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Ahan (Gruvu)

Ahan (Gruvu)


Created by : Gruvu

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Ahan (Gruvu)

Name: Ahan

Species: Sloth bear

Gender: Male

Age: (Depends on roleplay)


Appearance: Large, and buffer than Baloo, darker fur, no light belly, just a white crest on his chest. He is more scruffy than Baloo. Same long claws, for climbing and attacking, gripping and plucking. Has a stronger chin, and more of a under bite. Like muzzle like Baloo but darker nose. Fur is seen more silky and wavy than Baloo's as well. Has one dark eye and one light blue eye. No blindness in light blue eye. Long fur in ears, not a deaf either. Thick eyebrows, and thicker limbs. Has more of a hefty, buffer look compared to Baloo.

Personality: Since born in captivity then put back into the wild, he is more held back than Baloo. But more violent and agressive. Gets easily angered, and will do what it takes to get back at others. He though is very gullible, and easily tricked into things depending about how clever you are. He can be cyncial about things, like safety. Once you befriend him, he will fight and protect you. Like a big brute. He is rather simple about what he wants. Cause when it comes down to it. He is a brute.


History: His species were endangered so, man tried to repopulate. His mother had him in captivity. And basically learned some skills in there. But often he was getting into breif fights. His mother was always there to stop him though. Till they took her away to be with another bear. He had to become tougher and stronger, without his mother always trying to do whats best for him. 

  As he entered his teen years, he was released into the wild. He had to adapt to not getting feed and having to go find his own food. By then he had met Baloo who was also a teen. Trying to get the big guy to loosen up, he helped Ahan with daily normal bear things. The two became very good friends, till the young adult years rolled in.

 Something happened to Ahan, he wanted to be the big bear of the jungle. Not Baloo. He challenged his old friend, and lost terribly. Humilated Ahan ran off, vowing he would return stronger. He though in a horrid accident, had a large amouth of memory lost. He was then befriended by a asian lion, who became his sort of boss. The two becoming the thugs of the jungle after Shere Khan of course. 



Siblings: (open)

Mother: Dali 

Father: (unknown)

Friends: (open)

Crushes: (open)

Crushers: (open)

cubs: (none)







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