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A mutt Lady meets in the pound that at first makes fun of her for being a pet and then along with the other dogs tells her about Tramps former girlfriends. 

Voice actor : Dal McKennon

Lady is a purebred Cocker Spaniel who lives with her owners Jim Dear and Darling and their baby. Lady is shown to be pampered but loving and kind. At the end of the movie she becomes mates with Tramp and has puppies.

Fun facts

Contributed by Dragon Tamer

The opening scene wherein Jim gave Lady to Darling as a present actually happened between Walt and his wife. The real Lady was an apology gift for missing an anniversary dinner, and really was delivered in a hat box. Walt later said that he knew the moment would go into a movie, as it did.

Although the real Lady provided the inspiration for the movie, the story never came together until Tramp came into the picture and gave it the necessary spark. By Walt's admission, Lady never did anything on her own that would have made an interesting enough story.

Voice actor : Barbara Luddy

Jock is a Scottish terrier who speaks with a Scottish accent. He lives close to Trusty and Lady. Jock is a show dog who has many trophies.

Fun facts

Contributed bt Dragon Tamer

Although Jock is percieved as a black dog, he's actually dark grey. Straight black would have made many of his expressions indiscernable, so he was often put in bright settings to make him appear darker.

Voice actor : Bill Thompson

Tramp is a cocky and charming mutt who lives on the streets and he believes in living in the moment. He is friends with the chef at a restaurant called Tony’s and often eats there. Tramp has a talent for picking locks and avoiding dog catchers.

Fun facts

Facts contributed by Dragon Tamer

The dog on which Tramp was based was initially spotted on the streets by one of the people working on the film, then later found by the same person in the pound.

During the drafting phase of the movie, the creators went through several names for Tramp. Among these were "Rags" and "Bozo" (thank goodness they didn't pick that one).

Voice actor : Larry Roberts

Trusty is a Bloodhound who is one of Lady’s close friends. He used to track down criminals with his grandfather, Old Reliable, until he lost his sense of smell (though he doesn’t know it yet)

Voice actor : Bill Baucom

Buster is the main antagonist in The Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, and the leader of the Junkyard Dogs.


Breed: Doberman.

Voice actor : Chaz Palminterri


Jim Dear(as he is known to Lady) is the husband of Darling and both a fatherly figure and a friend to Lady. Jim Dear’s face is never shown clearly.

Voice actor : Lee Millar

Darling (as she is known to Lady, but she is also known as Elizabeth (as said in the "Scamp" comics" ) is the wife of Jim Dear . Darling is portrayed as a mother figure and a friend to Lady.

Voice actor : Peggy Lee / Barbara Goodson

Scamp is the son of Lady and Tramp, a Cocker Spaniel and Schnauzer mix. He starts off in the movie as stubborn and selfish. He is the youngest and wildest of the litter, and wants to become a Junkyard Dog until he begins to understand what family means. He is known as 'whirlwind' to Tramp.

Voice actor : Scott Wolf

Angel appears on the outside to be tough, spunky and street-smart, but really she just wants a family to be loved by. She was a pet but then became a Junkyard Dog. At the end of the film, she is adopted by Jim Dear and Darling. Angel's mate is presumed to be Scamp.

Voice actor : Alyssa Milano

Danielle is Scamp's sister, who can be distinguished by her white collar. She seems to be the goofiest and tomboyish of the three. She bears more resemblance to her mother than her father. Like her sisters, she's subject to Scamp's trouble. She appears to get in trouble with bad language. We find out mid-film through her that she and her sisters really do miss Scamp. She appeared in a comic strip featuring Scamp and was originally named Scooter.


Information (c) Catwhohas14tails

Voice actor : Kath Soucie

She is a cat-loving busybody aunt who means well, but tends to be overbearing. In the novel she is the sister of Darling's mother. While she is antagonistic towards Lady and Tramp at first, she sends them a box of dog biscuits for Christmas to make amends for having so badly misunderstood them.

Voice actor : Verna Felton

 A canine philosopher. He's a gentle borzoi with a Russian accent, and also one of the dogs Lady meets in the pound aside from Peg. His understanding of the dogs who tease Lady is "Miserable being much find more miserable being. Then he's happy." He gives Lady some comfort in her bad situation.

Voice actor : Alan Reed

Originally named Nip and Tuck, in the novel. They're very sinister cats who cause alot of trouble for Lady and Tramp, always playing the innocent around their owner Aunt Sarah.

Voice actor : Peggy Lee

 A canine singer who is very apparently in love with Tramp. She has a bit of a tough side and sticks up for Lady in the pound. It is shown through her song "He's a Tramp" that Lady discovers that he has quite a romantic past. Funnily enough, her voice actress also voiced Darling, Si, and Am.

Voice actor : Peggy Lee

An isolated zoo animal. Aside from his speech impediment, he has a typical beaver attitude, and is always trying to build his dam. He eventually proves to be a great help for Lady and Tramp.

