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Created by : Little Monster

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Dog

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White


Detail May

Name: May
Gender: ♀

Age: Teenager (17 years old in humans age)

Breed: Mutt

Mother: Unnamed
Father: Unnamed

Sister(s): None
Brother(s):  None

Crush on: She is completely in love with Fern

Crush on her: Fern has a little crush on her

Mate: None


Fern: May and Fern met each other since the picnic on the 4th July, when happened the big confusion. They have gotten along at the first moment, and soon, they became great friends. Every day, May goes to Fern's house at the night arrival, and help her scape from her home's backyard, then both spend all their time together until the dawn.

The Junkyard Dogs: As a loner street dog, May quickly became a member of the Junkyard dogs, because they were the only family she could have. She's gotten along with almost all the Junkyard dogs, but actually she never liked Buster, because his excessive ego, and the way he treated his mates. That made May leave the Junkyard dogs.

May is a calm and quiet dog. When she was just a puppy she was very shy, but also very curious and had a big thirst for knowledge. She always liked to learn more about everything, and after she learned from everybody she has met, she became more and more intelligent.
Sometimes, she's seems to be very cold, but actually she's a very kind wolf, that just wanted to love and be loved.

May was born at the middle of autumn in an alley. Her mother had a complicated pregnancy, and she was the only puppy that survived. May was always by her mother side, she was the only one that she had. Her mother was very smart, and she was the first one to teach May a lot of things, she knows that her daughter has a big potential.
After some weeks, May's mother was caught by the dogcatcher, although May try to save her, she was just a puppy yet, then she just couldn't do it. Since that day, May has never seen a mother again, so, she was alone for the first time. She was scared, but she learned everything about the street from her mother, then she would survive.
May quickly has joined to the Junkyard dogs, and they became her new family. May liked all her new mates, but Buster. He didn't care about the other dogs, and May couldn't accept it, but how he was the leader, she couldn't say anything. One day, Buster had done something terrible and he and May argued, she was tired of his attitudes, so she left the pack. She was alone again, but this time, she was fine with it. 
It was 4th July,  May was walking by the streets, watching everybody celebrating. Suddenly she saw a beautiful dog walking in the the street, she seemed lost, then May decided to help her. Fern was surprised when saw May, but they talked, and soon, they got along with each other, becaming great friends. May helped Fern to find her home, and after that, every night, May helped her to scape away from her house's backyard to spend sometime together

Relation with LATT:

-She was one of the Junkyard dogs.

Art and Story (c) Me
Background  (c) Disney
Junkyard dogs (c) Disney
Fern (c) Me


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