Fanfiction VS. Canon

Fanfiction VS. Canon

Why is AU fanfiction in this fandom trying to bury the official canon?

I originally posted this to Fanpop's Lion King club over a year ago. I recently took a look at this and turns out this has a couple of fans there but no discussion. So I seek for discussion here.


PLEASE NOTE that I'm not saying that AU fanfiction isn't cool or shouldn't exist. Personally I LOVE writing alternate universe fanfiction and write a lot of it myself to study what fun other paths can bring. But I let my ideas and stories be known as AU fanfiction and nothing more or less. And I do still write on and like to discuss the actual official stories as well. In my opinion AU fanfiction should exist alongside the official canon as an alternate vision, and not become a be-all-end-all matter..

As in, this topic is something I wish to discuss for two reasons:

1.) The movies are the only media created by Disney and Disney has ignored the books and comics whenever talking about their movies and obviously in the creation of the sequel film, finally downright denying the books by their choices.

As in, it's not important what all Disney owns, what all is in their copyrights. What is important is that Disney apparently hoped to entertain and inspire people with their own seperate entity instead of mixing their own visions and the outsiders'.

Yet there seems to be much more fanfiction and belefs mixing the spin-off books and comics to the films, than there is based solely on the movies' contents and Disney's official confimations.

2.) Remarkable amount of this fanbase has taken these things far from mere fanfiction ideas, by pulling the concepts of belief and fact-arguing into these ideas instead of just calling their ideas fanfiction.


(X) Many, MANY fans apparently don't like the parentage choices Disney made for cubs. OR, the drama in Disney's stories is not enough to satisfy the fan's thirst.

--> 'I truly believe Nala is in fact Vitani's mother...[lots of reasoning]...and Vitani got the hair on her forehead from her uncle Mheetu.' (Mheetu was Nala's little brother in early production but was CUT OUT from the story before it took its final form.)

---> 'Kovu is Scar's son?!?!?!' or 'Kovu must be Scar's son!' giving tons of outside appearence "proof". (Yet it's stated twice in the movie that Scar was not his father.)

A story should show or describe a lioness giving birth to her cub and day by day show that cub growing into its final design, or else many fans will start believing the lioness is not its real mother but instead some other canon or book/comic character is. Even when the story gives absolutely no reason for such idea. Fans ignoring how outside appearence is all about genes which can come from anywhere in a family tree and so the mother can be exactly who Disney lets on.

Hence, the fans just don't like the parentage choice Disney made and rather theorize against it. Or in order to create X-cheated-on-X drama or kidnapping drama.

(X) The drama in Disney's story isn't enough to satisfy countless fans' thirst.

Disney has literally come out and said that in the sequel's story the cub from the first film and Kiara are one character, not two different characters. Still many fans ignore that knowledge and pretend that they believe that Kiara has a brother who got killed, murdered, kidnapped or ran away.

Of course there are also those who genuinely believe in that by not having given much thought nor looked into anything in the movie and stuff related to it.

The craziest and most desperate theory I've heard went something along the lines of Kovu being Kopa and Zira kidnapping him, changing his name and btrainwashing Kopa/Kovu that she's his real mother.'nough said...Except that I'm going to say something: That's also the most twisted idea I've ever heard because that would make Kiara and Kovu full blood-siblings that got married and were likely to have children together... Seriously, some fans' imagination run TOO wild and fast for their own good.

Some fans seem to refuse hearing how two characters in the film state that Scar was not Kovu's father. Is this so that they could be outraged by the idea of incest between Kiara and Kovu?

(X) The spin-off books and comics are treated like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

"Tojo could be Vitani's father! I really think he is!"

Tojo is a cub from some Danish comics created by some comic writer who likely had no part in The Walt Disney Company. And certainly was not one of the sequel film's makers (who by the way were Disney's own people.) As in, Tojo is by entirely different creator than Vitani, created years apart on the opposite sides of the world into an entirely different media format.

I mean, because of that, isn't it likelier that Vitani's creators were thinking of their own original character to have fathered Vitani? Or most likely that they never decided the father's identity because it's not important to the story? (Only Kovu's father's identity or rather who it wasn't, was important.)

I mean, yeah sure the spin-off comics and books are there for fans to mix up with the movies and have fun with in any way they like. But they've seemed to succesfully kill people's own original creativity. As in apparently the movies alone aren't enough to stir people's creativity.

