Scar HAS to be Kovu's father!!!1!!1..whut?

Scar HAS to be Kovu's father!!!1!!1..whut?

Reasons as to why Kovu cannot be Scar's son.


"Scar must be Kovu's father!!"

Wait. What? How does that even work?

Well, before I start, I'm sorry for my miss-leading title. I had to grab your attention somehow, right?

On lots of fan-art, articles, videos, and much, much more, everyday I see people saying how Scar has to be Kovu's father.

Well, I personally wish that Disney did make Kovu, Scar's son. So don't think that I'm hater, before anyone starts waving torches and pitch-forks at me. So here I'm going to explain how Kovu couldn't possibly be Scar's son, starting with the main reason as to why it is true, and is considered cannon.

"Kovu, Kovu, Kovu..Scar wasn't even his father..He just took him in.." ~ Nuka (Not long after "We are One", at the very beginning of the introduction to Vitani and Nuka.)

"But he wasn't my father.." ~ Kovu (Deleted Scene )

"Y'think Scar's up there?......He wasn't my father, but he was still...part of me..." ~Kovu (On the hill watching the stars with Kiara, just before Rafiki appears)


Those quotes alone, should honestly be enough, but people must have heard them clearly enough in the film, and of course there are people who still deny it.

So now allow me to address the most common reason as to why people believe that (Despite the fact that the film itself states otherwise very clearly) Scar is Kovu's father; They look just like eachother.



Wait. What? Sure they look alike!

Nope. They actually don't. They look almost nothing alike.

And now I shall show you why.



Raise your hands! Who can see the difference? Of course the 'Scar and Kovu = Father and Son' fans don't. So Let me explain.

1) Their body types are nothing alike. Scar has the skinny looks of an outlander. Whereas Kovu has the stocky build of a Pridelander. Now, assuming that Zira is Kovu's biological mother...


Wait. Hold the phone a sec. Zira also has a skinny build. So where has Kovu gotton his Pridelander build from? Obvious answer is obvious. His actual biological father.


2) "Their colours are pretty much the exact same!!"

Again. Whut? Well, this is an easy mistake to make, considering we only see Scar's actual colours in the Wildebeast Scene from the first film, as in every other scene his colours are muffled by shading. So lets put the both in the same lighting, and then compare.


There. They aren't in the exact same lighting, as its later in the day in Kovu's picture, but you get the idea. Hrm... Well....if you turn your head and squint a little, they sorta look the same...

Lol, just kidding. Scar has a reddish-orange pelt with a dark reddish/black mane. What about Kovu? Brownish-maroon with dark brown mane. 'yup. They look exactly like eachother. /sarcasm.

Huh. Hang on. They have the same nose, the same eye colour, that could still prove that their related, right?

Well, the creators had to make him look somewhat like Scar, so it would scare Simba. Well, thats only the half of it. Kovu most probably got his nose from Zira. His eyes, which aren't even the same shade of green as Scar's, are most probably from his actual father.

Just because Both Scar and Kovu are dark lions, does not prove that they are related.

Kula and Chumvi are also dark lions, just like Kovu! They must also be related to Scar!

Hrm. Sarabi could also be considered dark, seeing as she's a lot darker than most other lionesses seen, so she must also be related to Scar!

Wait! I have ginger hair! I must be related to every other ginger person in the world!....


Look, people. Just because a lion or lioness is dark, does not mean that scar is related to them. Scar isn't the only dark lion in existance, he also isn't the only lion with green eyes, or a pointed nose.

So that concludes that, But if you still think they look like each other, well, thats your opinion. Moving on.


Another reason why people believe Scar is Kovu's father, is the simple fact that in the original draft, Scar was intended to be Kovu's father.

Well, this concept art also supports this fact:

Kovu has Scar's pelt and mane colour, so obviously at one point it was planned.

But of course, if Disney stuck to this, Kovu and Kiara would be blood related. And I don't care what people say, I know Lions mate with their daughters and cousins or whatever in the wild. But this is a childrens' film. If they went through with this, Disney would have gotten a lot of backlash for it.

Cause, y'know, incest in a childrens film is A-okay!! :D


So Disney decided to change it. It wasn't worth getting hate over it, so Kovu became Scar's adpoted son, and was obviously re-designed. Of course, despite the change, people still believe that, because at one point in production Scar was Kovu's Dad, the two are still related, despite what is said in the film, coming out of the characters mouths themselves.

But this was changed. Altered. Its not the same anymore. Therefor this fact becomes a 'was' not a 'is'. The situation doessn't exist anymore. Therefor its no longer valid. Therefor, Scar being Kovu's father is not canon. No matter what you say against this, it won't change this fact. The creators and owners of these characters have changed this, therefor they are not related by their say so.


