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Welcome To Sky's Profile!

"Has Been Recently†Updated!"- August†21st,†2019

Avatar (Profile Pic) Credit Goes To The Respective Artist!† (C).

My Deviant Art Account: @Skyy15 or @ILOVEKOVU ( I have 2 accounts!).

My Wattpad Account: @Skyy15 (where most of you have already found me! :D ).

About Me!

Hello, I strongly recommend that you all call me by the name, "Sky" on here (Please DO NOT†ask me for my real name). As you can obviously see, I totally adore the Lion King lol. Every since when I was introduced to TLK at the age of 5 or 6, lions have been my thing and favorite big cat. What is my favorite Lion King character, you may ask? To be honest, I love all the characters. But my most favorite is, "Nala". She is so darn gorgeous! <3 And my second favorite is Kovu. I love meeting new friends/people, so don't be afraid to shoot a pm.


In my gallery, you'll find images of my own fan characters. I love creating screen savers and avatars, so dont by shy to ask if you want one! xD. You'll see plenty of those in my gallery, that are "Lion King Related". One more thing, dont steal my beautiful images,screensavers, and avatars. I worked very hard to create them. If I say you cant use, then dont use them. You WILL be found!


I have nothing really to say about my fan characters. Just dont steal, please? You MUST ask to use them and if I say no, that means no. Only FRIENDS are allowed, without my permisson.

***NOTE: If you are wondering what has happened to all of my old characters on TLK Site, I just recently deleted majority of the ones that I no longer use anymore. I am starting off fresh! :D

Currently :online User online!

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Member since : 13 September 2013
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Country : usa Usa
Gender : female Female

Last comments

August 06, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Don't have one
Umm Okay.
I was Sarafinaofthepride on DA.
I did to you a request of your fursona and Kovu on DA once

August 06, 2019
Usa Is currently on the site
Ooooh okay, sorry Iíve met so many users! Couldnít quite remember yours lol

August 06, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Don't have one
I was Anna Andersson and then Kioni , I also talked on DA when I had an account

August 06, 2019
Usa Is currently on the site
Who were you before, I donít recall your username?

August 06, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Don't have one
Hi Sky it's me(:


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