Nuka's Father

Nuka's Father

It's time to clear up a common misconception.

Nuka’s Father

So here’s the situation. The majority of devoted Lion King fans think that Nuka is Scar’s son, and that possibly Vitani is his daughter. Most people agree that Kovu had a different father; it was, after all, clearly stated at several points in the movie that Kovu is not and never was related to Scar. Now we get to my case in point: if Kovu isn’t Scar’s son, why would Kovu’s siblings be Scar’s children?

I know those of you who believe Nuka and Scar are related are probably starting to fume right about now. But please hear me out.

The most common “proof” is this. In the first Outlands scene, Nuka mutters the following line: “Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn’t even his father. He just took him in.” Nuka is saying exactly what he means; he’s reinforcing to the audience that Kovu was taken in by Scar and is now considered more important than Nuka. Naturally Nuka is jealous of Kovu getting such special treatment, and he puzzles aloud why Kovu is being treated as something so special if Scar wasn’t even related to him. It’s kind of like he’s wondering, “What does Kovu have that I don’t have? If he were Scar’s son, then sure, he’d be the heir. But he’s not. So why did Scar choose HIM when he could have easily chosen me instead? I am older, after all.”

Nowhere in the quote does Nuka say HE is Scar’s son. Most people seem to think that this quote “proves” Nuka and Scar are related. And where does it say that they are, exactly? Point it out to me. If Nuka was supposed to be Scar’s son, the moviemakers would have made it clear.

About that. Allow me to go into some detail. Nuka says to Vitani, “Oh, who cares? I should have been the Chosen One. I’m the oldest, I’m the strongest, I’m the smartest…” and that is his argument. Nuka believes that he should have been chosen instead of Kovu for three very clear reasons: he’s older, stronger, and smarter (or so he thinks) than Kovu. Now, if Nuka were Scar’s son, he would be sure to say that as well. In fact, if Nuka were Scar’s son, would he even resort to his other arguments at all? He would be constantly complaining that his position as prince had been usurped. He would make it clear to everyone, including the audience, that he was Scar’s blood son who had been unrightfully deposed from his throne. He would make a big fuss. But does Nuka do that? No. He would probably also refer to Scar as “Father” or “Dad” as well, but he doesn’t do that either. He merely thinks that he would have been a better candidate than Kovu.

This brings us to something else: did Scar have any children anyway? He doesn’t seem like the fathering type. There is one scene in the Broadway musical where Scar realizes that he needs a queen so that he can have cubs. Here’s the quote: “Without a queen, what am I? A dead end, no line, no descendants, no future! With a queen, I’ll have… cubs. Immortality will be mine. Immortality will be mine!” He then proceeds to flirt with Nala, who is naturally disgusted and smacks him in the face. In the next scene Nala leaves the Pride Lands to find help. The point is that Scar had neither children nor mate, all the way up until Nala’s departure. And she wasn’t gone very long, either. Within the space that Nala is gone, which can’t have been more than a week, Scar could have mated, but could not have had a child. He probably realized after looking around that his chances of finding a mate that actually liked him were slim. When he saw that Zira had had a cub that looked almost exactly like him, he was obviously impressed/thrilled and promptly named the cub as his “son.” This cub was, of course, Kovu. Nuka and Vitani were unimpressive to Scar in comparison. Perhaps Scar named Zira as his queen then, perhaps not. They could have mated, they could have not. But Scar couldn’t have given Zira children. There was no time.

There’s one question left that you may be asking. Where was the father? We’ve already established that none of the cubs were Scar’s progeny. We know of no other males in the pride (though there could have been). The father is most likely a rogue or male from a nearby pride. Zira could not have met/fallen in love with Scar until after she became pregnant with Vitani and Kovu. (Side note: Vitani and Kovu are fraternal twins/littermates. They look too close in size and age not to be.)

On a parting note, I’m providing a link to a couple of deleted scenes from the movie. They paint a pretty clear picture of Zira’s family. Notice:

1. Zira fawning unrealistically over Scar. She acts more like a self-deluded fangirl than a real mate.

2. Nuka’s dialogue. He repeats his “oldest” argument, and watch how he reacts when Scar is mentioned.

And thus concludes my first article! Hope it’s enjoyed. (Or if not enjoyed, at least not thoroughly trashed.) Later!


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Last comments

August 08, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
does anyone wonder if nuka hadnt died would he have joined simbas pride like vitani or would he have tried to kill simba and everyone else? any thoughts?

