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Do you love a specific Source site, and want to help it gaining some attention? You've come to the right place!

What are Site Boosters?

They're members who are fans of a film/series which has a Source site here, and wants to contribute to it by bringing new things (for example, writing articles), to help the site getting more active!

What difference with Site Builders?

Site Builders make the sites BEFORE they go online. 
Site Boosters update the sites with new content regularly, AFTER the site is online!

In a way, it's the continuity! So Site Builders may become Site Boosters once the site is finished, if they want to take care of their "baby"!

Can I apply to be a Site Booster?

Sure! But first, I'll need a proof that you'd be able to fill that role.

To do that :

- Pick an existing Source site, 
- Try to find something interesting to write about (see below for some help),
- Write about it in a document (Word for example)
- Submit that document on this project!

I will choose some members regularly, among the entries you've submitted!

NB : If you've been a Site Builder and want to become a Site Booster on one site, contact me directly.


What kind of interesting things can I write about?

Here are a few examples :

- Merchandise (can be new stuff or old/rare merchandise sold on Ebay),
- Production art, 
- Deleted scenes, 
- Interviews of the creators,
- Song lyrics,
- Comics,
- Interesting things posted by fans from other sites : Youtube remixes of musics, reviews, ...

These are only examples! It can be anything that would be of interest for the fans!


How to find something interesting?

My advice is to use Google, with a specific function few people know about : choosing a time frame!

After doing a search (try simple : the name of the film/series), click on "Search tools" under the search bar, then you can choose a specific period of time. 
This means you will only see results that are recent : pages that were created or updated recently!
You'll often find interesting stuff among what people talked about.

If you don't find anything interesting, increase the time period, and browse through the results pages.

If you look well enough, I guarantee there will always be something interesting to post! No matter how obscure or old the film/series is.

What will the Site Boosters do?

Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to bring more activity, here's a good list of ideas :

- Reply to the messages fans have posted on the sites! (Everywhere : the forums, the galleries, the questions, the articles...) When people post a comment somewhere, they expect a discussion!

- Encourage fans on the creations they've submitted. For example, post a news to let more people aware of what fanarts/fanfics have been posted on the site recently, and what makes them interesting!

- Don't hesitate to create rolling banners to promote your or the fans works! They're attractive! And make sure to display it on every Animation Source site, even if they concern a specific film/series!

- Find some interesting topics or news which were posted in the past on the Source site itself, and transform it into a dedicated site page or article on the site - so that new visitors can read them.

- There's a misconception that news should be about something upcoming, a sequel for example. And when there's none, people say "I can't post a news because there's nothing's new about ".
That's not true! Do the Google Search as suggested above, and you'll see there's plenty of stuff to talk about, which aren't on the site yet!

- Find interesting things to add (what's been listed above), and add it into an article, a site page or a news

- Interview some of the people who worked on the film / series

- Find active fans from outside the site, and invite them to submit their work here. 

For example : Lots of people post My Little Poney fanart on DeviantArt. Go to these fanarts pages, and post an invitation with a link to My Little Poney Source in the comments - telling them we've got some interesting stuff about the show and a little fan community!

- Invite the current fans to help, too!

- If possible, post some creations yourself! Take some screenshots and make some cool wallpapers! Post a topic on the forums!

- Post updates on your own Facebook or Twitter, to let your friends know too. This isn't required of course, but that doesn't cost anything...

Add links to other sites (fansites or official ones) which are related to the film/series

Get other sites to do a link exchange, or even better, post a news about our site, or talk about an article we have!

- Add new little things regularly : change the poll, the selection of the week, the playlist... For series, add new screenshots episodes!

- Old stuff can become new again! Most people haven't visited all sites, so promoting an interesting site page / article may bring in some visitors!

The ideal would be to have something new on the site every day - whatever it is, even just one comment, as long as it shows some activity!


List of current sites boosters

Site Member
Secret of NIMH Source JerseyCaptain
How To Train Your Dragon Source MightyBalto1925, Moki Hunter
Bambi Source pawface, Gums
The Lion King Source happystool, Legolas10, LionObsession, SnowLeopard
Spirit Source blazetail
Watership Down Source blazetail, Cloudstar, junichi sasai
My Little Pony Source blazetail, meemee, happystool
Gravity Falls Source blazetail, meemee, Mockradrake
Rio Source Legolas10
Frozen Source Juuchan17
Robin Hood Source xPennydisneyloverx
Balto Source Alue360


Deadline for this project : December 31, 2018

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Last comments

August 27, 2016
Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
Yes, I was planning on adding more TLG song lyrics, characters, etc.

August 27, 2016
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
No problem, let me know if you have problems. I also suggest asking the other site boosters to know if they're still active and if they have current plans!

Also The Lion Guard section seems to be lacking (the episodes list isn't complete, for example)

August 27, 2016
Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
Oh, really? Thank you so much, Steet! I'm checking the Site Panel now! Again, thank you! :P

August 27, 2016
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Yes it's still ongoing :)

SnowLeopard, thank you! You're now site booster on Lion King Source :) You'll find instructions in the "Site panel". I'm not exactly sure how active the other site boosters are, but there's a lot to cover when it comes to The Lion King.

August 26, 2016
Southafrica Female Is not currently on the site
I've sent my entry. I hope it's alright. :!

July 07, 2016
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Lil' drifter c:
is this still going? I would be interested ; )

April 21, 2016
Is not currently on the site
How about if you did a Chicken Run page?

August 13, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
Child of Nightmare and Dreamscape
Sending some things in for the Gravity Falls Source!

I should be able to post about major topics in the fandom, what with tumblr and Alex's Twitter :D

May 06, 2015
Greece Is not currently on the site
Sorry if I had any grammar mistakes English isn't my native language

April 18, 2015
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Hermione Granger => I know most people have done the same (posting a list of facts), but I'd like people to submit something more consistent. Would you be able to write a full article, for example?


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