Scar's evolution and hyenas' degradation.

Scar's evolution and hyenas' degradation.

They changed their roles.

Perhaps not everyone knows how our characters was created . I want to look the most interesting moments. Let's look at our villains.

Prior to "The Lion King" was created 2 different stories, that had nothing to do with the cartoon that we all know. The first scenario is called "King of the Kalahari", but about it we do not know. We only know that the main plot was the war between lions and baboons (Scar was the leader of the baboons, who toppled the lazy Simba).

The second scenario consisted of two versions as "King of the Jungle" and "King of beasts". The difference between the versions was except in the presence of three lion prides and different numbers of characters. Everything else is the same. It was a serious, dark and brutal story, not suitable for children (according to the authors). But I think it would be tremendous and gorgeous cartoons.

The main villains were hyenas (clan of hyenas). Their leader was a male hyena named Banagi (in real life female hyenas are always the leaders of clans). Banagi was both cruel, vicious, ruthless, cunning and powerful enemy, but also charismatic, hypocritical and experienced diplomat and a manipulator with gentlemanly manners, able to draw over the most powerful renegades with via of sweet speeches.


This is a really great villain. Banagi really knew how to cheat or negotiate with an emphasis on its advantages, Banagi has a "right hand" named Baasho, who was the only friend of our villain. Both were killed.

The authors had to change the role of hyenas, because the owners of the zoo with the hyenas did not like that these animals again portrayed as the bad characters. For this reason, the authors made them comical and slightly neutral personality.


So we got Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.


In the old scenario, Scar was a lion-loner who was looking for a territory and enemies. He was not smart, charismatic or narcissistic. It's just a huge beast that was a puppet of the clan of hyenas. Just brute force and a cover for "the true kings of the pride".


But when the authors decided to make this lion as King's brother, they saw a connection with "Hamlet". And so was created "The Lion King". So there was created  Scar, which we all know.


Thanks for reading.

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August 15, 2020
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Oh wow! now I want to go find those other stories and see if I can read them. I wonder if they can be found in the library....

great article by the way, and thanks for giving me new reads to look into.

May 30, 2020
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Good article! :VitaniSmile:

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