August 30, 2012
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
bi pride
maybe nuka didn't mention that his father was scar because he didn't know or wasn't allowed to blatantly tell anyone. besides, even if he COULD tell anyone you wouldn't say it everyday. If you where in nuka's position would you go around telling people all the time 'scars my father! scars my father!'? no. you probably wouldn't.:icon298:

August 23, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I think it is very possible Nuka is Scar's son. Nuka is Zira's son and Zira said herself that she was Scar's queen. If the cub at the end of the first LK movie was another cub of Simba's not Kiara, (called Fluffy), it was. Roughly around Nuka's age. Nuka is obviously a teenager close to adulthood in LK2, which shows us he was born around the time of the end of Scar's reign or the beginning of Simba's reign. Of course, Disney never gives us a timeline on these series.

July 24, 2012
Is not currently on the site
This is my opinion, but why would Nuka say "Scar wasn't his father, he just took him in." I think he is saying, "If Kovu wasn't scar's son, and I am, why would he choose him over me?
And with the oldest and strongest and smartest, he would just be stating another reason why he should be ing to Vitani.
He probably never mentioned Scar as his father because he was so mad at him for not choosing him to be king.
And I think Vitani is older than Kovu, because she does recieve a few traits from Scar- her dark eye surroundings, her outlander expression.
But this is only my opinion. Nice article.
I love Nuka. I wish he wouldn't have died. ROASTY TOASTY PRINCESSSSS!

May 08, 2012
Is not currently on the site
its obvious why scar wouldnt choose nuka to be heir, he was crazy like his father, but not smart like him. thats why he was disregarded, he was seen as incompotent and weak. pay close attention to nuka as an adult in the elephant graveyard- he talked with the same brittish-like accent as scar, same gestures, and said things like scar. nuka was crazy and jelous just like scar, he wasnt smart like scar, but unlike scar he could love. It was implied heavily that nuka was scar son, he looked like him and acted like him, so maybe it didnt need to be said blatantly he was. :P

April 27, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I definitely agree with this.. but the movie isn't exact.
It's got it's off moments
In the real world a new..
‘king' or ‘ruler’ will kill off the other male's cubs.
Scar should have killed Kovu for not being his own.
but he didn't kill Kovu. Obviously.
so I could see where people get the whole Scar being his dad idea.

March 11, 2012
Is not currently on the site
You have a good argument but I for one believe Nuka and Vitani are Scar's children, for Nuka the resemblance is quite obvious and my argument for Vitani is that she is clearly the daughter of Zira and the only way Zira could have cubs is through Scar, she loved him too much and was obsessed with him too much to mate with another lion, she doesn't look like scar but she might take after Zira's looks. Kovu on the other hand is not Scar's genetic son because it is stated by both Kovu and Nuka. and I have another theory on why Scar chose Kovu to be his heir instead of Nuka, Scar was the youngest of two and he always complained that he wouldn't be King because Mufasa was older than he was, so maybe, just maybe, Scar chose Kovu because Kovu was also the youngest and he and Koku would be in the same position, i mean c'mon Scar WAS a dictator, he always hated his brother because he was the oldest and thus the next in line. just a theory on my part.

January 20, 2012
Is not currently on the site
i think scar is vitanis dad, i think he had her with nala at the same time zira had kovu with chumvi. i dont think nala wanted a cub from scar but he forced her and after vitani was born she ran away to find simba. scar took vitani to zira who took care of her, and could because she was nursing kovu. i think nuka was from zira and scar but because he was so sickly looking, maybe due to the lack of food, he didnt want him to be his heir. and i think scar was to busy to care about nuka and to selfish. but this article has a lot of good points to why he might not be. but those are my opinions.

Shwaggy swagg
December 20, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Kovu and nuka are related they have the same mom

September 14, 2011
Is not currently on the site
thank god i've been trying to figure out if nuka was related to scar since im making a shaggy nuka looking like white lion character thats related to scar by far :) lol

April 03, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Your article is really well thought out but Disney have confirmed that Scar is father of Nuka .But your article is good;)

December 19, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
Excellent article! It provides a much-needed, refreshing new outlook on the mistreated and ignored Nuka. You included several good points that I had never heard mentioned, and it was overall very easy to understand. I hope you write more in the future - I would love to read more of your research :)

June 16, 2010
Is not currently on the site
But it was never stated in the movie wether or not Scar and Vitani are Scar's children, so it's for debate. And by saying “What does Kovu have that I don’t have? If he were Scar’s son, then sure, he’d be the heir. But he’s not. So why did Scar choose HIM when he could have easily chosen me instead? I am older, after all.” you pretty much just sated you agreee he's Scar's son as well.

