Nala & Vitani - relation and more

Nala & Vitani - relation and more

Some viewpoints, new and old

Well, as many of us who are well established in the Lion King, two characters have a certain air of mystery surrounding them. Is it because they are female? Or is it simply that their parts in the legend of the Lion King were underwritten?


First we begin with Vitani,


Or is that her name? Disney originally named her Shetani, but changed it to Vitani, in order to change the meaning of her name to something more preferable(see previous articles).


Then, there is the question of her chronology. Who, is her mother and father? While not fully repeating what many have already discussed, it is known that she shares some relation to Nuka, possibly by Zira, whom she calls mother (but is she?-I'll get to that). It is also accepted that her father is Scar, via her looks/ facial structure etc.


Before we move over to Nala, let me pose a question. What about her eyes?






Light blue? Where do those eyes come from?




Nala now,


How about her? As soon as we first saw her, so much of her story was left out. Simba greets her without a second thought. How did they meet? The mystery further develops in the following scene, when it is established that Nala and Simba are arranged to be married. While the two future lovebirds scoff at the idea, it is revealed that such engagements are common and rooted in tradition.


So why Nala? As we know, if Nala is to marry Simba, prince and future king, she would become queen along side him. Therefore, it wouldn't be just any lioness chosen for the job. Which poses the question, is she royalty to begin with?


Her mother, Sarafina, seems to have no real high form of power in the Pride, except perhaps, her seemingly close relationship to Sarabi, Simba's mother. Was it in this relationship that the arrangements were made. Two friends growing up, all the while planning for their future children to be married? Maybe.


Or maybe the answer lies in the identity of her father. A figure left up to the imagination. Some believe the father was a rogue Lion, or perhaps the king of a nearby pride. Some even say her father is Scar, uncle to Simba, therefore brother of Simba's father, Mufasa. This theory would lead to a situation that is very serious, and illegal in most countries, called incest (relations with someone of close blood relationship). This theory can be hushed for now as it has come out that Disney went to all lengths to remove any signs of incest from the trilogy and furthermore in the theatre adaptation of the movie, Scar attempts to have Nala as his mate.


Scar is indeed twisted, but would he try to make his own daughter his queen?


Now, assuming that the monarchy in the Lion King is run like in our history, marriage in a royal family was either to a close family member (discounted for now), or it was a power play between monarchies. Many times a king would send a princess or a duchess to a rival Kingdom, as a gift to gain favour.


This seems to support the theory that the reason behind Simba and Nala's engagement is the Nala's father is indeed the King of a nearby Lion pride. She is sent to live there with the promise that she will be married to the king's son. Her mother accompanies her to the pride to take care of her as a cub.


More steam to this theory is that in the movie, Nala runs away from Scar's reign. But run where? And to get help from whom? You don't go off just hoping. You have to know you'll be able to find help.


Their Relation?


Nala and Vitani apparently have a fierce rivalry, which is revealed in the second movie. Is this rooted in childhood jealously? Impossible. They were born at different times and grew up at different times.


Here is where my new theory kicks in. Are they genetically related- and is this the cause of their hatred?


This could be true. But how? Perhaps they are cousins. Maybe Zira was sister to Sarafina? Or is it closer than that? Are they half sisters?


I'll stop here and explain.


Zira does not look like she would produce a cub with those pre mentioned eyes. Especially since blue eyes are a recessive gene in all animals. Along with green eyes.King


If a parent has a dominant gene, it wins over the recessive one. This is grade six biology and family studies. However if both parents have a recessive gene, such as blue eyes or green eyes, then it is generally more of a shot in the dark as to which one the child comes out with.


