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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Sydney

Name: Sydney. He was renamed Max by his new owner, but he only answers to Sydney
Nicknames: Sid

Sex: Male
Age: A month older than Scamp and Angel (about five months old)
Breed: Airedale terrier x Boykin spaniel
Personality: Sydney is a rather ditzy dog and fits the stereotypical blond description with ease (though that stereotype is usually used for girls). His innocence level is extremely high and he is always goofy and klutzy. Always. Though his ignorance plays a good part for him when in the presence of his owner and other humans, Sydney is teased by the local House Pets and strays living in and around Safe Haven Meadows (my name for what "Snob Hill" is really called) on a regular basis. Sydney's sort of a cry-baby, but he'll say he's not because he's afraid he'll get picked on even more; Sydney's a sensitive dog, yet he's energetic and very loud and obnoxious. He's very fun-loving, adventurous, practically carefree, and a risk-taker. He isn't very good at comforting others and if a situation like that should arise, Sydney would have a hard time saying things to console someone. Also, if Sydney takes a liking to you, he gets clingy. Even though he's a scatter-brained dog, Sydney is smart...well when he's not being a scatter-brained dog...which isn't often. He's a pretty awkward dog overall, but very protective of those closest to him.

Parents: He never knew them
Siblings: He never knew them

History: Sydney was born on the streets, but was taken from his parents and wounded up in the local pet shop. He never got the chance to know his parents. No one in town was really buying dogs at the time; either dogs were taken off the streets, adopted from the pound, or people were owning more, nondestructive cats. However, Sydney didn't mind because he very much enjoyed his pet shop life, talking nonstop to other animals in the store about what he was going to do after he got out of there. Eventually Sid shut up because a group of puppies in his pen told him that he was never going to get out of the store because he wasn't "cute" (according to the girl dog of the group), and her friends laughed at him. That's when the teasing and name calling began. Telling the others his name was Sydney after they poked fun at him for wanting to get out didn't help the situation either because the group made fun of his name as well. Finally, after a week or so, the teasing stopped because one of the puppies from the gang told his friends to stop. His name was Barney and he found the topic old and boring. Sydney was quick to thank his "savior" like the foolish pup he was, but Barney told him he had nothing to do with him and brushed the younger off. However, Sydney, being the clingy little guy he was, stuck to Barney's side and went everywhere he went around the pen. Soon, much to Barney's dismay, the two were left alone in their enclosure since their pen-mates had been adopted by their own little families. Barney had once described the situation he was in as being terrible since he was stuck with Sydney's obnoxious self. Some time later they both were taken to the pound to make room for more puppies and they just so happened to get put in the same pen together. Sydney was happy to be with his self-prlcaimed friend, but, on the other hand, Barney was near-devisated. Both boys stayed in the pound for a good month and a half until the place got a new employee, a dog catcher who was named Mr. O'Mally. The man was one of the sons of Joseph O'Mally who was also a dog catcher for the local pound and quiet the job not too long before his son took his place. The man often fed the dogs in the back of the pound, and Sydney would always beg for extras, which O'Mally gratefully gave to him. Barney was jealous of the two's new relationship and started begging for food himself, but when the employee didn't give him extras, Barney bit his hand the next day at lunch time. Soon, Sydney showed the other how to "correctly" beg for food; look cute and cuddly and wag your tail for a ridiculously long time; humans loved that. Barney was reluctant to try the annoying dog's method, but he gave in and ended up doing some stupid dance and O'Mally gave him food. Later on the two started talking, but Sid started the conversation first and found out about Barney's background; he then saw that the puppy wasn't such a bad guy after all, and Barney found a way to cope with Sydney's obnoxiousness. Mr. O'Mally adopted the two dogs about a month after they wounded up in the pound. He figured that since nobody was going to adopt the dogs, he would take them. After getting the manager to side with him, O'Mally took both Sydney and Barney home, gave them a bath, got them collars and tags, and renamed them. Sydney hated his new name, Max, so he continued to go by the name his mother gave him. After some time, he and Barney were allowed to venture out more and more from the yard. The two of them took a walk around Safe Haven Meadows and found a nice looking house on the edge of the neighborhood behind them. There lived a young girl dog named Victoria. She and Sydney became friends almost instantly and journeyed everywhere together. Afterward, Victoria took Sydney to introduce him to her friend Scamp, who she said lived on the streets, but he used to be a pound and a house pet before getting free again. She also told Sydney about Scamp's friend Angel, and the way she described her, the tone of her voice, made the male dog ask if Angel had done anything wrong to her. Victoria answered no, and the duo finally found Scamp near the junkyard, Angel was close by of course. Sydney and Scamp had a cool conversation and found out that they had some things in common, and he and Angel actually had a pretty good start as well, but something about the golden-colored dog put Sydney off and he didn't hesitate to say so. Angel was slightly embarrassed at what Sydney told her, but her embarrassment quickly changed to anger and she told him, Victoria, and Scamp (since he wanted to hang out with them) to go away. They headed to the park and had some fun there, playing tag, digging, and doing other things dogs like to do in their spare time. When evening rolled around, Sydney and Victoria bid their farewells and went back to their homes in the community. When Sydney met Clippy, a young puppy who claimed to by the only son of the Tramp, he thought he should make friends with the other. How wrong he was. Clippy's big, adorable brown eyes and cute smile were only a trick to get humans to give him food; the puppy was actually a very mean kid and a jerk. He happened to have known one of the other pet store pups who shared a pen with Sydney, and he leared everything he needed to know about Sid. Once the stray found out where Sid lived, he came by the house occassionally to throw mean comments and jokes through the fence at the brown puppy. Later on, Sydney told Victoria about it, and she stood up against Clippy. He left after that Sydney alone, but the younger puppy thiks that his joy won't las for long; Clippy will come back, he's sure of it.