For example, its just like one of my characters in my stories. My character, Juan, was originally going to be the son of another character of mine, Rudo. But since this had complications to the plot of the story, I changed him from being the Son of Rudo, to being his brother instead. From the very second that I decide that he's Rudo's brother and not his son, it should be recognised.

Just because you don't agree with the creator's decision, does not change the fact that the character was altered.

Again, they make the fact clear in the film: Scar is not Kovu's father. This fact is cannon. And no matter how much you hate this fact, it will always remain canon.

And if you still can't belive that this fact is true, then I suggest you research the differences between 'fanon' and 'canon'.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my article, and if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them fully.

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Last comments

May 30, 2019
Is not currently on the site
FINALLY! Someone with common sense.

March 05, 2019
Is not currently on the site
Well done! I actually came up with a new design of what I think Kovu should look like. Creamy brown fur because when Kovu is under the shading that made Scar's fur look brown, Kovu's looked the same brown, and a lighter brown mane, still dark, but not as dark so it won't look black, a longer Outlander nose with a pointed chin like the Outlanders, and the same skinny build as them. This will keep him from looking so much like Scar, and so he doesn't look so much like a Pridelander.

March 12, 2013
Australia Is not currently on the site
I completely argree :)

September 15, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Love this artical, I have an wierd theory though. I think that Chumvi is his father and Zira is his mother

August 28, 2012
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
no, no, thank YOU skyward sword.:P

August 27, 2012
Site Booster Usa Female Is not currently on the site
You're one in a minion
Meemee, thanks!

August 27, 2012
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
skyward sword I agree that is the best theory I've heard so far. It explains why kovu is the chosen one because if he is scars sone and so is nuka and vitani, what makes him so special?:/:

August 10, 2012
Site Booster Usa Female Is not currently on the site
You're one in a minion
I agree. Kovu got more looks from Chumvi (i think) and I think his parents are Chumvi and Kula, so Chumvi abandoned Kovu and Scar found Kovu and took him in. See? Nuka was saying the exact same thing! My version only. Oh, and nice artical!

August 10, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
I agree kovu is NOT!!! Scar's son he even said it himself.disney made kovu dark because they wanted to make out that kovu was an outlander and a follower of Scar not to make out he was scar's son.this is a very good artical by the way.

March 15, 2012
Is not currently on the site

February 17, 2012
Poland Is not currently on the site
I agree with Chumvilove and TLKfan1. Chumvi is kovu's farther anywat in the movie kovu say's that Scar wasn't his farther but he was still part of him. Nuka says that scar wasn't even his farther he just took him in

February 12, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Let me be your everlasting light
Huh, that's weird, for some reason I always thought Scar was Kovu's father. o_o

January 14, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
Nice article there! Yes, I find it really annoying when people ignore the fact that KOVU said it HIMSELF that scar WASN'T his father. It's just weird thinking that just because he was Scar's son in the DRAFTS. It was ALTERED. It's canon.
Well, and yes, it would have been totally incest and Disney would've gotten a bad smack on that ! XD

January 06, 2012
Philippines Is not currently on the site
Kovu Is Chumvi's Cubbie°x°

December 23, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Kovu is Chumvi's.

November 24, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Also, DeeDee,Rooney has come and said Kovu was an orphan. Now Scar DEFINATELY isn't his father.

October 31, 2011
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
@Werebereus the article discusses how Kovu "got" his body type from his supposed parents, that is the very definition of genetics. If genes have "nothing to do with anything", do lions just magically get random body types? Simba looking kinda like Mufasa, is that total coincidence? How does it work if not through genes...?

I vacillate on Sarabi's colour, it seems if anything inconsistent, but my personal belief based on the evidence I see is that she's not particularly dark, that's all. :)

Personally I think trying to apply any real logic to the franchise is pointless 'cause the entire thing starts to fall apart, but if you want to be logical you can't pick and choose.

October 27, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
@PharaohHound: Genes have nothing to do with anything, dude.

And Sarabi IS darker. That IS direct sunlight, as nothing else but her back is dappled.

October 17, 2011
Global Moderator Usa Female Is not currently on the site
@Werebereus: Also, Zira isn't Kovu's biological mother.

Wait, are you serious? Well, if that's not true, then... *shakes head* Yet another mistake of SP's creators. As I've said, they just didn't know what they were doing. Amateurs, the lot of them.

October 17, 2011
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Let me open by saying that I complete agree that it is canon that Kovu is not Scar's son (assuming one accepts the second movie as canon). It is very explicitly stated in that movie. But I have to play the devil's advocate for a moment.

The body type argument is based on a false premise. If we look at a simple dominant-recessive model for the genetics, "pridelander body" could easily be a recessive gene that both Scar and Zira have. There would be a 1 in 4 chance that the cub would have pridelander body, even though his parents don't.

The supposed colour difference is in no way accurately comparable. Because of the switch in production companies, all of the characters' colours have changed in TLKII. Look at the colour shift Pumbaa undergoes.

