Kion & Zira: Related?

Kion & Zira: Related?

A Lion Guard Theory

*Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for an episode of The Lion Guard. If you like being spoiled before actually watching the episode, well, I can't stop you.*

Yes, this is yet another article I wrote about that episode of The Lion Guard (''Lions of the Outlands''), but with a different subject that involves a really interesting, somewhat mind-blowing theory.


For those who have watched this episode, you may have noticed that Zira is very hospitable and welcoming towards Kion. She even tried to convince him to join her among the other Outsiders and tried to make him agree with her beliefs. And that's quite suspicious, especially when she pats your head with her questionably broken wrist like you see in this image (yeah, the show tends to defy the laws of physics at times). She knew that Kion is Simba's son, the lion she feels immense hatred towards, but she didn't even try to harm or kill him (like she did multiple times with Kopa in fanart and fanmade stories). Instead, she just kept him prisoner in the Outlands when he disagreed with her. Yes, I get that could be one of her brillant plans to manipulate Kion in order to use him against Simba, but I feel like there's a deeper explanation behind all of this. And this is where the theory comes into play.


What if... Zira is Kion's biological mother?


Definitely never heard that one before, have you? Well, you do now! Yes, that means Simba cheated on Nala and had his way with Zira (probably not willingly, though). It's obvious that Kion is related to Simba at first glance, but he do shares some physical features with Zira if you look closely.

Let's start off with the ear rims!


You see? Kion has Simba's cub ear rims and Zira's ear rims combined togheter, though Simba's cub ear rim is paler on Kion. I know what you're gonna say, that this kind of physical trait doesn't necessarily prove any kind of relationship since Kion could inherit it them from Mufasa, Nala's father, Mufasa and Scar's father/mother, etc. That's some great possibilities too, but that's just my personal headcanon. A fresh new addition to the fandom in my opinion, because have you ever seen this kind of headcanon before? I have, but there's very few of them.

And here's another evidence that might prove Kion and Zira's kinship.


This is Kion as a toddler in the second special episode of The Lion Guard, specifically the 5th episode of the second season titled ''The Rise of Scar''. He strangely looked quite different from what he looks like now, at that age. Not only Zira's ear rims, which looks paler here, but that nose. Look at that nose. He had a hooked nose, just like any Outsider's. His nose eventually shaped up to look more like a Pride Lander's as he grew. At first, I believed that it was a design error/inaccuracy, but after learning of this whole possibilty that he could be related to an Outsider, it makes much more sense. 


Now you might be asking: If Zira is Kion's real mother, why didn't she just tell him? Well, she probably just didn't want to rush things and immediatly tell him the truth. She wanted to start off by gaining his trust towards her. I don't know, give me a better reason.

Jeez, all of this sure sounds like a certain Stars Wars scene, doesn't it?


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