Scar has green eyes, and the possibility of fathering Vitani. (she was born when he was king). Scar also probably fathered Nuka with Zira, as he looks like an amalgamation of the two of them.Eyes


However, after realizing that the mix of genes between himself and Zira would not produce preferable offspring, Scar most likely began his search for a new queen. He tried Nala, as she appeared to have the proper looks, and genes to produce a desirable future successor, plus was as far away in blood relation as he could find. (Scar was a bit like the dictator, Adolf Hitler, as he was probably obsessed with having a perfect looking pride). Nala, however, would not have it, and ran away. So, in order to obtain the same effect, Scar would have most likely turned to another with a similar appearance, like for instance, Nala's mother Sarafina. The first cub produced was female however. Scar most likely through a King Henry the eighth sort of fit, hopefully without the beheadings. When all was done, Sarafina probably abandoned the pride like her daughter, and left the cub, which she probably had not even consented in having, was left without a mother, most likely to be adopted by Zira. (the daughter, Vitani was probably too young to remember her birth mother). On the side, Scar exhausted, and needing a heir quickly, choose the most decent cub in the pride to be future king, regardless of blood relation. Hence the hand picking of Kovu. Kovu was then probably given to Zira so she could raise him, 'properly'.


This relationship between Nala and Vitani would make them half sisters. This would be enough to create friction between them, especially if they weren't told until later in their lives.




So, in conclusion, I hope that once again, my theory is welcomed into the world. I hope it finds legitimacy among all fans.


Please take the time to comment your own opinions, it is a hot topic.


This is Takaobserver, signing off.





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Last comments

October 20, 2019
Is not currently on the site
Personally I don't think they're related because Nala's colors in the second film weren't correct, and Vitani (adult) and Zira look to similar to be unrelated.

August 31, 2015
Is not currently on the site
Did anyone notice anything more than just her eyes? the colour of her fur matches Mufasa and Simba's too. Both of them being from Ahadi's line and Scar is Ahadi's son too. Nala's eyes are blue aswell. Nuka was born long before Scar became king that was made obvious by the age of Vitani and Kovu as cubs in Simba's pride.
By the time Scar became king he was looking for an Heir and the best Lioness to make this happen was Nala. He forced himself on her before she could get away and she became pregnant with Vitani. Zira being the jealous lioness she was became angered by this and so when Simba exiled her and everyone else who was on Scar's side she kidnapped Vitani to spite Nala. And i don't understand the point to trying to hide incest in a lion pride even if it is a kids film. In reality a pride is made through incest to begin with. unless its a double male pride where the males are brothers it would make sense that they not display incest but when its a single male pride incest is how they make the pride bigger.

August 08, 2012
Is not currently on the site
These are interesting theories, however, I don't believe them.

The movie never gives you any reason to believe that Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu aren't Zira's. All this confusion just stems from the fact they were all intended to be Scar's too, but that later changed. They did quite a poor job filling those holes at that point.

The simplest idea is that Zira is their mother and their father is unknown. There's a lot of possibilities to who he was and what he looked like. Zira was originally intended to be Scar's mate, but that was changed to follower. I'm sure she was estatic when the king chose her child to be heir.

Plus... besides the one interaction between Vitani and Nala during the fight, there's no other supporting evidence that they have much to do with eachother, let alone be related in any way. Honestly, it's not entirely suprising they know each other. Nala is queen, second in command to Simba, and Vitani seems to be the same with Zira. I'm sure they bumped into each other a few times, with Vitani's spying in the Pridelands.

I've always thought Vitani and Zira looked similar. Vitani's a little more golden but their pelts look just about the same at different points. Her face and eye structure is similar. Vitani also scowled the same as Zira does when she watched Kovu let Simba go.

But that's me... I like concrete evidence to support these ideas. If Nala is related to Vitani they did a very poor job of hinting at it.

However, the idea is well thought out and would make for interesting fanfiction.

Kiara's sister
July 25, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Hmm...this is my theory.

Well, Scar knew he needed a cub. So, he looked aorind for a seemingly strong female, and thus found Zira, who was willing to agree. So, the two 'did it' and out popped a weak little son. Scar didn't like that Nuka was weaker than he'd like, so he cast Nuka aside as useless as soon as he was born.
Few months later, Nuka is probrably Simba's age when Mufasa died by now, maybe slightly younger. Zira is convinced that Scar had feelings for her, and maybe he did? I'll get to that.
Anyway, Scar flirts with Nala, who is naturally disgusted and flees from the pride lands. So Scar looks around for another lioness, and finds Tama.
Now, I know what you are thinking: "NO BLUE EYES!" but any gene can be passed down from grandparents and even great-grandparents! So Scar forced Tama to mate with him, and she gave birth to Vitani. But since she was a female, Scar couldn't see her replacing him.
Another lioness had given birth to a boy, so Zira planned on killing the mother and grabbing the cub. but she got confused and kidnapped Vitani instead, killing Tama.
Scar killed the male cub (who shall remin nameless) when Chumvi and to-be-outsider-female had Kovu - Scar saw that the cub was healthy, a boy, and looked like him - THRILLED KING. So, he said "Yeah, he's the heir." And Kovu was given to Zira anyway after Chumvi ditched the mother.
Then, when 'Tani and Kou were only three-four days old, Simba came and killed Scar. That's my theoy.