Because hey, listen to this - this is what makes me go O__O the most:

On what is likely the best known and most popular Lion King discussion forum so far, (My Lion King Forums), I asked "What is YOUR vision of Mufasa and Scar's youth?" and specifically with bolded font and with capslock on asked people to IGNORE the Six New Adventures books because I was asking their own vision, not someone else's. Now that was in 2010 and only one (1) replied to the topic with visions and even that one refused to do what I asked but drew the Six New Adventures into the vision. A few weeks later another finally came to actually give original thoughts on their youth, but that person still remains the only one (on that forum.) Most people apparently really don't care to think up their own visions or at least share them.

I mean, where are the ORIGINAL character ideas for Vitani's daddy? Why won't people think of their own ORIGINAL ideas for Mufasa and Scar's past even when they're literally asked to? Why people always turn to spin-offs instead of using their own original imagination? Why is so few interested in the story Disney told in which Kiara never had a brother?


I too love the Danish comics and consider them great alternate universes, but I do not need them to fill in the open spaces the movies left to the character backgrounds / futures. I like using my own original creations and imagination for backgrounds, and study the story Disney wanted to tell without a need to add drama that contradicts the canon.

I'm perfectly entertained by just the movies even when acknowledging Disney's official confirmations for them, and they do inspire me to think up my own original backgrounds for them.

I wonder why so many others are not? Not only because of all the above, but also this:

"Stop treating Lion King like its a form of religion
Person #1 "I just did some research of the Lion King Six Story books and it turns out Kopa isnt a Disney made character, I can provide proof he is not canon to the movie"
Person #1: "But I can provide you with facts involving the subject"
then a whole bunch of Kopa believers attack Person #1 like that person is the anti-christ

Lion King is a goddamn movie."

---> source

I think this spin-off religious and conspiracy theory ridden situation is rather sad. I've even heard people asking if The Lion King is based on a series of books. Naturally formed false impression because of the religious fanatism surrounding the book series. Bloody hell, is all I can say to that.

The Lion King was Disney's first kind of original story in animation feature. It was NOT based on an over-rated series of books that were never released outside USA and never re-printed. The books are mere alternate universe merchandize for the movies. I think fans of the books have let their love for the books get a bit too far and that's one more reason why I'm wondering if Disney failed to entertain and inspire with their own story?

The Lion King has been extremely popular ever since the year it was first released in theaters, and if I remember correctly, the original VHS release from 1995 is/was the best selling home video release of all time.
Why is that if so many fans are looking for or get their kicks from official fanfiction combined to their own personal fanfiction and even choose to downright believe in it no matter how many facts are screaming at their face against such "theories"?
I mean, yes, it's great if the movie base inspire any creativity at all, but I think something's gone crooked if fanfiction starts to be more true to fans than the actual official canon.

I suppose this may be a thing in other fandoms too, but to me it seems it's especially wild in this one.

Any thoughts?

I see I'd also posted this on my own TLK forums, wherein one user has replied with her own thoughts, if you wish to check it out too. Here.


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Last comments

October 03, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
It's definitely ridiculous to get to wrapped up in something like this, but I think if people want to incorporate the comic characters they can, and there's no wrong theory. It's only when they get super defensive and inappropriate about it that makes people mad. Other than that, it's okay to use sub-canon characters.

October 03, 2013
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Co... Poland Female Is not currently on the site
Big Bad Mod
I'm sick with people coming up with fantheories in every article and discussion topic. To be honest - this was one of the main reasons I left TLK source

July 04, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Yes, well, I suppose the definition of a generation can be and is thought of in at least those two ways. There probably are even more ways to define it but I think those two are the most clear ones...I haven't really decided yet which I prefer. :D

July 04, 2013
Uk Is not currently on the site
Kieran- I see what you mean, I was putting it as if Kovu's dad was in the same generation as Scar, Muffy, etc., but I realize now that it's very unlikely.

I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think generations go on age, think of it more as a family tree, and each level represents a generation
Muffy------ Scar-------first generation
- -
Simba Nuka--------------Second generation

And so-on. This is a good topic, thanks for putting it up.

July 03, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Thank you, guys! Great to have some discussion here! :D

@ GambittheChimaera:

"I completely agree with you for the whole "Kovu has to be Scar's son" thing, but I can see where the people are coming from, they just look so alike! But it would just be creepy if it was true and I don't think Disney is a supporter of inbreeding, so they probably changed the parentage, but kept the design the same so people could still see the Scar influence."

