Scar vs Zira. The best villain.

Scar vs Zira. The best villain.

Who is the best?

Okay. Let's talk about the main villains of "The Lion King." Many people love and Zira, and Scar. But who is the best of them? Personally, I have only 3 favorite Disney villains (Judge Claude Frollo, Ursula and Cruella DeVille). Let's look at them. This is only my opinion.

Well, if Scar appeared earlier, than it is better. Not really. Scar was created by the work of many people. So, let's we give for Jeremy Irons "thank you" for the excellent voice acting. However, Scar is not the best villain . He is power-hungry dictator. Of course, he drew on his side hyenas, killed his brother and almost killed his nephew, Scar is cunning manipulator and a hypocrite, but he's a coward and a tyrant. He is narcissistic, arrogant, not taking someone else's criticism, power-hungry with an inferiority complex.


Zira is too power-hungry, smart, cunning, charismatic lioness, but ruthless, cruel, strong and experienced opponent. She will not endure the betrayal, she keeps control, it is an experienced leader, her lionesses are very cohesive.


Well, there's a draw. A while.


Songs. In terms of visualization are all excellent. "Be prepared" uses cold and sinister, acid colors and tones (green, yellow, black, purple, and blue) and "My lullaby" uses aggressive warlike colors and tones, shades of blood and battle (red, orange and gold).  "Be prepared" prefers harsh and gloomy environment, "My Lullaby" prefers to detail and rays.


But with the objectives? "Be Prepared" is a standard song about seizing power. There and hyenas as "Third Reich"! But this is what "My Lullaby" is better: a lullaby about the murder, about the blood and about war! She sings a lullaby for own small son and literally says as prophecy as own deep desire!


In my opinion Zira is much better than Scar. She's obsessed, cruel and merciless. She uses all (including own children) as puppets and keeps everything under control. Her blind faith, blind and obsessive love the idea are making her as a monster. Zira is the epitome of mindless anger and deep personal hatred. So she is a winner.


Calm down, Zira.


Thanks for reading.

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August 04, 2015
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I think Zira makes the better villain. When you look at it, her only desire is to kill everyone in revenge and what's the most disturbing part - she used her kids to achieve her own goals.

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