Kion Theory

Kion Theory

This is my theory of what happened to Kion.

Let me cut to the chase; Kion is not present at all in the second half of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Now this seems to be a plot hole and has lead people to believe that The Lion Guard is not canon, to The Lion King, nor is it a part of the official storyline of The Lion King, and The Lion King II.  (See Kieran's "Definitions in The Lion King Fandom" for more information to get an idea of what place The Lion Guard is in The Lion King universe.)

Now before we get in, here's several theories as to where he was in the first half of SP.

1. He was not born yet

2. Nala was pregnant with Kion

3. Kion was an infant

4. Kion was doing his own thing, i.e. Kiara and Kion are littermates.

5. Kion is the cub at the end of the first film.

Now let's delve into all of these points.

1. He wasn't born yet

I think this is the best explanation. It not only makes sense in the movie, but it also explains why Kion didn't know about Kovu in episode 20 of the series (spoiler alert). He was born months after the event. And it fits into the storyline of SP, since Simba only had one cub, and that cub would be his main focus, and seeing as his entire life in the first film up to the day he defeated Scar made his character in the sequel, that would make him over-protective. Plus Nala has a seductive look when she walks into the cave after the scene of Kiara running off. There CLEARLY had to be SOMETHING that created Kion. However, there is one plot hole. Kiara and Kion are the same height, and Kion has a mane tuft, showing he is a young teenager. I never understood that. If Kiara were the age she was in the first half of SP, and then time passed for Kion to be made, carried, born, and matured to the age he was in Return of the Roar, Kiara should be an adolescent at that. Either the mating which created Kion occured in a short period of time, or the animators didn't understand how that logic would work.


2. Nala was pregnant with Kion

This would explain the plot hole above. Nala was pregnant with Kion by the time Kiara was a cub. So Kiara and Kion's age difference would be less drastic. But, here's another plot-hole fix up. If Simba was expecting another cub, then he would need experience by raising his first cub. And that added up to his stress. It's pretty genius if you ask me. The only problem is that Nala is NOT shown or implied to be pregnant with a second cub.


3. Kion was an infant

I'm neutral on this theory. Kion being an infant fixes the abovementioned plot hole with him being similarly aged to Kiara. But here's another thing; Kion is not referred throughout the first half of the movie. Surely if Kion was still an infant, Simba would be protective of both of them. You could say that Kion was in the cave, but still, I find it neutral. 

4. Littermates/Kion doing his own thing

This is the worst theory in my opinion. If Kion was Kiara's age, A) it would not make sense since there is only one cub presented at the end of TLK, and during Kiara's presentation, we don't see any other cubs. Plus, why would Simba not focus on Kion as well? And if Kion never became leader of The Lion Guard at that time in SP, why did he after the events of the first half? 

5. Kion is the cub at the end of the original film

I originally thought this theory as a kid, because Kion looks so much like the cub, but I then grew up and realized that is not a chance. Go watch this video to see why Kion can't be the cub.

 Plus, if Kion was the cub at the end of the first film, then the opening scene of SP would be a prequel to the ending scene of TLK, which goes against Disney's words stating that the cub at the end of the first film is Kiara.


Now let's go into the end of the series. Here are theories of what happened to Kion after the events of The Lion Guard

1. Kion died

2. Kion left Pride Rock to form his own Pride

3. Kion left Pride Rock with the rest of the Guard to defend other lands

4. Kion WAS in the Pride Lands, but was out protecting other animals.

5. Kion was banished.

6. Kion became a rouge.


1. Kion died

Now, Kion dying would explain Simba's overprotective-ness (I don't know how, because according to some people, Kopa's death made Simba the person he was in the sequel,(yet Kopa isn't canon so it means nothing to me)). But there's no hints of a tragic death. Plus, with Kion's magical roar, it makes no sense for him to just die. If he died of one of his enemies, it would make no sense. If he died of age, it, again, makes no sense, because he and Kiara would be adolescents. Let's say he died of starvation, or infection. Well, there is no sense, because, again, there are no implications of a character's death, especially a royal's death.


2. Kion left Pride Rock to form his own Pride

Naturally, this fits real life, as when lions become 3 years old, they leave the Pride and become nomads. However, story-wise, it makes no sense, because Kion would have no reason to leave when he's got his entire Pride and family to have. Now, Kion would want to become King of his own Pride, so he would leave, but why would he risk leaving his family to become a King, when he's got his family? I guess let's imagine that he loved his role as leader of The Lion Guard, so why would he want to become a King? If he did, or he wanted more, then this theory is the best explanation for his abscence. 


3. Kion defending the Pride Lands

Uhm, in the episodes of TLG, we see Kion defending the Pride Lands. If it was the same during the events of TLK 2, why did Kion not defend the Pride during the war?


4. Kion was away

My same arguement. Except, Kion would need to defend the Pride Lands. He knows what kind of threats threaten the Pride Lands, and what they are capable of. He's basically abandoning his role.

5. Kion was banished

This theory is total bullsh*t. What would Kion do to get him banished? Well, in the real world lions are banished to start their own pride. So maybe Simba had no choice. 'Nuff said, except if Simba would banish his own son, why would he let Kovu, not only a total rouge, but the heir to the former King, and no longer in a position of power, stay in his pride? It makes no sense.

6. Kion became a rouge

This is my personal theory. Kion disbanded the guard and became a rouge, because he felt that he needed a pride of his own. This explains why the guard was never defending. Because they were disbanded and stripped of their roles. Why would Kion leave tho? Well, here's why. In the episode, Rise of Scar, Kion is really stressed out about every threat to the Pride Lands. Janja, the descendants of the hyenas from the original film, uses this to revive Scar, by making Kion angry. Kion ends up using the Roar in anger, nearly killing Janja, and unintentionally revives Scar. We know that Scar will be defeated since in the second half of SP, Kiara and Simba are alive and OK. But maybe within that timeline, Kion will feel some guilt about his actions, or maybe he wants to find his identity separated from his power of the Roar, and his position as leader, since he's spent a long time with it, and it's become a part of him.


CONCLUSION: I think Kion disbanded The Lion Guard and became a rouge lion in order to find his own life, and find himself, sometime before Kiara's first hunt.


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Here is the real explanation, Kion was bitten by a snake and got a scar so he and the guard had to go to the tree of life to cure it, he left shortly before Kiara's first hunt and he could've not been there with Kiara during the beginning of the movie. He came back after SP.

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