Kopa and Kiara: Possible Timeline

Kopa and Kiara: Possible Timeline

A quick look into a possible timeline where both Kopa and Kiara exist.

Another article about Kopa. Before I leap into my theory, let's start with some help for the uninformed: Who is Kopa?

Kopa is Simba and Nala's cub:
KopaHere he is in his first appearance. He can be found in the Six New Adventures books, look here is you want to read them. 

 Now, some people say that Kopa is just Simba, re-colored and given a tuft of mane. This isn't true. Look at these pictures, both from Six New Adventures. Simba is on the left and Kopa on the right.
Simba w/Timon & PumbaaKopa in Grasslands
The pose isn't exact, but there are clear differences. Kopa's paler color and darker mane/tail, aside, look at their builds. Simba is smaller and lighter. While Simba's jaw is round, and his ears small, Kopa has large ears and a square face.

Kopa wasn't in the movies, so he's not canon: True in the strictest sense, but at the least, he's semi-canon. Does everything have to be in the movie for you to understand that it's there? We only see Mufasa and Scar as adult males in the first movie, does that mean all the lionesses mate with them? Nala is Simba's half-brother or cousin? I've only ever met one German man, should I assume all German woman mate with him?

 Alright, so, we have that covered, next is the big question, so follow me closely here:

 Assuming that:

  1.  Kovu knew Scar before he died (He wasn't my father, but he was still a part of me...)

  2.  If we assume that the deleted scene(Nuka & Vitani's news) was cut for time issues, it's still    valid. Kiara was born then.

  3.  Kopa/Kiara were concieved that night in the jungle.

  4.  Getting across that desert take a very, very, very long time. About a month.

  5.  Lions are pregnant for about 3 months.

 So, timeline:

  • Nala leaves her Pride to seek out someone of the royal bloodline.
  • One month later: She finds Simba. They concieve Kopa.
  • -Kovu is born-
  • One month later: Simba/Nala confront Scar.
  • -Simba exiled Zira, perhaps not immedietly, worried about his cubs. She leaves to a nearby Pride with weak leadership, taking with her her cub, and Scar's cubs. -
  • Two months later: Kopa/Kiara are born.
  • Three months later: Kiara meets Kovu. We do not see Kopa, because of the short time we spend with her. The rescue is too dangerous to bring a cub along. Nala returns to Pride Rock and Kopa.
  • Four months later: Kopa is attacked by hyenas and appears to die/dies. Simba chases out all the hyenas with his lionesses.


Possible Arguments:

Who would Nala look for?: What does that have to do with this theory? Nothing canon, but for me, Mheetu, her brother and Scar's eldest son, who ran away, or a sibling of Scar/Mufasa.

 Why don't we see Kopa?: When? The five minutes in front of Pride Rock, or the dangerous rescue mission? He was either asleep or off with a friend. If you want to be sweet, he's getting a bath from Sarabi. It's five minutes, are your siblings with you all the time?

 Wouldn't the filmmakers show him?: Why? To make this more complicated? They don't have time for his story, so they left him out.

 Didn't Zira kill Kopa?: No. It's a popular fanon theory, but nothing supports it in the movies or comics as far as I know.  If you wish to use it as part of your TLK theory, fine, but it's not canon.

 It only takes about a day to cross the desert: Prove it. It's impossible, there is no evidence either way. 

Simba couldn't have survived if it was too far across that desert: Really? He could probably catch small rodents, and that would give a basis for the scene where Mufasa teaches him to hunt. He could have fallen in the river.  

This is your opinion: Yeah, is it. That's why people write these, you know. If you feel you have to comment on this, it doesn't make me look foolish.

Please, no comments on Kovu's parentage. Save it for my next article. I don't mind if you argue time of birth(which is very debatable), but leave their biological parents out of it for now.




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i like your time line it seems like it could happen

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sounds good but not all of it make the movies come together to make it one!

March 05, 2013
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SarabiMirage123: Thank you :)

March 03, 2013
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JeanZedLav- wow, incredible article! That's incredible

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