Voice actor : Stan Freberg

The owner of one of Tramp's favorite restaurants. He's very Italian, and a good cook to boot. He seems to treat Tramp like he's his own dog, always welcoming him and any company he brings. He even talks to Tramp as if they understand each other, and they appear to. He and Joe set up quite a romantic start for Lady and Tramp.

Voice actor : George Givot

One of Tony's chefs who also treats Tramp like his own dog. He often gives him scraps from Tony's restaurant. He took the liberty of naming Tramp "Butch".

Voice actor : Bill Thompson

A chihuahua Lady meets in the pound. He tends to misunderstand the English the other dogs speak. He doesn't help with the fact that Tramp was quite a swinger because he reveals that his sister Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua may have dated him.

Voice actor : Dal McKennon

Scamp's sister can be distinguished through her blue collar, and she appears to be the most negative of the trio. Like her sisters, she's subject to Scamp's trouble. She thinks that Scamp should have known better than to run away from home. She appeared in a comic strip featuring Scamp and was originally named Ruffy.

Information (c) Catwhohas14tails

Voice actor : Debi Derryberry

Scamp's red-collared sister, who appears to be the snootier and glamorous one of the three. She and her sisters have a striking resemblance to their mother. Like her sisters, she's subject to Scamp's trouble. She revealed in the middle of the film that she didn't even want Scamp back home. She appeared in a comic strip featuring Scamp and was originally named Fluffy.

Info (c) Catwhohas14tails

Voice actor : Kath Soucie

 A monstrous dog who notoriously lives in an alley. He's very strong and vicious and is a danger to Scamp and even Tramp. Nothing is known about him, just that the other Junkyard Dogs fear him greatly, and for good reason.

A more or less dumb sheepdog who also lives in the Junkyard with the other dogs. He has a good heart, but Buster doesn't see much use for him other than to crash through fences so he can get through. He's only but heard tales of Tramp and they're pretty exaggerated.

Voice actor : Bill Fagerbakke

A Boston terrier Junkyard Dog with a French accent. He has a bit of a snobbish attitude, but isn't above congratulating Scamp on his heroic actions with unusual kisses on his cheeks. He accidentally managed to get Scamp captured and taken to the pound, with no thanks to Buster who was responsible for that accident.

Voice actor : Bronson Pinchot

An old-timing Junkyard Dog who appears to have some spunk left in him. He doesn't do much else, other than tell Scamp tales about his father. They weren't true, of course, but Sparky seems really into story-telling.

Voice actor : Mickey Rooney

Scratchy, and older dog who is constantly scratching himself, is a member of the junkyard dog society.

Voice actor : .

A Junkyard dog who seems to have a disturbing attraction to Scamp. It may be because she's one of Tramp's past girlfriends, or so she says. 

Voice actor : Cathy Moriarty

One of the dogs Lady meets in the pound he seems to be a nervous rack that longs to escape the pound along with the other dogs. He is the one digging the escape hole. 

Voice actor : Bill Thompson

Bull is a Bulldog that was rescued along with Peg by Tramp from the dog-catchers at the beginning of the movie. He is eventually re-captured and is in the pound when Lady arrives briefly. He is one of the dogs that explains to her about Tramp's flings.

Voice actor : Voice: Bill Thompson

Junior is the infant son of Jim Dear and Darling. He has a fondness for his pets, Tramp, Lady, Colette, Danielle, Annette and Scamp (later on Angel).

Voice actor : Andrew McDonough

Basic Information

First featured in the scene "Getting Into The Zoo" (from the film "Lady & The Tramp"), where he is monitoring the enterance of the Zoo. He (wrongly) accuses the Professor for bringing a dog into the facility.


Featured In: "Lady & The Tramp" film

Species: human

Appearance: red hair with sideburns, police uniform, is fat, with a large round nose and flabby facial features

Personality: incredulous, dutiful, aggressive, argumentive

Relations: --

Friends: --

Foes: Professor



none for now

Voice actor : Bill Thompson

Basic Information

The Professor is one of the many minor characters in the film "Lady & The Tramp". He is first seen just about to walk out of the Zoo, while reading a book. The Professer is accused by the Policeman for taking Tramp into the Zoo.


Featured In: "Lady and the Tramp" film

Species: human

Appearance: tall, red hair and moustache, bowler hat, black suit, red tie, black and light brown umbrella, glasses, pointed black shoes, long nose.

Personality: intelligent, quite easily angered

Relations: --

Friends: --

Foes: the Policeman



none for now

Voice actor : Dal McKennon

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i love Lady, Tramp,Angel and Scamp !

March 21, 2012
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I completely love disney films and I think that Lady and the Tramp is a lovely classic that will be told for years to come
:P :) :P :)
I personally thing they should bring back how they used to do disney films and stop putting random disney tv shows on but they wont. But all the same


February 20, 2012
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I think Scamp is the youngest and wildest of the litter because he wants to be a wild dog, also known as street or junkyard dog. Scamp even sings a song in the movie that is called A world without fences which is a song about Scamp wanting to be free. It is also one of my favorite Disney songs because it is sooooooooooooooo cool and awesome.:) :P :cool: Scamp you are soooooooooooooo cool, awesome, and cute and so is Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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