Kopa is not the cub at the end...

Kopa is not the cub at the end...

...or is he? and more. My views on fanfiction

So, I was going through a few articles yesterday, and I found them all to be very good, but not what I was expecting. So, here are a few of my views on the topics "Kopa" and a lot more.

First off, 

1. Kopa is not the cub at the end


Most people would argue that the cub at the end of TLK was Kopa, but most of them would argue otherwise. Well, look at them. Don't they look extremely similiar?

Sure, the cub doesn't have a hair tuft, but that can grow in with age, can't it? 

The creators of TLK dubbed the cub at the end Fluffy, and most people mix Fluffy with Kiara, or view the cub as a completely different character. But have you ever thought about Fluffy and Kopa being the same?

All the anti-Kopa fans don't, and I don't blame you. You say Fluffy's a girl, but Fluffy could also be a nickname given to Kopa by his parents.

This is of couse, fanfiction. Made-up. It isn't real. So, one could argue that the "Lion King: Six New Adventures" books aren't real. But they are books, and Disney said they could be published. Otherwise it would just be on a fansite, not written down in pen and paper. 

Again, your choice. These are my views on the topic. So, with a bow, I turn your attention to another topic:

2. Kovu, Vitani and Nuka

Your three favourite TLK 2 Outlanders! The handsome Kovu, becoming the eventual mate of Princess Kiara; cunning Vitani, who in my poinion, has way too less parts in the film; and nerdy Nuka, who dies trying to impress his mother.

Scar Parents


One of the common discussions about these three is if they're siblings. Once again, look at them. They look alike and not alike at the same time. I mean, how can this be possible XD

In the movie, their Mom is Zira, implying that they are siblings. But, since Zira looks absolutely nothing like them, fans have mix-matched and put their parents. But, they left Zira as Nuka's mother with Scar as his father.

This left me thinking, why did Kovu become the chosen one then? If Nuka was Scar's son, then he should have been made heir instead. (This is one of those moments when you hold your head and curse the creators of TLK 2)

Many of us look at Tojo and Tama (characters from comics) as Vitani's parents and Chumvi and Kula (characters from TLK: SNA) as the parents of Kovu. Another part of us looks at Tama and Chumvi as the parents of Vitani and Kovu (I look at it). Another array of fans have taken it upon themselves to create parents for the three.

Once again, fanfiction triumps! (WOOT!)

Okay, now that we got that awkward moment out of the way, let's go on to the next topic:

3. Scar and Kovu

In TLK 2, Kovu is shown to be Scar's heir, but not his son. But even though he says in the movie that Scar wasn't his father, fans still look at them as Father and Son. Sorry about that guys, but that's just not true. It's in the movie.

No? Well then, look here:

Kovu Tlk

See the difference? They look nothing alike! 

I know, Kovu was Scar's son in earlier concept art, but that would make him and Kiara cousins, and in a kid's movie, it would be creepy.

They look nothing alike, again. But one could argue that Nala and Kiara also look nothing alike, yet they are mother and daughter. So, Kovu looks like Zira?

Um, I don't think so.

Sorry for the extremely short piece, but as long as we're talking about father, how about another character's?

4. Nala's father and Sarafina's mate

Look Mother

Ah, the beautiful Nala and her mother, Sarafina. Look a lot alike, maybe like how mothers and daughters do (I know, people say I look just like a replica of my mother xD)

Another common discussion is, who is Nala's father? 


Is it Scar? No, once again, cousins, and in a kid's movie, wierd.  

Mufasa? Even creepier. 

Ni (from The TLK: SNA book Nala's Dare)? He was a teenager, right? Just come out of adolesence? So, I don't even want to say it.

Many of us, have taken it upon us to create Nala's father ourselves. Again, fanfiction helps in a way.

Guys, what is fanfiction anyway? It's the theories that we, the "fans" create to fill all the pot holes. It's not wrong. If the story makes sense to you, that's more than enough. It's your story, guys. Feel free to do what you want with it.

Hope this helps in a way. And I hope you enjoyed my article 


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Last comments

December 18, 2018
Usa Is not currently on the site
SJWresistance on devantrt
I think that fluffy was Simba and Nala's first cub, then tanibi(a lesser known fan created charater) then kopa, then kierra and kion, because I like to imangine Simba and Nala haveing a big family.

Your'e not the only one who thinks that fluffy may actually be kopa. ''Fluffy'' was probally Kopa's pet name. Or maby when he was born, simba joked ''lets name him fluffy!'' or somthing like that.:icon135:

February 19, 2018
Vietnam Is not currently on the site
Nuka is very much like Scar. Vitani is almost a copy of Zira. Why are people saying that they are not of the same bloodline? :TLKconfused:

February 10, 2016
Is not currently on the site
Ni was a young adult who was small for his age. He says that to Nala in the book. Just FYI. This is a good article, it doesn't force theories on people. :)

September 28, 2012
Is not currently on the site
What I've never understood is why are so many stuck with thinking that biological parents and children must look alike?

I mean, come on, guys. There are people who look like twins without being any blood relation to each other. And with lions, there is bound to be some similarity in looks. Even with Disney lions. Also, physical characteristics can and usually do come from all over the family tree. Grandparents and uncles and aunts are nearly as likely to pass down physical (and personality) characteristics as are the immidiate parents, and sometimes the characteristics come from further up the tree, having skipped some generations. As in a child may look nothing alike with either of their parents but still be their biological child.

Therefore I think it's pointless to stare at outside appearences and limit ones visions to it. I think more valid reasons would be little things they do, reactive gestures, habits and such that aren't learned. Such as in Lady and the Tramp, Tramp and his son Scamp both scratched themselves in exact same uncommon way, labeling them likely blood related even if they didn't look exactly alike (which they also do though.) Lion King univese characters do not share anything such, therefore I prefer taking my visions to fanfiction original characters from the tip of the nose to the name and personalities and all. :)

September 27, 2012
Uk Is not currently on the site
I agree with Aiyana-Kopa, this article is amazing and beautifully structured. I really like the way you explain things and don't write in a way that says my-theory-is-right to other people, like trying to force us to believe that what you have said is true. You don't do that at all, and that, to me, is what makes a good article. You've done an amazing job!

September 27, 2012
India Female Is not currently on the site
Thanks Aiyana, glad you liked it^^

September 27, 2012
Australia Female Is not currently on the site
Not active
I like this article, because it doesn't force opinions or try to prove anything to us fans. The only thing I need to say though is that a lot of the articles are left unanswered. At the end I think you should at least state your own opinion to wrap it off. Other than that, this article is interesting and doesn't try to prove anything or prove anything wrong, other than fanfiction is used everywhere, no one can really be 100% right with their theories ^^

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