Kopa is not canon! Official proof

Kopa is not canon! Official proof

Here I reveal the truth about Kopa



    Hello everyone, to those of you who are new to the fandom or are just curious about Kopa's relation to the Lion King universe well you have came to the right place! So, their are about six books of the Lion series named the Lion King Six new adventures and most of the books mention Kopa in them. A cub who is Simba's son in the book series. Now for some reason, lots of fans believe that Kopa is the cub at the end of the first film. Truth is.... He isn't. How do I know this? Well, according to the TLK wiki the makers of the Lion named the cub "Fluffy" which is a genderless name. Quote from the TLK wiki: 

In the original screenplay for the first film, the cub at the end is simply referred to as a "newborn cub," while the directors jokingly referred to it as "Fluffy" in the audio commentary featured in the Laserdisc and DVD releases of The Lion King. This goes back to how no one working on the film expected it to be successful. Therefore, no one planned ahead to any books or sequels. Still want more proof? Well it also says on the TLK wiki that none of the crew had any knowledge about Kopa: 

  • In an interview with Phil Weinstein, the storyboard director of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Weinstein admitted he had no knowledge of Kopa during production of the film. Since Weinstein was among the production crew of Simba's Pride, and assumingly all crew members had no knowledge of Kopa, this would explain why Kopa was never included into Simba's Pride.                                                                                                                              Also, the author himself has confirmed that Kopa was only HIS creation. Take a look at this conversation on TLk wiki. Sorry if the image is in bad quality.  So, there you go folks! Thanks for reading! :D 

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June 01, 2019
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I totally agree. Now, I do think Kopa exists in a universe of his own, apart from both the canon film, and the official movie universe. There are books released before and after Simba's Pride, which describe the cub as a 'boy' or 'prince.' I remember reading an article by Kieran about this, but I believe he said that the book universe is separate from the canon film, and the film series. Maybe 6NA is a sequel to those said books who describe the cub as a boy.

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