Kopa was killed/disappeared theories = impossible

Kopa was killed/disappeared theories = impossible

Reviewing why those theories don't make sense to the canon.

I originally published this to Fanpop's TLK club as bendaimmortal.

No, I don't think those theories make sense to the canon. And as canon I now mean the sequel movie The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride because it's the main source for those theories.

It's true, they can't show every little detail about crucial plot parts in a film. But what they can do is refer to everything crucial. Like, in this case, if there had been another cub before Kiara, they could've and would've said so in the film.

In example, they could've had Simba and Nala briefly discuss it instead of how much Kiara reminds them of Simba. Or, combined the two topics.

Nala: "She's just like you when you were young."

Simba could've replied "Exactly! Remember how our son Kopa was just like me and he disappeared/got killed by the outlanders! And remember all those danger we got ourselves into!"

I mean, Kiara was far away by that point--the discussion was free to be about anything in the world--and adding that one line would've taken less than five seconds of their minuete limit. And instead of having Nala be careless, they could've had her walk away worried/sorrowful indtead of walking away carelessly.

But no, instead they have him only remark about their personal childhood dangers and Nala poke him about it and carelessly state that Kiara will be fine. Because there was never a son at all, not to mention a murdered son.


...Kiara's protection and supervision is left in the hands of a tiny meerkat and a warthog. Creatures that are easily killed by a lion, not to mention numerous lions. If someone really wanted to kill the princess, they would bear a warthog's stink for a little while. Especially as it would stop stinking after it's dead or at least couldn't follow around. As in if Kiara's parents had a child who'd disappeared or been murdered, they would have their second child much, much better supervised and protected. Especially as she is eveidently just like Simba who himself used to manage ditching unreliable babysitter.

...Zira is an evil psycho who takes pleasure in blood spilling and war. Yet she doesn' brag about how she succeeded in killing the prince and revenge Scar's death by it. Instead she whines and complains about how unjust the exile was and how she is about to get her revenge for Scar. Obviously she hadn't done anything to deserve the exile and the very least anything that gave her pleasure.

...Nala is completely carefree and light-hearted about Kiara. Doesn't seem like a loving mother who has lots a child.

Simba never succeeded to put Mufasa's death completely behind him judging by how he had nightmares and tears in his eyes about his father's death even years and years after the event.

What makes you think he'd succeed any better with a loss of an only son?

Especially as there was always something to remind him of it: Kiara. And Kovu, as he was Zira's son. Leading me to how the nightmare was only about Mufasa and Scar and Kovu becoming Scar. If there was anything about a lost/dead son in Simba's inner life, they would've had it in that dream sequence.

And in the end of TLK he put his own guilt behind, not Mufasa's death. Scar; "I wouldn't want to be responsibly for a death of a family member. Wouln't you agree, Simba?" Simba: "It's not gonna work, Scar. I've put it behind me." The guilt. Not the death.

If Simba only thought Zira killed Kopa, she might as well have. It would affect Simba's inner life the same or even worse actually, as Simba could not be absolutely sure and it would cause him worry and doubt about if his child is at peace in death or being tortured/slowly dying somehwere.

A tragic loss like that would not go away just because "it's over". Having your child murdered... And especially if the child's fate was uncertain, it naturally wouldn't be over. And again, the film makes no references whatsoever to any other trauma than Mufasa's death.

Sometimes I wonder if people who support those Kopa theories, have ever had a close family member disappear or die? Those loved ones are with you every waking moment and especially in your dreams. The pain of the loss, the worry if it's just disappearence, and the joy of good memories. You don't get over it so completely that you stop dreaming and talking about them. Even if you don't talk about how they died or disappeared, you talk about how they lived. You don't just forget about them just because you have other/new family members. Not even with the rest of the family there for you. On the contrary those who are still with you, inspire you to remember the lost one.

