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Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Animal/Human type : Dog

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail Rose

Name: Rose

 Meaning of name: a type of flower


Age: Teen (16 in human years)

Parents : No one

siblings: None that she remembers

Orientaion: Heterosexual


 Crush: Adam(Ms Julie)

Mate: Too young

Pups : Very young

 Personality:  Rose is very romantic, she has an "obession" for finding the prince, she is stubborn and never backs down when she sees a goal in her life .she has passion for love and can be very senstive and somewhat can seen as "shallow"

Likes:  boys, having fun , romance, fluffy thing, flower, girly things, having fun , her owner, Snob Hill,  meeting friends, sunshine, the park , Tony's resturant and food and being clean, Adam, 

Dislikes:  mockery , bullies, sadness, when no one loves her , when she is alone, rain, the pound, the streets and the dogcather and the junkyard and dirt when anyone wants to flirt with her Adam.

Story: Rose only remembers that she was caught to the pound as little pup by the dog cather and met the gang there. Much later she remembered to be adopted by an intelegent fellow who was the "Professor" and she remebers seeing the Junkyard place while she sat in the car and she didn't like the dirty place of the streets, she couldn't see her new home at the Snob Hill with her new owner. When she grew up more, she met Lady's family and befriended with them and same did with Angel. Then she began more to develop fondness for males, many males she liked and she wished to have a prince just like her friends has thier soul mate, the person that can be went to the park, Tony's and many the beautiful places she wanted to. Everyday life were like match making and dating for her, finding mr right was one of her many goals!. 

Then she met Adam a male and she began to have a crush on him. hoping he will be her prince charming.

After Adam began to be her love, she met a female friend named Henna, she was scared that she will take her lover.


LATTS Relations: Friends with Lady's family and Angel, the Professor is her owner and had been in the pound  and met Peg and Boris and saw from the car of the owner, the junkyard.

Render (c) Ms Julie

Thank you for giving her away to me. (I will take care of her^^)


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Thank you!

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Kiburi Baaydaye
Oh she's beautiful! Lovely job :)

January 03, 2017
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Ya welcome

January 03, 2017
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Yay, she is up! I'm glad you liked her ^.^

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