February 15, 2012
Is not currently on the site
i dont think they are related!!! :/:

December 12, 2011
Usa Is not currently on the site
Nala and Vitani are not related.:!

nobody in particular
July 18, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I think Nala would've been looking for help as in perhaps looking for a male lion to replace Scar as king which was how I've taken it

nobody in particular
July 17, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Interesting observation Anetta. I think it's interesting how looking at Disney books and only the first movie can clear things up to look at instead of trying to piece every possible thing together from the second movie and the books. And I agree that Scar never had a mate. Look at TLK.
However, on the other hand, for the sake of the movie, Nuka must be Scar's son, or else Zira was a pretty useless character to put in. If she was never Scar's mate in any way, I'd say she's just an over zealous lioness who dreampt she was Scar's mate, or something. But the way the second movie was sloppily pasted in to be a sequel it is quite confusing.
So, I guess we all can have our own theories to make the movies fit together. However, I read on a comment on that the second movie is pretty good, but doesn't really fit, so someone must've just dreamt it happened, like Simba they said. To me it almost sounded right in a funny way!!

But this main article above is outragous to me, Vitani and Nala wise. Only the Nuka part makes sense!!

July 12, 2011
Is not currently on the site
At first, Vitani`s eyes are not light blue. In childhood her eyes are violet and not blue, you can see it in the picture. And when she became an adult her eyes changed to DARK blue.

At second, this color of eyes can be inherited from her granny-grandad-father.

At last, Vitani can`t be Scar`s daughter. In TLKoB was said that Scar never had a mate or cubs. And it was some days before Simba`s return. So Scar never had any cubs and Nuka with Vitani are not his children.

nobody in particular
July 12, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Interresting observations! However, there are so many holes in TLK2 that about anything is possible through fan fiction, which (in it's vast quantities) to me is from a loosely thrown together sequel for $$$ (and from what I've heard and read on deviantart, for the sake of having one), whether it fits or not.
However, I agree with Lioness jhr that Vitani and Nala are not related. Vitani looks like Zira, but does not even look much at all like Scar, which to me shows her father must've been not Scar. Besides, what's wrong with using different eyecolors than just all the same?
Deleted scenes do say a lot, as Brontespurge from Britain points out.
Nuka is Scars son I'd say. He's old enough to be from the recovery of the pridelands when Simba returned.
As for Nala's father, I assume he's Mufasa. Not only was he the king, he also had Scar separated as a 'commoner', as Scar refers to himself near the beginning (unless I'm mistaken on that meaning.) And when Simba said to Nala in the jungle, "You're starting to sound like my father," she said, "Good, at least one of us does," that to me indicates Mufasa was their father.

Anyway, what's this massive obsession of getting Scar into everything and eveyone's lives?!? It's sickening sometimes. And I have another question for one and all: If the LK2 needs to fit in, I wonder why no one gets as many theories about TLK1 1/2?
Anyway, a lot of the fanfiction is interesting though. But I wouldn't try to include recessive genetics in a simple General audience or PG movie, that (even worse) was rushed together very messily. That to me is a bit too far to try to mix an idea into.
These are only my opinions on this matter.

lioness jhr
March 23, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Um, did I miss something here because: I am angry! Vitani's blue eye could easily have been caused by hereditory genes! Just because disney changed the eyes its not like you have suddenly start worrshiping the thought that Nala is closely related to Vitani, its not even true!

September 07, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Vitani's parents- Nala and Scar

Nala's parents- Sarafina and unknown lion
Nice job!:icon14: :icon60:

June 21, 2010
Usa Is not currently on the site
really good!!! ,yself I think that nalas mom is sarafina and her dad is some other lion in the pride while vitanis mom is zira and her dad is scar the 2 lions rivaliary is simpliy between the prides.both are females known for being feirce in lioness because usually the males just sit around (talking about real lions here)leaving things like this up to the females

January 26, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Alaskan Spirits Omega
wow man you rock! how did you figger this out?

