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My nickname is Fox but my real name is Elliot, I'm a   artist who loves animated movies   and animals. I've been on this site over 10 years ago but wanted to start fresh and hopefully be more active on here and make friends!  

Feel free to message me regarding draw overs and if you just want to chat. ^^


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Membre depuis le : 06 Août 2020
Mon groupe :
Pays : uk Uk
Age : 26 ans (12 Juin 1995)

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30 Août 2021
Netherlands Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Spirit Source
Thank you so much for the follow, much appreciated! ^^ And good luck with the GBA game! It's still widely available in my experience, but there's also a way to play it directly on your computer, if I remember correctly! I'm looking into that, because I'd love to make screenshots, so I can add some information about it on my SPIRIT fansite!

27 Août 2021
Uk N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Alpha male of the Unalaq Pack
Hey! :3

26 Août 2021
Netherlands Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Spirit Source
Yesss, the PC game, Forever Free! I'm so happy they made that game, it isn't really hard and doens't take long to complete, but the surroundings are beautiful and the music is so relaxing! And I love how they introduced some of the Cimarron herd members! They also made a Game Boy Advanced game, called "Search For Homeland". I never played it because I didn't have a Game Boy as a kid, but I recently got one and can't wait to give it a try! And thank you, I'm so glad you like my collection! Are you on Instagram? I'm sharing my collection and SPIRIT art there as well, with lots of additional information. You can find me there as @spirit.homeland

26 Août 2021
Netherlands Fille N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Spirit Source
Hi Fox! Thanks for your message, and I totally agree with you! SPIRIT is still one of my favourite movies, and holds a dear place in my heart! I can't get enough of it and every time I rewatch it, I get those earie feelings of nostalgia ^^

03 Octobre 2020
N'est pas actuellement sur le site
Can you make me a character please! I'll give you more details if you say yes.


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