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Created by : RunawayEffy

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Matunaaga




6 years old (Younger in the picture)


Black wolf


Unknown (Both Dead)


Akela (Older Brother(c)Disney)





Pack Position:

He's a Loner, so none Pack.


Serious yet wase wolf. He's aim's to be always the number one and, especially, the dominant male. He's also smart but sometims he first acts without thinking, making him sometimes seen as the bad guy of the situation. He's grumpy but not bad...or at least with those ones who deserves his rage. He's not a pure "innocent" soul, in the past he did many things..bad things, but he wasn't the one who decided to made them happen...he is and always been the victim..but he doesn't care of it anymore, he got used to it by now.


Matunaaga was born by Akela's Parent's Second Litter: he was the only one to survive, altough that this didn't helped young Matunaaga's future since his only older brother, Akela, was intented to be the next Alpha of the pack as the first born cub.So Matunaaga grew up always in the dark, as a second choice, as a second son, a second character, as a second chance..and never as the main one. He got used to iy, but in the deep he always suffered about this. Reached the 2 years old, Akela had to prove to the whole pack that he was the real successor of his father, and so, he had to do a challenge: an hunt challenge.

So the young-Adult, Matunaaga, decided that this had to be his chance to show them that also he was the rightful successor of his father!. The challenge was done during a Storm: there was a strong wind along with a deep fog and rain; Akela was out since 1 hour and he wasn't yet come back, while Matunaaga was following him. Suddenly the rain made collapse a wall of ground hitting Akela. Matunaaga, since he saw all the scene, rescued his brother. But..as Akela was able to breathe again. the storm along with the rain and wind was over and the fog, which now was dissapearing, made the sight more visable. The whole pack saw the scene and Akela, cowardly, said that it was Matunaaga's fault if he was covered by that wall of ground. 

This made Matunaaga heartbroken. He couldn't believe it, his OWN brother gave him the fault, altough that he actually saved him from it!. So their father exiled Matunaaga forever from their pack. From that moment, Matunaaga's heart was filled with anger and revenge. Two beasties not really easy to let go.

Base used (c) Kitrei-Sirto on DeviantArt

Relation to TJB?:

He's Akela's Brother.


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