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Ice Age characters

At one point, Scrat was only intended to star in the first eight minutes of first film. However, with more scenes of him added, he became the icon star of the Ice Age. The famous prehistoric sabre-tooth squirrel stars for each trailer and teaser announcing future Ice Age films. Although he lacks the ability to speak while the other other animal characters can, he is given plenty of his own scenes. Always in pursuit of his acorn, Scrat is tireless, and resists all the misfortunes that fall on him to get his way!

Although his quest is completely parallel to the movies, it is often linked to the characters and the story. In the first film, the trio asked for directions, but Diego gets rid of him quickly, thinking the rodent would betray them. In the second film, Scrat would even save everyone by allowing the water to drain the bowl! Upon passing out, he is sent to heaven where the acorns he pursued throughout his life are finally available! But because an Ice Age movie isn’t really an "Ice Age" movie with Scrat, Sid brings him back to life to his greatest displeasure!

In the third film, Scrat finds a love interests. A females sabre-tooth squirrel named Scratte who is equally obsessed with nuts! What then followed is a tough love that Scrat finally gave up for his one and only love: His acorn.

In the fourth film, Scrat caused a continental drift and embarks on an adventure that, once again, exceed the tolerance. However, as stubborn and obsessive as he is, he will one day succeed to get the object of his lust, no matter what gets in his way.

Voice actor : Chris Wedge

Manfred (a.k.a Manny) was once a grumpy and unsociable mammoth, suffering from the loss of his family who were hunted down my humans. Instead of following the migration like everyone else, he preferred instead to walk against the current and go in the opposite direction. However, despite his attitude, Manfred has a heart and does not hesitate to fight to save the live of Sid, from whom he follows the mammoth.

Upon meeting Diego, Manny did not trust Diego, but knew that to get rid of the sloth and the baby, they must be guided through the mountains by him. Brave and courageous, he did not hesitate to risk his life to save Diego, eventually inviting the sabre-tooth cat as a "member of his clan."

In the second movie, he is believed to be the last of his kind, until he managed to find Ellie, the love of his life. Now in a family once again, he will do the best to protect them. He is very attached to his clan and not afraid of anything, not even sea monsters or dinosaurs!

In third film, he and Ellie are preparing for the birth of their child, calling it by the name of the ”code”, Peaches. Very protective and attentive, and even preparing his child a playground before it comes into the world, he will prove to be not only a caring father, but also a loyal and courageous friend to his pack.

Voice actor : Ray Romano

Sid is one of the main characters in the Ice Age movies. Just as Diego qualifies, he was the "glue" that allowed the formation of the trio. Awkward and blundering, he has the gift to get into the most dangerous situations and comical, but to (unlike Scrat) get by anyway.

However, despite its flaws endearing, Sid is also a character who allows others to evolve. Although it was initially abandoned by his family, Sid is appreciated by the herd, and has a huge heart despite his bad luck.

In the second film, he helps Diego to face his fear of water, and encourages Manny towards Ellie, creating a new family. He was also admired as King of Fire! Although he was eventually thrown into a volcano, certainly...

Tired of his loneliness and probably abandoning his family in the third film, Sid decides also to adopt eggs to comfort himself. Only one problem… those were dinosaur eggs!

In the fourth instalment, Sid finds his family who first appears out of nowhere, but then they disappear again... leaving her Granny! Sid will have to take care of her despite the somewhat difficult situation in which he finds himself in, being stuck on an iceberg at sea.

Voice actor : John Leguizamo

Diego is the leading character of the trio. Initially, the saber-tooth belonged to Soto’s pack, and had to retrieve a live baby from his leader to quench Soto’s thirst for revenge to avenge his family. Unfortunately for our favourite smilodon, the woman holding the baby did the ultimate sacrifice by jumping from the top of the waterfall to let precious offspring. The baby was then recovered by a Manfred and Sid, which they both decided to adopt. Not having much choice, joined Diego the group to guide them through the mountain.

Still, Diego was fixed on his ideas, going on Manny and Sid’s journey to return the baby to his tribe while still plotting on completing the mission he was assigned by Soto. However, throughout the journey, the sabre-toothed tiger starts reviewing reviewing his position and begins to feel guilty, focusing more on his new companions. Thus Diego finally decided to turn against his original clan to join this new pack.

