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Detail Paddy

Name: Paddy

Age: Same as angel

Breed: Mutt

Parents: Peg and unknown mutt

Siblings: Angel and Florence

Crush: Unnamed (in the process of making her)

Mate: Unnamed (in the process of making her)

Likes: His mate, his mum, his siblings, freedom, any food he can get

Dislikes: His mate's owners, the pound, the dog catcher

Personality: Energetic, Smart, Streetwise, 

History: Paddy was one of 3 pups born to Peg and an unknown mutt. He has been on the streets all his life. He is the only one that didn't get adopted. He is has never been caught and always outsmarts the dog catcher. 

When Peg was caught again, He felt very lonely as she was all he had. But that all changed one day, when he was at the park, looking for scraps from people's picnics.

A beautiful little female dog wearing a lilac bow on her neck came into the park with her owners (The one scamp walks past in the intro to lady and the tramp 2). Paddy thought to himself, if he got a mate, he won't be so lonely. He waited until she was let off the lead. He was going to introduce himself to her but her owners made this harder than he thought. 

There was no way Paddy was going to be able to talk to her with them around. So he waited until they left and followed them home. Making sure he wouldn't be seen. 

Now he knew where she lived, he would surely see her in the back yard without her owners at some point.

Sure enough the next morning when the newspaper was delivered he saw the little female dog in her backyard. He walked up to the fence. She spotted him before he could say anything. She recognised him from the park. He was surprised. He didn't know she had seen him. 

They got along well. Paddy kept coming back every day to see her. Eventually they became mates. But a few days after that, her owners spotted him sneaking into the backyard. They called the pound and showed him out with a broom.

The dog catcher never caught him and he still visited her every day. Just had to be more careful of her owners spotting him. 

A few weeks later, Paddy found out his mate was pregnant.  He was happy with his life at the moment. He had a beautiful mate with puppies on the way. 

Paddy's happiness didn't last long. A few days after he found out about the pregnancy, his mate's owners had put a for sale sign up. They were moving.

He was panicking. How would he see his puppies? Would they be moving before they are born? So he wouldn't see them at all. He asked his mate about it.

She said they weren't moving until the house had sold. But that could be anytime. Paddy started trying to knock the sign down and his mate trashed the garden so it wouldn't look attractive to potential buyers.

None of this worked as it just ended up with his mate being chained up, the garden was tidied and the sign was put back up

Unfortunately, the house was sold pretty quickly and they had already found a new house. So they moved a week before the puppies were born.

Paddy was heartbroken. He desperately searched the town to find out where they had moved. But he couldn't find them. He suspected they had moved out to countryside somewhere.

Paddy didn't know exactly how he was going to find them. He never stopped searching. He was determined that one day he would find his mate and puppies, who had probably been born by now. 

Relation to Lady and the tramp: Is Peg's son and Angel's brother. 



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How cute boy :icon709:

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He's s such handsome guy!

April 17, 2020
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Thank you :icon335:

April 17, 2020
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Kiburi Baaydaye
I really like his story, nice job :icon709:

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