Actually they did change the design. There's a concept art somwhere out there about Kou's original design back when he was meant to be Scar's biological son and he was an exact copy though a younger version of Scar.
But the final design in the movie actually looks nothing alike with Scar;
they have entirely different body-built (Kovu has pridelander built whereas Scar had outlander built), and Kovu has dark brown mane whereas Scar had black, and Kovu jas darker green eyes than Scar had.

"I think it's still kind of creepy that Kovu is in the same generation as Simba,"

Is he? He can't be but a few months older than Kiara, 5 months older at the most. The timeline pretty much forces it that way. And all design and lion havits facts make adult Simba around 5 years old, so Kovu could be his son and therefore is Kiara's generation. But those are just my figures, nothing solidly factual there.

@ Tlkcrazer:

"I keep it all fanfiction, and try to be original "

Ahh, yes! You put one of this articles' points in a few simple words. :D

July 01, 2013
Uk Is not currently on the site
Gambit > haha, I'll always be here to rant for others XD
but seriously it's annoying :/

July 01, 2013
Uk Is not currently on the site
Tlkcrazer- I completely forgot about those annoying cut scene fanatics, thanks, now I don't need to rant on about them too!

July 01, 2013
Uk Is not currently on the site
Bloody hell, why is this not a must see yet o.o

That was brilliant. I do still use all those comic characters and SNA characters, but I've always considered these "theories" as "What if Simba had a son who lalalala", and not "I believe that Simba had a son and lalalalala." It doesn't matter whether the cubs look the same, or whether there's a series of books about Simba having a son, what matters is that Disney MEANT for Kiara to be the only child etc.

One of the reasons, I think, that everyone uses these characters more and more these days, is because we're already familiar with these characters, have seen them in loads of fanwork already, so read the fanwork to see the person's version of them. If the person introduces their own characters, people tend to not really want to read, unless if the person engages you very well at the beginning.

One thing that really annoys me is when people use cut scenes and characters as proof. They were CUT for a REASON. You can't go comparing canon characters to characters like Mheetu, because he doesn't really exist in the canon TLK universe. Not since he was cut out. I also see people use that scene where Vitani and Nuka (?) tell Zira that Nala's given birth to a girl (Kiara) as proof to whatever argument or theory they have about Kopa, Kiara and Kovu. It's a cut scene. Once it's cut, it's not canon anymore. You can't go comparing "semi-official" characters to canon characters either- it's like comparing canon characters to some OCs.

Well, sorry to ramble on like that xD *noreallyIam* Guess it's just a TLK fandom obsession to fill in every hole or dent in the TLK timeline, and include every "semi-canon" and cut character there ever was. I do that, but at least I don't use these characters to argue my theory is real or whatever, I keep it all fanfiction, and try to be original ^^

July 01, 2013
Uk Is not currently on the site
You raise an interesting point, as a lot of people (including myself) combine canon, semi-canon and fanfiction for their own stories. To be honest, I don't see any problems with doing it, cause it's an easier way to fill in gaps and continuity errors during the films(especially between TLK1 and TLK2) if you don't have the ideal amount of creativity. What starts to create problems is because one person's theory usually won't agree with another's, and then you've got those annoying people ( or Lion King Weeaboos) who try to pass their theory off as fact.

What also really gets on my nerves is when people argue about "which of Simba's cubs is best". I do like Kopa more than Kiara, but I would never try to shove it down people's throats that he was canon. Another thing that many people don't know is that Kiara isn't canon either, as the definition includes "any new sequel characters", so really the only one of Simba's cubs that is canon is Fluffy, who is nameless and genderless, so really people shouldn't be arguing about it.

I completely agree with you for the whole "Kovu has to be Scar's son" thing, but I can see where the people are coming from, they just look so alike! But it would just be creepy if it was true and I don't think Disney is a supporter of inbreeding, so they probably changed the parentage, but kept the design the same so people could still see the Scar influence.

I think it's still kind of creepy that Kovu is in the same generation as Simba, and since Scar still adopted Kovu, technically he is still Kiara's (adopted) second cousin.

I hope this is counts as discussion you're looking for, I'm glad you put it up, otherwise there would be too much information in my head left unshared.

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