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Martzia (eal)

Martzia (eal)


Created by : ebonyandlilly

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Martzia (eal)

Name- Martzia

Gender- Female

Age- Cub or Teen

Mate- None/Open

Parents- Shira and Deigo

Siblings- Zuko, Aang

Type {of animal} Sabour Tooth Tiger

Likes- Playing with Peaches and her brothers, going on Adventures, Play fighting, Running, Playing tricks, Hunting, Training, Night time (Darkness), being alone

Dislikes- Missing out, Being in big groups, getting bullied, Missing out on catching prey, male sabour tooth tigers she doesn't know

Personality- Out going if your a friend or family member but if your a stranger Marzia is very shy, Adventurous, she likes being with friends but when there is too many people she starts to panick

History- Martzia was born in a very stress free surronding with all her family and close friends she would always go on adventures with her brothers, she often led the way. She isn't very controlling but when things go wrong she often has to take charge and fix them. Martzia is very close with her mom, since she can remember they would always go hunting together, when Marzia was a little cub she would sit in the shadows and watch but as she grew up she would help more and more in taking part.

One day when Marzia was a teen her and her mother went out hunting they thought it would be a good idea to go out early before the sun rised to hid easier and just something to do while the boys where asleep, Martzia could tell there was other animals in their presents watching them but since she couldn't see them she didn't mention anything to her mother. As they where is the height of the hunt just as Martzia was about to catch her first ever prey she was surronded by male stranger sabor tooth tigers she shouted for her mother but she was too far away to hear her.

"Where is Diego!" shouted one of the strangers standing infront of her

"Who i don't know who your talking about... what do you want from me" she said quietly

"she's lying!" someone shouted from behind her, she flintched and looked for a gap in the circle to escape.

"We know your his daughter now tell the truth...or will I have to force it out of you", He laughed

" left me and my family years ago we havent seen him since honest, we don't know if hes dead or alive...if you find him tell him we want to see him please..." she said sounding sad

"You better not be lying to me because if you are, haha your in big trouble missy" he siad right into my ear

Someone else laughed," yeah boss we won't just tell him you miss him we'll tell him lots of other things too!"

"Marzia!!" my mother shouted, she turnedaround to see my family and all my friends. I was so happy too see them till-

"YOU LYING LITTLE!"  she turned around quickly and then was knocked to the ground instantly.

Martzias mother ran to her, the group of strangers ran off out numbered by the friends and family which surronded them.Everyone crouded round Martzia. Shira rolled Martzia over to see where she got hit. There was a silence. Everyone paused in shock, Martzia had a huge scratch across her eye and there was so much blood. Marzia finally came around a few seconds late to see everyone crowded round her. Something was different she could tell but couldn't quite figure out what. Her left eye was sore till she realised..She was blind.

Render (c) Alex Swift


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No problem. =3

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Thanks ^-^

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She's a really cool character. ^^

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