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Hey!I am a HUUUUUGGGGEEE Lion King fan. I first saw it in kindergarden, and from there I just fell in love. :D I am Scar's biggest fan. I have a Scar plush, will get a Scar action figure, and love him more than any other character! I'm an even bigger Warriors fan! Now than I have read Warriors, Graystripe is now my fave character of anything!



áMy fave animal movies:

1. TLK

2. Balto

3. Alpha and Omega

4. Bolt


6. Spirit

9. Cats and Dogs

10. Rio

11. Fox and the Hound

12. Bambi

Top 3 Fave book series:

1. Warriors!

2. Seekers

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Shipings (Relationships) I like (Movies):

1. Kovu and Kiara (I love this couple!!)

2. Aleu and Niju (Why do I like this? It's random xD)

3.Marmaduke and Mazy (Movie Marmaduke)

Relationships from books:

1. Graystripe and Silverstream (Warriors: Fire and Ice and Forest of Secrets, where Silverstream dies D:)

2. Firestar and Sandstorm (Warriors)

3. Bluestar and Oakheart (Warriors)

Fave rapper is Jamie Foxx

Fave Character of all time is Scar. I own a plushie of him, and action figures. ^^

My fave character on LATT is Buster

My second fave character on TLK is Kovu <3

My Fave character on ADGTH is Itchy

My fave FATH character is Cheif

My fave president is Abe L. (lol randomness ftw)

My fave character on LATT Source is most definatly SKIP!!!!!!!!!

My closest friends on the sources:

Michael Jackson- Well, she's just PLAIN AWESOME! She'll do about anything for anyone, (especially me XP) and she has an AWESOME image gallery, AWESOME character pages, hey, I told you she was just PLAIN AWESOME!

VitaniLover- Compleatly rocks, another one of my Best Friends and always falls in second of my TLK besties :D

(Source: TLK)

Doverstar- I met her when I fell in love with her character, Skip (See above) and loved her drawings. You should read her fanfics, they are pure GENIOUS! My second favorite character of hers is Rose. She's a very pretty doggie XD However, she isn't on the sources anymore, but she's on DA as I talk to her everyday.

(Source: Mainly LATT, but sometimes TLK)

Kali- Nothing mich to say, just that she's a very, very good friend to have :Pá(LATT, TLK, and ADGTH)

Mouse101- A REALLY Nice friend to have! She's amazing, andáa great artist!

á(Mainly LATT, someimes TLK)

Typo- Another awesome friend toáhave. Who would not like her, if not love! :Dá(TLK)

Penzo- A reallyáGREAT AWESOME friend!á(TLK)

Kodi Potter (KV)- One of my friends I met early on, I made cubs for her charcter. Sheáis a great friend as well :)á(TLK)

Kovugirl22- Pure awesome. Nothing else to be said :Pá(TLK)

A little bit of Personal Info: (But not too personal! lol)

I have 5 siblings, but only one lives with me.

I have no sisters, so all 5 are bros.

The one that lives with me is in high school.

The others are:

2 grown men. One I have contact with and the other.... is probably in prison XD

2 twins. I've never met them.

Pets I have had:

My first pet was a pekinese/dachsund mix named Bear. His name suited him! Go near him and you'll lose a hand!

Me next pet: A grey tabby named Tom. We only had him for two days. The best thing about him was he would rub against your leg and purr.

My next pet: A beautiful tabby mix named Garfield. The thing was... she was a girl! Whe got her when she was a kitten and loved her. But she didn't love me! I still have a scar were she clawed me!

My next pet was a poodle named Odie. We got him when we had Garfield. He was a sweet little thing. Every night he would climb in the couch with me (I never slept in my own bed back then lol) and sleep with me. He slept the entire night!

My next pet: (And one of my faves) A golden/lab mix named Buddy. He was my best friend. Even if he wasn't always playful. I acted like a dog (Another weird thing about me) and he played along! He was cute, and I even think he loved me best! :D

My current pet: A dachsund/red heeler/ wire-haird terrier mix named Max. My parents got him after feeling sympathy for me being deppressed over Buddy. He's also an awesome dog. He's also chain-free, but he never crosses the street, I just try to keep him away from the neighbors yard! XD

My best dog friend: A dachsund named Stanley. Ever since I moved where I am now, I met him, the most prettiest, handsomest, sweetest purebreed ever. He belongs to my neighbor. I'm the only one in my family that likes him!! XD

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My fav book is the newest book the sun trail :p

June 23, 2013
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Interesting profile. You do like your lists, don't you?

June 23, 2013
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HI MLPlunamoon101 and I LOVE warriors to!! My fav warrior is.... Bluestar


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