My TLK Theory on Zira's cubs

My TLK Theory on Zira's cubs


We have Nuka, Kovu and Vitani. Three cubs of the villanous, Zira. But are they all really her cubs? This is my theory about their origins. None of this is canon and you're allowed to make your own assumptions. This is just one of mine. So lets start off with....




Parents: Scar & Zira
Why: Nuka is very 'outlander'ish. He's got the pinned back ears, nose, muzzle, claws that are always out and frame. He has his mothers red eyes and he's like a dirty/unkept version of Scar. His coloration is duller but  it's still a vague shade of off red/brown. He also has Scar's goatee and dark mane. But this is just going by physical appearance.

If I go by the timeline of TLK it would only make more sense. Nuka is an older teen/adolescent lion who is probably almost an adult. He would've had to have been born in Scar's Reign for him to be as old as he is in SP. So Scar could definately still have been his father.

(However there's so many plot holes in SP @_@)



Parents: Zira and Tojo

Why: Just take a look at this lion cub..

and tell me he couldn't be Vitani's father. As a cub, Vitani is practically orange/yellow much like Tojo and several pride landers. They share the same blue eyes, a particularly large hair tuft ( Tojo is a male and his is because he'll have a mane when he's older... but still! ), a pink nose, ear rims, and an orange/yellow hue to their fur as cubs. Whether or not SP followed real life lion facts but it's true that as lions age their fur darkens. This would explain why she's more like Zira as she ages.

My theory explaining it... After Zira had Nuka and saw that he was weak and unsuitable to be heir. She went out and looked for another mate. While looking she came across Tojo ( whom is a rogue I would imagine. Since all male cubs during Scars reign would either be exiled or killed so they wouldn't dethrone him or become a threat ) She played the part as another rogue lioness and mated with Tojo. Leaving him in the middle of the night after they had mated. However when Vitani was born ( more towards the end of Scar's reign ) he didn't want a princess. He wanted a prince.


Parents: Unknown mother ( could be OC or Semi canon ) and Chumvi

Before you say ( Kula x Chumvi ) I like to imagine them as brother and sister. Plus I don't see the resemblance. But if you support that pairing and think of them as Kovu's parents that's fine!

- Cubby Chumvi

I believe Kovu was born as a rogue to another lioness and Chumvi. However one day when Chumvi and his family wandered to close to the pridelands. The hyenas overwhelmed them and killed both Chumvi and the lioness. But Zira is nearby and goes to see what's going on before the hyenas can make a meal of Kovu. Instead of killing him, she sees an oppurtunity and takes him to Scar. ( since Nuka was to weak, and Vitani is a girl )

Scar is hesitant at first but Zira explains to him her plan and he agrees. She raises Kovu as her son and he is named heir. ( Also I believe Kovu would have been born around the same time Vitani was born. )

Kovu also isn't even technically Zira's cub at all.


With this in mind, it strengths this theory even more.


This is my theory on the origins of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu. It sticks to the fact that Kovu wasn't Scars son but he took him in as his own son. Whether or not Nuka states in SP that Scar wasn't his father is a mystery to me since I haven't watched it in awhile.



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January 30, 2013
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Interesting, this makes perfect sense to me :)

January 30, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Actually I think Scar and Zira are Nuka's parents, Sarafina and Scar are Vitani's parents, and Zira and Chumvi are Kovu's parents :) but i like your theories

January 30, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
That can't be right zira callls kovu her son and kovu calls zira his mother....:/:

but really good theories hiddenwolf :)

Blue Eyes
October 18, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Brill XD I have extremely similar theories.

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