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- Love Is The Most Hard Emotion, by Kioni
This fanfic is about Scamp annoying from fun his younger
sisters and he is making them watching the show FRIENDS
(Scamp 's sisters are still girs a...

- Scamp's Apology, by BlackJack16
Scamp has a lot of confessions to make from the decisions
that he has made and done; and he tells his family and
friends from the heart that he is sor...

- An Angel Poem, by pegandjennalover
A poem to Angel. by Scamp.

- How It All Began, by MudTheWolf
Have you ever wondered how the Tramp came to be? Have you
ever wondered what his life was like as a puppy? Have you
ever wanted to know how he became ...

- Home in your eyes, by SolemnSimba
Set after the next day Angel moved in with Scamp. Angel and
Scamp fluff complete with White Picket Fences.

- Home At Last-Essansee, by essansee
Episode one of a new series called Lady and the Tramp: New
Adventures. Scamp and Angel are finally home with the
family, but will they adjust? How wil...

- Game Of Life: Buster's Test, by BlackJack16
Buster begins his first rugby training session/tryout with
Amity Regional RFC. Will his streetwise experience be
sufficient to perfect the skills of t...

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