Even Simba says it in the film: "Even those who are gone, are with us as we go on." If Kopa was one of "those who are gone", he would've been mentioned by his family or even shown in Simba's dream. No parent can ever be so much in denial that the lost ones would be completely ignored in both practical and emotional level.

You might say that it's a kids' film that doesn't necessarely make the characters react realistically. But they made Simba react realistically to Mufasa's death and Kovu and all, I see no reason why they wouldn't in a lost child case too. Because the point and the theme is exactly the same.

Some say that "the film works if you put Kopa in it and it works without him". I STRONGLY disagree. The film does not work if you put Kopa in it as a disappeared/killed child. I believe this article so far has very well shown why.

There's even more to it. There's also the outside appearence problem.

Kopa and Kovu appear the same age, while in the books Kopa is still with his family and eager to become king. The cub at the end of TLK is at least three months younger than Kovu because lion cubs don't pop out of thin air, their mothers remain pregnant for a time.

Thus if Fluffy was Kopa and grown up to the age he is in the books which is at least nine months of growth, then died or disappeared, then Kiara made, carried, born, grown up some time... Kovu in the film would need to look much older than he does because he'd be over two years old at the movie's time. There is no way lack of good food can make a lion lack that much in growth--especially as Kovu apprently did grow up to a normal adult size in the end, so they apparently didn't lack that much food all the time.

Anyway, Kopa and Kovu would appear exactly the same age which is why Kopa's existence as a lost cub in SP's story would be impossible because Kovu was born when Scar was still alive and Kiara in the film is such an old cub while she isn't in the books at all. And the Outlanders are not in the books in any way while they should be as they were there in the film's backstory all along.

Hence, if the film makers wanted an older brother of Kiara to exist, they'd just simply written a story where's a place for him to exist and then included him in. That's the whole point of story writing: you write a story so that everyone you want to include in it, has a place in it. They didn't include Kopa in any way and wrote the story so that his logic existence is impossible--thus they didn't want him to exist.

And as they used the cub from TLK as baby Kiara in their official movie trailer and right here one of the animators has literally confirmed the cub at the end of the first film is Kiara, it seals that Kopa never existed in their story.

The only way to logically connect Kopa into the movie universe is to first ignore the fact of the official trailer and the animator's words and then have him born after the sequel's events and write Kiara and Kovu out of Pridelands. But even so it would be partially a logic fail with how the books don't explain why all the sudden Kiara and Kovu aren't the future queen and king but Kopa is, and why wasn't Kiara shown at the end of the first film even though the sequel made clear that she was to be the next ruler after Simba.

There is no completely logical way to connect Kopa into the movie universe because officially he was never meant to be part of it. And the killed/disappeared theories are downright impossible or at least utter nonsense. It's wonderful that all those theories make many people happy, but for the sake of clarity and fair chance to those new in the fandom, I don't think they should be claimed as official and the truth when they in fact are not. :)

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June 11, 2014
Is not currently on the site
No the comics and books were not created by Disney. Simply stamped by Disney's marketting device.
And I don't think the Zira killed Kopa is a good way to tell what "happened", because as pointed out in this article that theory makes no sens at all on any level.

But thank you, I'm glad you enjoued this article even as a Kopa supporter! :)

November 20, 2013
Australia Is not currently on the site
I'm a Kopa supporter, but I like this article. The comics were made by disney right? Just different people created it. Alex Simmons indeed came up with the Kopa idea, but the new producers of TLK 2 forgot about Kopa (and we all know that the cubs of Nala and Simba have changed many times in the creation.) and by the time the movie was created, they couldn't really 'place' Kopa in. My point is that Kopa IS real. Sure, of course he wasn't inside the movie, the producers did that. Couldn't you see that? Your points are true. But Kopa exists. The Zira theory is fan made, as we all know, BUT it is a good way to tell people what 'happened' to him. But really all in all, that IS my opinion, and that IS your opinion, we all have our opinions.

Enjoyed reading this :) thank you !

