My take on Nala's deleted younger brother.

I've seen many theories on the deleted brother of Nala, Mheetu, on other sites. But this is mine.

First of all, though, you might be wondering; "who's this Mheetu? Nala didn't have a brother." 

Let's start with that, then. Who, exactly, is Mheetu?

He was Nala's younger brother, for the original version of The Lion King. However, the idea of him was dropped by his creator, Linda Woolverton, thought that the film had already gotten too dark with the death of Mufasa. Originally, he was included so Nala could protect him from Scar. According to Mheetu's (pronounced me-too) designer - appearance-wise - the following images are all concepts of this deleted character.




Now, I know what you're thinking. "Why is this cub a white lion?"

Here's the thing though: this is concept art.

There is some colored concept art of him, though. In those, he has somewhat pale reddish-orange fur, with a black nose. And, well, for his uncolored concept art, he has an Outlander nose and a small tuft of fur on his head. But in newer concepts, he has dark golden fur and green eyes. 

Anyway, we don't really care about the appearance right now. We'll go back to that discussion later.

Mheetu was initially going to be saved by Simba during the stampede, and both were rescued by Mufasa. Dad to the rescue, like in the final product.

This cub was going to be a playful, guillible character, always getting into trouble. Nala's tag-along brother. 

Now, let's think about this. Where did Nala's brother come from? Well, we know the obvious answer. But who is his father? We know his mother is Sarafina, like Nala.

Yet for some reason, I think that his father is different than his sister's. For one, his concept art looks very different from Nala. And then there's the Outlander nose, plus the scruffy chin. Like a certain other lion we know ... whoa, is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

Yeah, that's right. I'm thinking that Scar is Mheetu's father.

Need some facts on why? Well, let's see ...

  • Nala was going to protect him from the tyrant king, which may seem strange, as male lions taking over a pride normally kill all the cubs except their own. But at the same time, it makes sense. Scar likely would have disowned Mheetu. 

  • The appearances of these two look a lot alike. I know, that doesn't mean anything, but seriously. Mheetu has a scruffy chin, like Scar. And he has an Outlander nose. No other Pridelander has one, not counting the lionesses at the end of The Lion King II.

I can't think of any others at the moment, but I do have more ideas. Please let me know what you think of this!

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