Genetics of the dogs

Genetics of the dogs

A look into the genetics of Lady and tramp

A note before we start: i am not and expert in the breeds involved and have to use modden dog standards for alot of it. Anytime i use _ it means any other gene that could be there. i also use gene for many terms that when i have used before people need me to explane , i may edit to use better terms later on.

I have an interest in dog color genetics, With this i want to work out the genetics for dogs in movies and the like. so why not start with this pair.


Now the problem is there pups are clones of there parents (very common in Movies and shows) so we cant get any info from them on the parents genetics but we cant right then off as geneticly correct just yet , not till we look more into lady and tramp.

we will start with Lady , she is a American Cocker Spaniel .her color is a bit odd , but we will start with  what we can work out from a quick look.

Frist step is her nose, why? you may ask , well this tells us if she has the dilute gene, she has a nice black nose so we can tick that off.


now we need to work out her color,  we can see she is a red colored dog, so we will need to look at the genes coding for this, they being K and E.

with the gene for K  it codes for black in the coat KK and K_ are black dogs, kbkb and kbk are brindle dogs, k dogs can display red and black and depend on the Agouti gene for wich patten they show, from this there are no stand out colors as all involve black and lady has none, this also holds up as  white ACS do have the agouti gene  it only expresses one gene 'at' also known as black and tan (we will code her genes to have this so she will be atat)  -again please note i dont know the breed well,if i find out this part is wrong i will edit-

so far that means we know lady is unknown for K, non-dilute and likley carrying black and tan (_ _DDatat) so now we must move on to her E gene . E codes for allmost all other red/black markings on a dog that are not covered by K and A, but here we will look at just two  E and e, E  has no effect and shows whats on K and A but e is resessive red, now resessive red is a weird gene , while its resessive to the other genes on E it is dominate to K, a resessive red dog will not have any black  in its fur but will have a black nose . so i belive she is a resessive red.

ACS do have roan but i belive lady isnt a roan as when we see her as a pup she has the lighter markings .we can put her down to just having that color (as well as her darker ears) to keep her from being all once color and making her look nicer on screen.

so in the end we can put lady as _ _DDatatee ,for this i think ill list her as Kk


Now we move to tramp. Hes a mix breed but hes clearley baced around a schnauzer , so is his color , id put him as a salt and pepper, but what causes this . The cause of this color is wolf  grey with the red being turned to white by a currently unknown gene. wolf grey is aw_. aw is on the Agouti gene and dominate to black and tan(at),ill list him as awaw. with his black nose we can tell he has no dilute (DD)

this makes tramp kkDDawawEe. i have included E as lady has it, and the reason iv given him an e? because then his pups are realistic!!

thats right scamp and his sisters even tho they are clones could be real.

Lady   KkDDatatee
Tramp kkDDawawEe

The pups could be

KkDDatawee (will apper red)
KkDDatawEe (will apper black)
kkDDatawee (will apper red)
kkDDatawEe (will apper salt and pepper)

3 of the pups apper red while scamp is a salt and pepper like his father

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