Nuka NEVER directly stated he was Scar's son but it's so strongly hinted he is plus his appearance which is almost idendical to Scar's is a dead give away.

As for the "father" and "dad" part. Well...this is really no arguement at all. In the movie Zira supposedly has three blood related children, just as Scar is supossedly his father. However, Zira NEVER calls Nuka "son" or Vitani "daughter". She only calls Kovu "son". But they all call her mother. Zira is clearly only recognizing one of her children as her own simply because she considers him more her child than the others as she threatens to kill Vitani and forgets about Nuka's death as soon as Kovu runs away, never mentioning it again "Simba is injured and weak!" she says, not "He's killed my son, and that's the last straw!". And that's official and can be proven. I would imagine Nuka disliking Scar once he took away his place as heir and considering him 'just another lion' rather than his father and only recognizing Zira as her parent by calling her "mother" and Scar "Scar"

As for your Madness of King Scar arguement, we see from the movie Scar was selfish. He would want heirs but sharing the power of king with a queen was not within his mindset. Perhaps he mated Zira twice both times bringing forth to unimpressive cubs who dissapoint Scar so much, he doesn't even consider them his kids and since Scar finds them useless, being the faithful follower she was, Zira sees them this way as well, another reason why she never calls them anything other than their names. Zira could've abandoned them to another lioness until the the hyena/lioness fight and then decided they'd be useful subjects to kill Simba and redeem their usefulness. Besides, if what you say is true Scar would've dona away with both Nuka and Vitani if they were useless AND weren't his.

Vitani and Kovu being littermates really doesn't put any spin on the arguement. Two males can mate one lioness and create half-blooded littermates so it really wouldn't make a difference. I think the word is superfuncundation or something like that...

On MY parting note i'd like to point in in lion king most family relations are FIRMLY established.
Mufasa calls Simba son
He calls Mufasa dad/father
Scar calls Simba nephew
Simba calls him uncle
Simba calls Sarabi mother
Nala calls Sarafina mother
Scar calls Mufasa brother twice

The directors on SP however only establish ONE family relation.
Kiara calls Simba 'daddy'
and calls Nala 'mom'

April 20, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Harry Potter FTW
I always figured Nuka was Scar's son, because of the resemblance. But you make good arguement, Mahewa. I wasn't quite sure if Vitani was at least a little bit older than Kovu and possibly at least talked to Scar and been with him a little, but this has made me change my mind. Awesome article. I will NEVER see this the same again. Ever. :icon93: *bows down* I am not worthy! I am not worthy!

September 01, 2009
Is not currently on the site
I agree with Mahewa's theory. :icon78:

August 06, 2009
Is not currently on the site
i dissagree cuz i saw someone who read all the books and she is calling peeps who do that wierd i dissagree with the weird part but nuka is SCAR'S SON AND SCAR'S ONLY SON

March 22, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site

At last, a compelling argument from the opposition! You are without a doubt the most worthy opponent I've met so far. Congratulations! *offers handshake*

You generally make some good points. However, I do have a couple of refutes. You say that since Nuka has a dark brown coloring, near-black mane, and dark rings around his eyes, Scar is the only known male from the TLK universe that could have fathered him. This is true. But are you implying that new characters can only be fathered by previously known characters? What about Kovu? Kovu has a dark brown coloring, near-black mane, and dark rings around his eyes just like Nuka does! Clearly, the only known male from the TLK universe who could have fathered him is Scar. But we already know Scar can't be Kovu's father! If Kovu didn't have a canonical father, why is Nuka forced to have a canonical father in your argument?

Also, you said, "Another thing is when Nuka died Zira told Scar to watch over him." Seth 2208 also noticed this line and pointed it out to me earlier. However, notice that Zira says, "Scar, watch over MY poor Nuka." I don't know about you, but the way she says this seems to connote that Scar is a deity-like figure to her, somebody not connected to Nuka personally. Let's say you were a member of some religion that believes in an afterlife and you identified closely with your god. If your son died, you'd pray for him, right? You'd pray for your god to watch over him. Well, that's what Zira's doing. Just because she tells Scar to watch over Nuka doesn't mean that Scar was related to Nuka.

Once again, I appreciate the well-thought-out argument that you brought with you to this page. Thank you!