This choice was a good choice because the tiger was able to learn to control his fear of the water with the help of Sid in the second movie. However, to give up hunting is dangerous for a smilodon, and Diego started worrying on what to do when Manny started a new family with Ellie. Not only that, but he had been losing his touch, because his breathing was diminished during his hunts. Leaving the group, Diego did not consider returning to these former prey he had spent so much time with. But when Sid turns out to be in danger, the tiger does not hesitate and reunites with the gang to rescue Sid! Initially very musty, Diego opens gradually as the films progress, so it will eventually fall in love in the fourth film…

Diego is known to be cynical and scathing in his lines with a deep voice, he knows how to keep calm in all circumstances, and can make the right decisions.

Voice actor : Denis Leary

Ellie is a mammoth who thinks she’s a possum. Thats right, a nine-ton possum! At least that's what she understands until when Manny meets her.

Lost during a cold winter night when she was a baby, Ellie took shelter under a tree to escape the storm. It was there where she met Crash and Eddie, and their mother. With her memories were too far away, Ellie had forgotten her origins, though she did remember again when she found the famous tree where she was adopted at.

Initially crazy, though with a strong character, Manny was struggling to seduce her and bring her to reason. But once the two get together, Ellie is a real protective mother who cares for each member of the pack as he was her family members.

Voice actor : Queen Latifah

First appearing at the end of the third film, Peaches was born while in the underground dinosaur world. Her name was the codename her parents Manny and Ellie made up as they entered the dinosaur world and were looking for something quick to announce on her arrival. Identical to Ellie when she was little, Peaches takes the colors of his father’s hair, becoming a perfect blend of both parents.

In the fourth instalment, Peaches is a young teenager. While separated from her father, she meets Ethan, a young mammoth she has a crush on.

Voice actor : Ciara Bravo (A Mammoth Christmas), Keke Palmer (Ice Age 4 & 5)

Louis is the best friend of Peaches. Speaking in a soft, calm voice, he is always ready to help the young mammoth conscientiously, even if it is for her to be closer to Ethan. However, even when Peaches breaks her heart by denying him for his new "friends”, Louis is always there to support her, hoping she realises that he is one who can enjoy it as it is, down to the point of risking his life for her.

Voice actor : Josh Gad

Crash is one of the two twin possums who grew up with Ellie. Unlike his brother Eddie, he has a full white face and very clear blue eyes. He and Eddie spend their time doing all possible nonsense, forcing Ellie to go after them. Moreover, it is they who bring Diego and Sid up to Manny and Ellie. These are two stuffed characters with gags that simply will tapper above.

Voice actor : Seann William Scott

Eddie is one of the two twin possums who grew up with Ellie. Unlike his brother Crash, he has a brown mask on the face, which goes on top of his nose and his eyelids. His eyes are brown also unlike those blue ones of Crash. He and Crash spend their time doing all possible nonsense, forcing Ellie to go after them. Moreover, it is they who bring Diego and Sid up to Manny and Ellie. These are two stuffed characters with gags that simply will tapper above. Eddie is also the more emotional of the twin brothers his brother and demonstrates this repeatedly.


Voice actor : Josh Peck

Shira is a beautiful grey sabre-tooth tiger who was part of Captain Gutt’s crew. This band of pirates took possession of an iceberg as a ship in misfortune, and kidnapped the strange trio. Shira seem to melt the Diego’s heart. But will she, in turn, be charmed by Diego?

Voice actor : Jennifer Lopez

Sid’s Granny is a completely cheeky character who seems to have survived at all. She speaks of the extermination of unicorns, and seems to not take baths for ages. She is inconsiderate and expresses her thoughts very crudely.

Voice actor : Wanda Sykes

Milton is the father of Sid. Careless, but well-acted, he was looking for his son Sid to get rid of Granny and migrate faster with the rest of his family. He has no qualms about it and does not care in the least of Sid’s feelings. It appears with his family at the beginning of the fourth film, pretending to drive a tree trunk which serves as a tobogganing and shoving Diego accidentally.

Voice actor : Alan Tudyk

Eunice is Sid’s mother who only briefly appears at the beginning of Ice Age 4. Like her family members, she does not care of what they seek and abandons her son again with Grandma, hoping to migrate more quickly to the south. However, unlike Marshall who do not care to tell the truth as it is in Sid, Eunice tries to soften up and be more gentle, but also hypocritical. Eunice is also fearless as it does not hesitate to slap Diego when accidentally found on the trunk.

Voice actor : Joy Behar

Marshall is one of the members of Sid’s family, assumed to be Sid’s brother. Unlike his parents, he does not hesitate to make it clear to Sid that they indeed abandoned him. Marshall seems to have the character of someone who feels cool to the point you might think that his "hair" is full of frost!

Voice actor : Ben Gleib

Uncle Fungus is Sid’s not-so-smart uncle, named so because of his filthy and smelly coat. He only appears briefly at the beginning of the fourth movie with his family to meet up with Sid, only for them to abandon Granny with his nephew.

