The parents of Angel

The parents of Angel

They will be her parents?

Hola, soy nuevo aquí, pero tenía una teoría sobre esta película que me gustaría presentar.


I have seen that some people assume that Angel could be the daughter of Tramp and Peg. Well, I also do not deny that this is possible, and I thought maybe this could have happened:

During the months when Lady was concerned about the arrival of Jim Dear's baby and Darling, Tramp and Peg could have had a relationship (remember that Tramp had several friends before Lady and one of them Peg) in which Peg became pregnant.

Shortly before Trump meets with Lady, Peg was caught by the dogcatcher and taken to the Dog Pound.

Time after Lady got out of there Peg would give birth to her puppy (Angel) and would be with her the first months. However Peg would end up being taken by the dogcatcher to put her to sleep leaving Angel alone who would later be adopted by its first owners, later others and others, later others and others, until she would be on the street and join the Junkyard Dogs.

After this everything that we saw in the sequel would happen and Angel would end up being adopted by Jim Dear and Darling.


Well now would be the question, why then Angel did not know that Tramp was his father?

Remember that in the Scamp adventures, Tramp did not want to tell Scamp about his past life as a stray dog because he did not want his son to follow the same path that he once did.

Although Peg at first considered attractive that Tramp was a street, after his daughter was born, she saw it as a bad example and prefers not to tell him about her father's life.

Of course, this would mean that Scamp and Angel are half brothers. Although you should keep in mind that they are dogs, not humans, so I do not think there is a problem that they are together.


Well, that's it, I hope I liked it, thanks for reading, and I'm sorry if it did not go well, it's the first time I've published an article.

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April 29, 2020
Germany Is not currently on the site
this cannot be true because Peg is a Tibetan Spaniel, Tramp :icon709: is a Cairn Terrier dog and Ange :icon148: l is a Pomeranian / Chihuahua crossbreed

October 28, 2018
Argentina Is not currently on the site
It's just a theory

October 11, 2018
Is not currently on the site
This is not true. This is impossible.

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