Vitani's sister
August 09, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Hmm, good article, good points!

July 30, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Thank you, Iluvlionking. :icon14:

July 19, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Very nice article! I like your Kopa articles. They are very well-written and you know your facts. I am not really a Kopa fan, and I have the same point of view as you when it comes to all the Kopa/Chaka crud. Very well written! Nice job! :allears: :)

March 18, 2012
Is not currently on the site
@ Imvulaxx:

There is no official proof of any Chaka intented, and even less of such name being intented for a boy. As far as I know the only place where the name Chaka has officially been mentioned is some random magazine article and even that did not say that it was supposed to be a boy. Nor that it was supposed to even be the cub.

The whole Chaka (censored) is nothing more but rumour and fanfiction gone bad.

February 12, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I think the whole Kopa rubbish is based of the idea of Chaka, who was supposed to be the son of Nala and Simba in the early stages of development of Simba's Pride..

January 04, 2012
Is not currently on the site
@ Kopa-Believer!:

No one needs picture comparasion to see the screaming difference in the cubs' appearence. But people with common sense grasp the fact that movie-making projects, especially those of a series, sometimes include a thing called REDESIGNING and REMAKING and RETROACTIVE CONTINUITY. Which this thing officially is all about, hence the sequel's official trailer has the first film's cub as Kiara and one of the animators confirmed in words that it's Kiara. So the word of "God" said that Kiara and that cub are one and the same, making Kopa impossible to exist. ("God" = one of the creators of the sequel.)

As for Simba looking older in TLK2 is not a fact but just your opinion. The only fact is that he looks different in TLK2. And that is naturally only because the animators were different than in TLK, and they would not stare at every single little detail while to begin with their style must be different.

December 10, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I believe in the Kopa theories, and i believe Kopa really did exist. Ever noticed how Simba looks a lot older in TLK2? And that cub at the end of TLK looks NOTHING like Kiara. Just compare the piccies. You'll see what i mean.

October 09, 2011
Is not currently on the site
@ Baltofan88:

Disney did not write those books. They were written by numerous, outsider childrens' book authors. The one named Alex Simmons (author of "A Tale of Two Brothers") claims to be Kopa's creator all the way. The books were written and published before TLK2 film.

October 03, 2011
Is not currently on the site
ok so im new to this whole kopa theory, so hes in the books, but not the movie. so i have a question about the books. ive never read any of them by the way, only because i just found out about them a few days ago. anyway my question is "who wrote these books?" "was it disney?" "or was it someone else that was just a fan and let there imagination run wild?" "were the books written before or after lion king 2?"

May 21, 2011
Is not currently on the site
@ Demonte:

No, I'm not. I'm not claiming any of the characters are real or that the story really happened. If that's the way it sounds to you, then I strongly suggest you take a new point of view:

Movies/stories are fiction and fiction mirrors real life people and trials, so in that sense they are real people with real feelings in real situations. The only difference is that they don't exist in real world. I mean the point of fiction is not to just entertain but also teach values, lessons and morals in a safe way - and as for the entratainment aspect, they're made for people to think of what the characters (who, again, mirror people like you and me from real life) are going through, to feel for them, to live the story with them.

They are SUPPOSED to be taken seriously in these terms. We shouldn't disregard them as "just a movie" as if they had nothing to do with reality.

The point is that whereas this film's characters and events didn't really exist and happen, there are people in real life just like them and going through the same things, which is why we should take the fictional examples seriously.

May 21, 2011
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
I think you are taking it a bit too seriously. I like the article, but it's just a movie, they aren't real. You're making it sound as if they are real people with real feelings and in real situations.

May 06, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Alaskan Spirits Omega
i am with you in this case...

April 29, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Kalisource22, thank you! :) I'm delighted to see that even those who support the Kopa theories, can appreciate this article. (Well, I assume you support them, judging by your comment on one of the other Kopa related articles.)

April 29, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Very nice arcticle

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