow end of the gene pool...'

Translation: ' I may not be able to best you with brawn, but when it comes to brains I've got the upperhand, so watch out.'

No, Scar wasn't physically strong(so he says) and was rather subserviant(albeit in a sarcastic foreboding way) around Mufasa, even calling himself a commoner. However, he isn't afraid to insult Mufasa or his son. His does to the former by not coming to the presentation and the latter by calling him a hairball.

The big question: Why is Scar such a jerk?

In the song 'Madness of King Scar' he asks Zazu why he isn't loved. He mentions even as a cub he was disliked(or felt disliked) by everyone. I don't think this is the case. It is stated in the book 'A Tale of Two Brothers' Ahadi genuinely loved both his sons and said by Scar himself he favored Mufasa. Mufasa even says Scar and Ahadi don't get along.

His strained relationship with his father and jealousy towards brother brew into a deep hate he is unable to let go or escape. He hates everyone, even himself(Sarabi mentions if they stay at Pride rock everyone will die, in which Scar replies 'Then so be it'. The game Kingdom Hearts II reveals the lionesses are aware if the Oasis' location(which makes sense. I doubt Nala would run into Simba by chance and Mohatu did find the alternate water source there.) but he refuses to let them leave and doesn't intend to leave himself).

Finally and most importantly, Scar absolutely loves having his ego stroked, hence he is egotistic and thinks high of himself('Decades of Denial is Simply why I'll be King undisputed, respected, saluted and seen for the wonder I am!') even when it's clear to everyone else and even his henchmen he's not('I'm ten times better than Mufasa was!'). Just look at how he responds to the hyenas fawning over him. He triumphantly yells 'Now that's more like it!'. When Nala walks in and he starts trying to seduce her and even then: 'Come Sweet Nala, it's written in the stars! We'll create a host of little Scar's! Tell me i'm adored, tell me!'

Any mates he'd want would have to be subservient('You belong to me! You ALL belong to me')

Conclusion: No, Scar is not capable of love. He sees other's as pawns, objects to be used for his own gain.


Zira's a bit dificult to figure out. Simba's Pride was a horrible sequel, and none of the new characters really have a personality(except Kiara. But she's a Sue, of course she does). She has no parents, nor was she present in the first movie to interact with Scar or any of the pride.

Zira's characteristics

*Conniving(Plot's Simba's downfall)

*Aggressive(Readies to attack Simba upon noticing him alone)

*Opportunistic(see Aggressive)

*Defensive(Fiercly defends Scar's name)

*Manipulating(Manips Kovu into a 'killer')

*Violent('Oh the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me'. Threatens to kill Vitani, her own daughter.)

*Vengeful(Attempts to avenge Scar's death, Anger at Kovu for Nuka's death)

*Determined('I'll NEVER let it go')

*Faithful('This is for you Scar!', refuses Kiara's aid three times)

*Unfaithful('Supposed mate of Scar, Kovu, and perhaps Nuka and Vitani, however is not his son)

*Rebellious(Reason she is exiled)

*Controlling(Is unchallenged by any lioness in pride. Keeps tight leash on Nuka)

*Impulsive(Strikes Kovu, despite him being so 'valuable', Threatens Vitani's life, Leaps at Simba despite being heavily outnumbered)

Her Faithful, Unfaithfulness, Determinism, is what we're paying attention to here. Unlike Scar, Zira does not betray her pride, rather, they betray her out of disgust. Zira is the most devoted to Scar, which is why she's the leader of this pride, and all the lionesses accept her as leader so she must be a natural born one.

She fan girls about Scar, even talking to him in death('Scar, watch over my poor Nuka'). She seems to value anything that reminds her of the lion('which is why she favors Nuka and Kovu, but doesn't seem to interact or care much about her daughter Vitani who doesn't really look anything like Scar compared to her two sons).

So, can Zira feel love?

In the song 'My Lullaby' she says ('Scar is gone, but Zira's still around to LOVE this little lad). Then the affection she shows a dying Nuka. She clearly calls Scar her beloved in a deleted scene.

Conclusion: Yes, Zira can feel love, albeit a twisted form of it.

So how would their relationship play out: It would be conditional and one-sided, but both parties would be happy(Zira would be with Scar as his mate and/or queen) and Scar would be adored by her as well as getting a queen and securing cubs(Nuka and Vitani). 

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May 30, 2019
Is not currently on the site
Good article. I think that Scar and Zira identified each other as predators, and villains who only shared self interest. Scar only used Zira as a pawn for more power, and he got that, whilst Zira loved Scar in her own sick, cruel and twisted way, adoring him for his characteristics you've mentioned.

December 30, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Amazing article! Very full, and your details are perfect! Great job! :icon108:

December 30, 2011
Brazil Is not currently on the site
Totally agree with you. Great article!

September 20, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
No prob

September 19, 2011
Global Moderator Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Finally! Someone who gets the idea of that great possibility of Scar and Zira being a pair, however unlikely that idea is to some. Thank you, Werebereus, thank you! That's pretty much all I can say.

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