My Views on TLK Family Lineage - Including Mohatu,

My Views on TLK Family Lineage - Including Mohatu,

Sharing my opinions on how I think the TLK family tree goes.

I've heard loads of stories and theories about the the family tree of The Lion King. Some of them sound very acurate, but others just are absolutely off-base. I wanted to share my opinions starting at the beginning.


-Mohatu's Child-

In my opinion, I think that Mohatu's child is Uru. Even though her appearence is never seen, if you look at their personalities, they are quite alike. Mohatu is said to have been a great king, and deeply cared about his subjects, and had a gentle way of ruling. Uru is exactly the same way, and even is mentioned to be going to find water for the pride, just like Mohatu did.

Also, Ahadi looks abosultely nothing like Mohatu. Mohatu has brown fur, and a darker brown mane Scar

Ahadi has golden fur and a reddish-brown mane.


There's also the description that the audthor provided that contrasts the illistrator's drawing of Ahadi, which is of him having a totally black mane and green eyes, but that still is a huge difference than what Mohatu looks like.

Now, there's of course a chance that Mohatu's mate could have been that golden color, but there are other reasonings of why I don't think Ahadi is related to Mohatu. 

Like I said earlier, Mohatu displays a personality of a gentle but responsable king. Ahadi has a more forward, aggressive way of ruling. 

Keep in mind though, even though the idea of Ahadi stricking his son over the eye to give him a scar sounds like a good deep-plot idea, I don't believe it, because there is proof that that's not what happened.

If you want to read more about that proof, this Lion King Wiki article explains about the story of the book "A Tale of Two Brothers"


Scar gets his personality from Ahadi. They are both aggressive and rarely exhibits any emotion to people who they don't care about. Mufasa gets his personality from mostly Uru, who is gentle, wise and obviously of royal blood. He does exhibit some qualities of Ahadi however, with the fact that he is a forward ruler, even though he is not aggressive at all.



I will make my opinions of Kopa short and simple.

At the end of TLK, the baby that is held up his very clearly a male, because no female lionesses have the black lining in their ears.

So why is it that Kiara looks nothing like the cub in the first movie?


Because Kopa WAS real. He was the original intended child of Simba and Nala, however at the time, he did not have a name. The animators simply called him "Fluffy". He was also NOT the original intended star of TLK 2. And it's not for the reasons most of you think.

You've all probably heard of the whole "Zira killed Kopa" story that has been floating around the internet. As much as I love that story, and as much as it makes sense of why Zira was exiled, it just isn't true.

The storymakers/animators of TLK had no proven idea that they were going to make a TLK 2. The book series "Six New Adventures" were made without any intention to be tied to a movie. When it came time that they decided to make TLK 2, they realized that having another male lead would just be somewhat of a repeat of the first TLK. The "Six New Adventures" books that included Kopa where not even important to Disney, therefore meaning that they didn't influence the story for TLK 2.

So basically Kopa was just forgotten. In Disney's eyes, he wasn't important for the movies because more people would've wanted to see a female lead in TLK 2. (Which makes me a bit sad, because I loved the idea of Kopa and Zira killing him and whatnot. It really would've made the story more interesting.)



My final topic is on Kovu. There are SO many theories on who Kovu's parents are, and if he's related to Kiara and blah blah blah. Here's what I think.

It's obvious that Scar isn't Kovu's father, as it is stated very clearly in the movie. But, he's not the son of Zira either.

I think this for multiple reasons. Let's start by appearences.

I do believe that Nuka and Vitani are the children of Scar and Zira. They look exactly like them.



If you look at Kovu, he doens't exactly look like Zira's side of the family. He's got that wierd Elvis hairdo going on, and he has a brown mane instead of black.


Now let's look at the circumstances.

It's stated in the movie that Kovu is "Hand-chosen by Scar to follow in his pawprints". Scar obviously saw no qualities of leadership in Nuka (another sign of Scar's personality coming from Ahadi) so he and Zira went out to search for a cub that would be a benifit to them. So, what I think happened, is that Scar searched for pregnant LIONESSES that he thought would be ideal for producing a good offspring, and forced that Lioness to give him her cub as soon as he was born. Because think about it, no lioness would just hand over a baby if they were already born.

However, I believe that Scar died BEFORE Kovu was born. So Zira intended to continue to go through with Scar's plan. This makes sense with the timeline of TLK 2, because if Kovu was a cub when Scar was still alive, he'd be quite a bit older than Kiara.

So those are basically my theories on the different topics of TLK. I hope y'all liked reading it, and I'd enjoy hearing other opinions.



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August 11, 2016
Uk Is not currently on the site
These theories are very good well done! :icon299: also,I don't get why fans still think that Kovu is Scar's son! Clearly Rooney stated on Facebook that he is just an orphan to both Scar and Zira and people ignore the fact that Kovu himself said that he isn't Scar's son which is very annoying in my opinion lol. Also I agree with Nuka being Scar and Zira's cub but I am not sure about Vitani.

January 27, 2015
Is not currently on the site
These are VERY good theories. Only about vitani I have a doubt. She doesn't actually look like Scar and Zira. She looks like zira's child, but not scar's. My theory about Kopa is that he was BORN in the jungle, but PRESENTED at priderock. It must have taken months for simba to reach priderock, so maybe during that time Nala gives birth to kopa? It must have been the same time when vitani was born in scar's reign, and afterwards Kovu was found. It's a bit complicated, but it might work. Also zira might have mated another rouge to get scar a child, but failed, because it was a girl, and that was vitani.

August 20, 2012
Is not currently on the site
watching lion king on abc family right now EPICNESS
Good job on the article even though i am not a Kopa believer

May 18, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site

Actually, a writer from TLK2 confirmed that Kovu was adopted, so no, Zira isn't his mother :/

April 15, 2012
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
Although I agree with Kopa being Fluffy 100%, I needed to point out an error:
"because no female lionesses have the black lining in their ears."
Firstly, they aren't black, they are brown
Secondly, Sarabi and Vitani both have ear rims, so females do have them.

"But, he's not the son of Zira either."
Yes, he is. Kovu is the son of Zira. Why? Cause the movie says so. He calls her "mother". Now this is the part where everyone says "adopted children call their adopted parents mum and dad" I know that, but Disney made them call eachother mother and son because they are. In fanfictions, you can do whatever you like, make them related to whoever. But in the movies, Zira is Kovu's biologcal mother.

Other than those 2 errors, you did a good job on this article :D

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