January 20, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Harry Potter FTW
wow, how do you come up with all this? amazing :o and that does make sense considering some say scar and sarafina used to like eachother and that sarafina would want to protect the pride and all, and then being forced with vitani being her new cub by scar. so that would make them sisters fighting in that prideland- outland war in the 2 movie.

November 19, 2009
Canada Is not currently on the site
I must confess, out of all the theories related in this article, the one about Nala and Vitani being 'related', is, a bit of a stretch, and I really needed to 'stretch' out my idea to make it work. So while this is my longest theory, it is not my best one.

November 13, 2009
Is not currently on the site
Wow, you surly give it deep thought and made very great article. And good possibility about how stuff could be connected.

But I have some stuff to say about it, and world just wouldn't be interesting place, if we all would agree, right? So here are some stuff from my opinion:
1. Appearances, sure child can get his/her appearance from father and mother, but it is not always so. Sometimes genes just jump generation or two, Vitanis eyes could easily come from grandmother for example.
2. Rivalry and hate, that could easily come from Zira, since she hated both Simba and his relatives, growing up in that environment surly leaves something behind, and Zira was obsessed with hate.
3. I would say Kovu and Vitani are twins, they look same age, and same size and in same stage of growing up. I never saw anything that would hint in their age difference. And we know Scar is no father of Kovu, so he is not father of Vitani.
4. I doubt Scar is Nukas father too, because of his behavior. He wanted to be hear, I am 100% he would put it as main reason beside he is the oldest. And he and Vitani call Zira mother, but I can not remember them talking about Scar as father, even when they did mention him.
5. About Nala being royalty depends from angle looking, you either bring lion behavior closer to humans or real lions. I doubt it is Scat, I leave possibility it was Mufasa opened, and go for rouge lion maybe even king of another pride, but I bit doubt it, if it would be so, surly Nala would know and would be mentioned. Maybe she was chosen because something in Sarafinas past, maybe she saved somebody important. But saying more than that is just theorizing, but it is what I would put my money on.
6. I am pretty sure how that scar did not chose Nuka because he is crazy, really, who would choose Nuka for king? I wouldn't. That leaves Vitani and Kovu. Vitani was female, so he was automaticly out, Kovu on other hand did look like cub fit for being king. And I do not believe he Knew Kovu was not his, I am sure Zira told him that all are his, so he would not kill them. Again I would put father to be someone else. After all it is even never said when Zira joined pride or where she was in events off first movie, and we do not know much about what was going on in Scars region.
7. I doubt Nala knew who she was looking for. Pridelands were empty, no food no water. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. And with hyenas there, whole pride could not left without being hunt down. So they choose Nala, because she was young and strong, to seek help from anybody she could find. She doesn't need to be royalty to know there are other prides around. I think she was just searching randomly, because otherwise I believe she would try to get there as fast as possible, and wouldn't stop for hunts.

But as you said TLK universe is opened for many possible interpretations and theories. And I must give you a hand for well thought and deep article, you took time to write it and it is really enjoyable to read.

November 13, 2009
Uk Is not currently on the site
It is a good theory, even if I disagree with it. I believe that Zira was Vitani's mother, and that her father was someone else. As shown in a deleted scene where Vitani refers to Scar as 'Sacr'. If he was her father, wouldn't she had called him that? But I agree with you on Nuka. If you want to read more of this, check out my article.

And about Nala's father, I say that he used to belong to the pride, but got kicked out when Simba was born (which happens in real life with Lions-other males do get kicked out by the lead males). And since Simba and Nala look to be about the same age, this male left before he realized that Sarafina was pregnant, and therefore was unaware that he was a father. I am planning to do a story on this theory, so look out for that.

I still think that this article was well thought out, and that you did a great job with it. Well done!

November 09, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
once again, you knock everyone else out of the park with another amazing article- do you get paid to write these or something?
Anyway, I like the theory of how Scar chose Kovu, I mean, the cub they took might not have even been from that pride, they could have taken anyone.

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