Mate: Nah, he's too young
Crush/Crusher: Not yet (crushes on him are open)
Puppies: Nope.

 ⁃     Barney: Sydney has claimed him as his best friend, however, the other puppy doesn't feel the same. Sydney is ever loyal to Barney because the older puppy saved him from getting teased by his penmates back at the pet shop.
 ⁃    Victoria: They are rather close and enjoy each other's company very much. Sydny loves her attitude towards things and how she isn't what he expected her to be when he first met her, which is a snooty, stuck-up pooch.
 ⁃    Scamp: He is Sid's other best friend (after Barney and Victoria of course). The grey mutt and Sydney are both adventerous and love discovering new things. They talk a lot and, dispite Angel telling him not to hang out with Sid, Scamp ignores her and does so anyway.
  ⁃    Anthony O'Mally: He is Sydney's savior and the dog thanks him for being so. The man was not like most of the other workers in the pound; while they were pretty much nonchalant about what happened to the dogs at the pound, or wanted them put down immediately, Anthony was kind hearted and wanted nothing but to have the animals adopted to good homes. Since no one would take care of Sydney and Barney, the man took them in.

    ⁃     Clippy: They really, really hate each others guts. Clippy has a very stuck up attitude and thinks that he owns -not runs, owns- the world and that everyone should do what he wants. Clippy looks down at Strays and Hosue Pets alike, but ever since he found out that Sydney is sensitive to words, the older puppy cosntantly picks on him and tries to make him crumble down in tears.

Likes: His friends, digging, getting into things/exploring, eating, having fun, being loud, he loves getting dirty but enjoys taking baths as well; Sydney likes taking walks and he loves his owner very much.
Dislikes/Hates: Clippy, when he's left alone, the pound, being called hyper, getting blamed for something he didn't do, when he's told to clam down or to be quiet, teasing, having to sit still, being teased because of his personality and his name and being called a girl.
Fears: Getting lost in an area he's not familliar with; loosing his friends or getting seperated from them

Fur Color: Liver
Marking Colors: Different shades of browns and tans
Eye Color: Dark brown
Status: Owned by Anthony O'Mally
Voice: Steve Harwell

    ⁃     Sydney is a unisex name and it was a popular guy's name during the early 1900's
    ⁃    His them songs are "One More Time" (Draft Punk), "Good Life" (One Republic), and "Don't Stop" (Patrick & Eugene)

Relationship to the L&TT Universe: His owner is Anthony O'Mally, a dog catcher who worked for the local pound, and who's father was the dog catcher who caught the Tramp at the end of the first film. Sydney also knows Scamp, and they are pretty good friends.


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