First movie [...] _king/img_screenshot/17195.jpg
Second movie [...] _king/img_screenshot/17720.png

Given the fact that Pumbaa is also reddish-brown - albeit a different shade - and changes so dramatically, it is to me easily conceivable that Scar's body colour (if he appeared in TLKII) would be significantly darker in that movie. Pumbaa change makes him much closer to Kovu's colour, Scar could certainly change in the same manner. This colour shift is also the reason I think Kiara is not the cub at the end of TLK, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.

And as for Sarabi being darker than the other lions, I do realize you're being facetious, but I don't believe that's true. She never appears in direct sunlight next to other lionesses, and in the screencap you show she is under the shadow of a tree. The only two times she appears in consistent lighting with other lionesses she looks no darker (Mufasa's funeral and after the battle).

October 16, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Also, Zira isn't Kovu's biological mother.

October 16, 2011
India Female Is not currently on the site
I agree with you DeeDee.

October 10, 2011
Uk Is not currently on the site
Just Say'n> True, but like I said in my article, I'm already aware of what lions do irl.
Its only when you actually know about lions' lifestyles and that you actually look into the family tree that you realize that Nala might be related to Simba. Children and average people, however, might not realise this fact. I didn't know this until I researched lions a few years back, and before this, I just presumed that Nala's father was randm lion not shown in the film. The directors had thought about Nala's father, but ended up hoping that no one would notice. Unfortunatly, people did.
But since the audience knew very well that Scar was Simba's uncle. It was something that would be noticed very easily.
But were also talking about lions with human manorisms here. If we do go by how lions actually live and act, Nala and Simba should have been killed in the first film simply for being Mufasa's cubs. Scar should have been king for the fact that he had a darker mane than mufasa's,and Scar wouldn't have the hyena's on his side. In fact, the lions shouldn't have even spoke. See where I'm going with this?

But thank you for actually having a very good argument ^_^ I almost didn't know how to respond at first xD

just sayin'
October 09, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I know that they changed Kovu's relation to Scar simply because that would make Kovu and Kiara cousins, but technically, Simba and Nala are related, too. They're either half-siblings, or cousins.

No, really.

In actual lion prides, the ONLY male allowed to mate is the one that leads the pride. I.e., in The Lion King, that would be Mufasa. If you argue that doesn't necessarily have to be the case, keep in mind that the ONLY other male in the pride in the first movie is Scar, Mufasa's younger brother. If he was Nala's father (which makes the bit in the musical where he wants to make her his queen REALLY skeevy), then that means she and Simba were cousins.

So Disney -already- had a case of incest in the first movie that little kids missed. I don't see why it matters that they have another one with Kovu and Kiara. Kids probably wouldn't have even caught it.

Anyway, given the fact that Kovu was supposed to be Scar's son before they changed it at the last second, I'm still saying that he is. After all, Simba and Nala are either half-siblings or cousins; I don't see why it matters for Kovu and Kiara.

September 18, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
This is an awesome artical,You do make great points and your one hundred percent true.
The thing about the shading and colour is kind of a hard thing to compare, since a whole complete different set of people made tlk2 and the animation is a lot different than the first film.

But I still agree with you haha, Great job. ;)

September 14, 2011
Uk Is not currently on the site
HybridMustang> Just because you didn't hear it, doesn't mean it wasn't said. I suggets re-watching the film.

Everyone> Thankyou so much., I'm glad you like it ^^

September 10, 2011
Is not currently on the site
i'm honestly going to tell you that i never heard kovu say hes not my father or he was still a part of me or nuka say scar wasnt even his father but before you go off the deep edge being all like omg well your just one of those lame believers of scar is kovus father ..... i"m deaf.. i literally cant watch a movie without freakin subtitles lol but i dont think Kovu could be scars son his fur is way to dark >_< lol and i noticed this a few days ago even when i used to think oh yeah kove is totally scars son man but i knew i was wrong because of his coat fur lulz

September 10, 2011
Australia Is not currently on the site
Actually Kovu does look a lot like scar. He is a darker version of Scar with a lighter mane (Scar's is black) He has the same outlanderish look for example they both have a black nose and elbow tufts. Infact before I saw TLK 2 I saw a clip from it I only got a glipse at Kovu so I didn't recognise his details plus I hadn't watched TLK for a while so I kinda foregot what Scar looked like, anyway, I thought Kovu WAS Scar but then I remembered Scar was dead so I thought Kovu must be Scar's son, but when I watched the movie I realized Kovu is not Scar's son. Kovu must be a pridelander outlander mix which explains his body.

September 09, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
It is absolutely annoying when people go "who cares if disney denied it, he's the ONLY one!"

September 08, 2011
Is not currently on the site
DeeDee I can't fault this, I agree with everything you've said :p


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