March 02, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Here's my arguement= Sure Nuka never stated directly that Nuka was Scar's son but they gave hints. His age is a dead give away because he WAS two and two years back Scar was still in power. There were no other lions around to father Nuka as the lands were barren and dry the lionesses were imprisoned. I'm sure Scar would've killed Nuka if he wasn't the sire. In a deleted Scene Zira states she was the queen to Scar. The king and queen always mate thus making Nuka. After Nuka was made Scar didn't choose him and tried again once Nuka was Two, the last year of his reign. Two males can mate with one lioness with in the time period of 7-10 days and so Chumvi, Kovu's father, mated with Zira not long after Scar did. After three months, cutting Scar's reign down to seven months, Vitani was born then a few days later Kovu was. Scar was displeased with the Vitani but took interest in Kovu. Scar didn't know Kovu wasn't his son but didn't care Vitani was his daughter and so made Kovu the heir.
When Nuka says "Im the oldest/Smartest" it means he had more experience.
Nuka apperently didn't like Kovu being heir and disliked his father saying "yuck" when he was mentioned and so didn't respect him enough to call him dad or father and if Nuka wasn't SCar's son the who esle with dark fur, a black mane, and dark eyeshades FROM the TLK universe could have been Nuka's father if the lionesses were only allowed to leave to hunt?°x° Another thing is when Nuka died Zira told Scar to watch over him. Another clue that he is Nuka's father.

February 08, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
very good article. i agree i dont think Nuka's father was scar why not just say it? also i think the creators just put in characters with out thinking to include any back story. the reason i think so many ppl think scar was his father i think is because he has a lot of scar traits. the jealousy with his brother and he does look a bit like him but the deleted scence is really good evidence to ur case

January 16, 2009
Is not currently on the site
I see them same size(Checked right now.). Can you point out any specific frame, picture?

January 12, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Zira is Kovus mother, and Vitani and Nuka are her and Scars children. Scar took Kovu as his own son, and he is the strongest, that's why he became the chosen one. Zira says watch over MY poor Nuka becouse that she has lived her whole life with him and Scar is dead. Vitani isn't the same age as Kovu, she is bigger. Scar is father to Vitani and Nuka, not Kovu...

December 25, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Ooh, nice one! I'd almost forgotten that part. Good listening!

December 24, 2008
Is not currently on the site
There is also this:
00:52:45 --> 00:52:49
Scar, watch
over my poor Nuka.
I took it directly from subtitles. Wouldn't
it be:
"Scar, watch over our poor Nuka.", if Scar would be
father? And as said Vitani couldn't be Scars, she and Kovu are same
age, and both Ziras, so they had same father, unless Kovu was
kidnapped. I guess Scar adopted them all.

November 29, 2008
Uk Is not currently on the site
i still think nuka is scar's son, there is a bit of resemblence. scar
probably didn't choose nuka to be the next king because he thought
that kovu would make a better leader.

October 19, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Well, it is possible Zira and Scar met as cubs as they did in one of
the tales of how Taka(Scar) got his, well, scar.

October 08, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Well its interesting that Vitani doesn't look much like Scar to me.
And I would say, that Vitani and Kovu aren't Scars children, and that
they are twins. But first thing I thought when i saw Nuka was Scar. So
you are right about look.
For Nuka I just get that idea from
ograndebatatas post. But your theory is stronger. And Scar would chose
Kovu, because he is younger, just born cub, and Scar would raise him
in king on his own way. Rather than older Nuka. That was raised by
Zira to that point/age.
And as I said nice article, keep up the
good work.

October 06, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I respect your opinion, ograndebatata. Thanks for commenting. (Also, I just realized what your username means. )That's an interesting point, Seth2208. I've heard some
people say that Nuka and Vitani look like Scar or have his body
proportions and things like that. But remember: EVERY Outsider is
drawn like that because they're the "bad guys" and are supposed to
look evil. Scar was a "bad guy" too, so it's no wonder they all look

September 24, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Could be ograndebatata, Nuka could hate his father, becouse he did not
chose him, but Kovu(some cub over his son). And because Scar and Zira
never paid much attention to him. And hate woud led him to not calling
Scar father.
just a thought.

September 22, 2008
Portugal Male Is not currently on the site
Well... your article has some good points. And it is very well done.
But still, I think that Nuka MIGHT be Scar's son. And as for why he
didn't call Scar as "father"... that's not sure, I admit... but he may
have reasons not explained in the movie. The Broadway Musical is not
necessarially canon, as well... Well, no offense meant, OK? Your
article was good... but I still think that is perfectly possible for
Nuka to be Scar's son, as it is perfectly possible for Nuka not to be
Scar's son. Whatever... your article was very good. I didn't mean to
offend you, alright?

September 15, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Good observation. Nice article. I pretty much haven't noticed. I
wonder they weren't intended to be scars children first. But then they
just made it to look so. I always thought Kovu was adopted by Zira and
Scar after his mother died or something. And Nuka and Vitani are their


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