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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Johnny.

Name: Johnny

Reason behind the name: His former owner nambed him Johnny after the punk rock singer Johnny Rotten / John Lydon.

Breed: Shollie (Border collie and German shepard mix)

Theme: Watcha gonna do about it - Sex Pistols

Age: Depends on use

Parents: Unknown and no where to be seen

Siblings: None known of (Most likely quite a few)

Personality: Johnny just like the singer is rather unique, He's viewed as the intulectual of his group although he's only seen as rude. Never the less he's rather laid back until he's pushed the wrong way and set in a serious situation. Yet rarther than fighting he uses words as his weapons and cares little for how others feel. He'll gladly use 'profanitiy' to frustrate people and set them off track. With this the pup is amused when people show shock toward his words. Yet when he knows someone is trying to make him look dumb he pulls them up about it and rubs it in their face. Linked to this he's gladly cause issues for both dogs and humans alike if it is enough to have him seen as something new and worrying.

Likes: Stealing food, influencing others to go against the stereotype of being a pet and going by his own views.

Dislikes: Rules, formaility, being underminded, slander, facades of the truth and being compared to who his father formally was; an image for dog shows.

Crush / love interest: None

Crushes on him: None (Open)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Mate: None, no one wants him yet (Open)

Pups: None

History: Johnny was born in to a  'posh' upper class English family of dogs. As far as he can remember his dad loved him dearly while his mother couldn't careless. Given this reactions he gained a distaste for 'posh people' pets. Yet before he was old enough to do anything he was set in the pound. When there he was comapred to his father who he apprently resembled exacly, this only triggered his hate toward his dad who was a well known show dog. Even so when he had formed his markings soon enough and gained the attention of humans comings in to adopt a dog he was chosen by a little girl called Jessie. After only having him for a month she grew bored of him and so her brother took him on. At first he was thrown off by his apperance, so he put a safety pin through is ear and put suh ahtings as chains, bandannas, scarfs and spikes collars. Then when the boy became involved in the punk scene he named the dog John and gave him a mohican to have him resemble a sort of punk appeal. Their relationship was strong and brother like until his parents saw what he had done to the 'poor thing'. To the pair's distaste Johnny was to be sent to the pound again until he was set off on to the streets by the boy who had looked after him. During his time on the streets Johnny formed a bond with many other strays and still visited the boy every now and then.

Extra: Although he's shown with a bandanna on he's mainly seen in a chain with an 'r' paddlock and the safety pin in his ear was put in by the punk boy for formally owned him. With this whenever people attempted to take it from his ear he ran off since it reminds him of his former human friend.

Base: (c)Myself

Relation to Lady and the tramp: Johnny's a long distant reletive of Tramp from his father's side, yet unlike him he was born during the 1970s.

- (To be added)


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