Voice actor : Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo

Captain Gutt is a prehistoric orangutang. Following the continental drift, he became the self-proclaimed master of the seas by taking advantage of the chaos caused by Scrat. This is a real pirate, gross and swaying in the wind with ease, he likes to seize what he discovers in the world. However, after capturing Manny, Sid, Diego, and Granny, the heros manage to escape with Shira and cause Gutt’s ship to sink. Raging mad, Gutt is now desperate to find them and take revenge!

Voice actor : Peter Dinklage

Flynn is a heavy elephant seal with a heart of gold, but an empty head. Although he is passionate about being a pirate, he is clueless on the subject of it. Most of the time, he forgets that being a sea creature means swimming, but he makes up for this lack of intelligence by an bold enthusiasm.

Voice actor : Nick Frost

Raz is a female prehistoric Australian kangaroo. Part of Captain Gutt’s crew, she is an expert in weapons, and hides any arsenal of deadly bone swords in her pouch. Do not play with her. She is always looking for a reason to party. And "party" means fighting until you give up!

Voice actor : Rebel Wilson

Squint contains an incredible amount of madness in his small prehistoric rabbit body. One metre higher, and he could be truly terrifying. His two great passions are his bone knife, and acts of unprovoked violence.

Voice actor : Aziz Ansari (Ice Age 4), Seth Green (The Great Egg-Scapade)

Gupta is a badger who proves to be a valuable member of his pirate crew because of the skull pattern identified bone on his back, used as a flag. However, in every battle, he tends to come back too early to earth to show his white belly as a sign of capitulation, which tends to attract the wrath of Captain Gutt.

Voice actor : Kunal Nayyar

Silas is a fool of a prehistoric blue legs bird. Not much is known about him, except that he is part of Captain Gutt’s crew, and its ability to fly can be dangerous towards intruders.

Voice actor : Alain Chabat

Dobson is a non-speaking boar who is a member of Captain Gutt’s crew.

Voice actor : N/A

Ethan is a mammoth who hangs with young "cool" ones and who Peaches falls in love with. He thinks she’s fun, but dislikes her family for being "half-possum", which he believes is more superficial than cool.

Voice actor : Drake

Steffie is a typical teenage mammoth who hangs out with Ethan. She wants at all costs to seem cool and has a very superficial nature, wanting to get Peaches in relation to her friend Louis, who is too "strange" for her.

Voice actor : Nicki Minaj

Fuzzy is the head of the Hyraxes, who inhabit the island Manny, Sid, Diego, Granny, and Shira get stranded on. Although not understanding Manny, he does offer him a banana for friendship, which seems to touch but also impede the mammoth. When Sid reflects the intentions of his friend, Fuzzy includes better and consults his people before joining the war. It's a little to be very brave and dynamic. He does not hesitate to charge into the fray when the opportunity arises to release the members of his people.

Voice actor : Unknown

Precious is the pseudo-imaginary pet whale of Sid’s Granny. It nourishes from the beginning from the glacier which they are derived. When this huge killer whale finally decided to show up, it causes a tremendous turnaround and proves that Granny is far from being crazy!

Voice actor : N/A

Katie is the kind of young pretty cliché mammoth that follows its "leader". She is rather aggressive when upset, and quickly speaks without thinking. This is a young superficial-enough diva, who wants to have fun rather than anything else. She does not understand that Peaches prefers to stay with his odd possum family rather than with them, who are real mammoth and it puts a gap between them, while they are yet of the same species.

She is recognises for her blond hair and blue eyes, and the flower she wears on her ear.

Voice actor : Heather Morris

Very concerned about her appearance, Meghan can not help but note how Peaches should be ashamed when his father comes and acts overprotective. She seems less aggressive than Katie, but just as superficial. As her friend, she follows Ethan and Steffie and is part of their group who thinks more for fun than anything else.

Voice actor : Alexandra Romano

Buck. Short for Buck Minster, long for Bu. This weasel is a completely psychotic character that guides our heroes in the world of dinosaurs. Having cut off all contact the world of the ice age, Buck resides in the middle of the dinosaurs and learned to survive despite its conflict with Rudy, who stole his right eye. However, Buck does not wish to return to the surface as he is inseparable from Rudy, and one does not go without the other.

The majority Ice Age fans were admired by the dynamism and the madness of this new character who takes the stones for phones but can not speak to the wind. Buck is thus a kind of mixture between Indiana Jones and Schwarzenegger who can do anything, anytime!

Voice actor : Simon Pegg

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