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Peace | Love | Pit Bulls

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"[Pit Bulls] are some of the best dogs in the world." - Shorty Rossi

"You love me. Real or not real?" "Real." {Mockingjay pg. 388}

I don't put animals above people. I put them equally.



I love the Resident Evil movies, my favorite character being Kmart. (Alice, Claire, Carlos & Chris are awesome, too).

So far I've only watched the movies (all four), but have been planning on playing the games. :] And, obviously, I'm not one of those silly people who think Alice is a horrible character or that the producer needs to be shot for making some of the characters differ from how they are in the games.

Favorite movie so far is Extinction (all though I very much enjoyed Afterlife).



Hello. Many of you know me as Tibby.

I've been a member here since 12/30/05.

I enjoy making graphics.

I'm a gamer girl.

I play World of Warcraft.

I love music.

I am 100% pro-CHOICE

I am all for gay rights and have no tolerance for the ignorant homophobes in the world.

I'm a Twilight fan. (NOT 'fangirl') and could care less what you ignorant haters say.

I love The Hunger Games.<3

Harry Potter is better than Tangled.

I'm about as "Anti-vick" as you can get.

Some girls like poodles; some girls like 'purse dogs'. I love pit bulls.

Two of my biggest heroes are Tia Torres and Shorty Rossi.

I am very Anti-BSL. If you support BSL - chances are I'll automatically dislike you. It's discrimination for something that cannot defend themself and is wrong.

All images on this profile are made by me.

Profile last updated 6.20.2011
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Member since : 31 December 2005
My group : I'm not a wolf. Kthxbai.
Country : usa Usa
Gender : female Female

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November 27, 2011
Female Is not currently on the site
Sorry that I died. Lol. Yeah, it WAS his first night.. of course its not anymore.

November 18, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Aurora Borealis Alpha Female
You did a gorgeous job on the graphics on your profile. I really like the style. C;

November 06, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
Cute avatar. (=

October 26, 2011
Is not currently on the site
Hiyya, how're you? Im good. I know we don't really talk but could you send me the link to that anti-bullying video you posted last month?

July 22, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Resident Evil is the bomb. My favorite character is Carlos and also Alice. She rocks ^^


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