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Ice Age 4 soundtrack


John Powell returns for the franchise for the third time when he composed the soundtrack for Ice Age 4. In part of the score, Powell decided to included Beethoven's "9th Symphony".

"At the beginning of the film, the creation of the geographical world as we know it seemed just such an immense idea to musically convey, that I gave up entirely and used Beethoven's Ninth Symphony instead. With a bit of obscenely crass re-orchestration and blatantly cheap arranging tricks normally associated with strippers, we got it to fit the action perfectly. But the cost that I must now bear is having to live forever in hiding, since the 'Beethoven Society' issued a 'fatwa' on me."

The movie features a musical number called "Master of the Seas" which is performed by Captain Gutt and his pirate crew. Two pop songs are played during the end credits. The first being "We are (Family)" which is performed by many cast members (Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Heather Morris), and the song's writer Ester Dean. The second was "Chasing the Sun" by The Wanted, although none of those songs were present in Powell’s soundtrack.

Track listings:

1. Morning Peaches (2:22)
2. Schism (2:28)
3. Storm (3:50)
4. No Exit Gutt (5:37)
5. Escape from Captivity (3:02)
6. New Loves (4:50)
7. Hyraxes / Prison Talk (2:57)
8. Diversion (3:57)
9. Pirating the Pirates (4:37)
10. Teen Cave (4:42)
11. Sirens (2:35)
12. Land Bridge Trap (8:22)
13. Herd Reunion (3:08)
14. Scrat's Fantasia (5:30)

Total length: 58 minutes

You can also listen to the entire album on the playlist of the site to give you a preview. Happy listening!

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