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Oh hullo.  


Profile last edited May 7th 2021.

My avatar of my main OC Roscoe was made by my dear and talented friend Pawface <3

  I'm 29 years old, and I'm from Finland. I have a passion for metal music, coffee, nature and animals, and my favorite things to do are listening to music, making renders, drawing and playing video games.  

I may appear grumpy, quiet and distant at first, but I'm still a nice person once one gets to know me. Some people might even call me rude, or even mean, but I am not, believe me. Sure, it takes a while to get me out of my shell and to trust people, but when that happens, you got a friend in me. (Notice the Toy Story reference? Lol)   I'm actually a very laid back, kind and friendly person, and I got a great sense of humour, you just may need to work a little bit to get to see this side of

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Membre depuis le : 29 Avril 2005
Mon groupe : Big bad mods.
Pays : finland Finland
Age : 29 ans (29 Août 1991)
Sexe : female Femme

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29 Juillet 2020
Uk Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Founder of The Silver Herd
Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :D

29 Juillet 2020
Finland Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Big bad mods.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :VitaniSmile:

29 Juillet 2020
Australia N'est pas actuellement sur le site
OMG happy birthday WildFire!:SimbaCelebrate: :KiaraHearts:

29 Juillet 2020
Southafrica Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Happy Birthday, Wild! :icon305:

29 Juillet 2020
Australia Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Lioden,Howrse,Pokefarm,DA, i don't know.
Happy birthday


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