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Created by : Eska

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Rishani

Name: Rishani

** Has been called Shani on occasion

Species: Bengal Tigeress

Gender: Female

Parents:  Formerly Captive Tigress x Rogue Tiger

Relations: Eventually mates with Shere Khan and produces 4 cubs

Personality:  Rishani is a gentle and kind soul as far as tigers go. She is extremely polite and accommodating in her mannerisms- almost comically so. She often puts her needs last in the company of others, meaning she often struggles for a polite way to state her inner wishes. If she cannot find a polite way to go about things, she probably won’t do it at all. When someone oversteps their welcome in her presence she usually obliges until they leave. Being a tiger she is solitary by nature, but still manages to keep a few friendships going. All kindness and mannerisms aside, she is still a predator and must hunt. While she is a skilled hunter, she does not take in excess pleasure in the hunt. She makes an effort to greet every visitor in her territory, aside from her prey of course. Overall she is cordial, a bit anxious and almost too courteous. As long as she is full, she enjoys company within the bounds of being a tiger. She has a healthy fear of man and seeks to avoid them at all costs.


Bio:  Her mother was born as a captive “pet” tiger for an extremely wealthy family far away from the jungle. When she grew to her full size and strength, the family feared her too much and demanded that she be released. Her mother had a very hard life after her keepers attempted to set her free, they seemed to not understand that a tiger raised in captivity would struggle to survive in the wild. Rishani’s mother was forced to learn the ways of the wild after she was nearly killed by humans in the town. She was driven away from her old home and into the wild. At some point during this time she met a feral male tiger who was wandering through the area. He took a liking to the misplaced “pet” tigress and not long after that Rishani was born.

As soon as Rishani was old enough she got as far away from the human villages as possible and established her own territory. The only animal Rishani avoids are humans due to the encounters she had as a cub along with her mother.

Her territory lies within the jungle Mowgli resided in, but she never ran into him. Most of the animals know her, she entertains company often. At some point she meets Shere-Khan as he wanders through her territory.She initially has a rare disagreement with him when he seems to think that her territory is just a part of “his jungle.” She finds him to be a bit pompous but polite. She decides he is amicable enough and decides a male this big and healthy is worth having cubs with. She later has a litter of 4.

Relation to Jungle Book: Lives the same jungle as Mowgli and his friends. Knows most of them except for Mowgli. Most of them like her… except for those that will be her dinner.lol She has 4 cubs with Shere Khan.

I plan for her to be part of my “taking back the jungle” or whatever series. This will focus on the tigers/other animals struggle to survive with the expansion of man into the jungle. Kind of the opposite perspective from The Jungle Book I guess.---I should note that her stripes are actually dark rown instead of black xD


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