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The most epic chibi Kat ever.Made by Candyman cx (skip xD ).ILY Candyman.YES THE CHIBI KAT ROOLZ YOU ALL.

Murrhurr.Welcome to Kat's profile.Have fun trying to get out.Mwahahaha~  ?

Current mood:Lets just say happy cuz I rarely update this thing anymore |DDD Trololol.


Ehehehe hi. You may know me as Kat, Ren or Lauren. I'm not too active on here anymore, I lurk on the SB and you may catch me talking on there now and again. But i DO update my gallery here...a little. But I'm a HECK load more active on dA and i don't just draw canines! I draw humans too. ;D and a good amount of other animals too, so yeah. go go go~~~ I just updated my profile now cuz it's kinda old and stoof. sooo..old stuff down belowww.


previous avatar.By Kepperzzz.< 3

My previous avi.c: By Zuko.< 3

        .This is one of my beautiful cats.Her name is Tootsie.Tootsie was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately the vets couldn't save her.So on Friday, May 29th 2009 I had to let go.Her angel watches over me and my profile.So behave.And now on Friday the 24th of September 2010 another one one of my dear cats,Coco, died.The vets didn't know what was wrong...she hadn't been eating and couldn't steady herself.It was suspected cancer,which was what my lovely Tootsie also died of.R.I.P My little Coco-kins...I love you.Edit:On Monday the 21st of Feburary 2011,another of myy cats died.Hollie.She was sick.Eventually,she just...fell asleep.And just didn't wake up.R.I.P,I love you Hollie,you crazy little fuzzball.<3 ? I still love you Three.Forever?

Friend mentions!8D I love all you guys.< 3 IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

Navathewise-Navasofa-LOL SORRY FOR FORGETTING YOU.DB But here we go.:D Nava hereee is completely and utterly amazing.< 3 He's always there when any of his friends need help, always.You don't get someone like that too often, so Nava is just..well,yeah,you're special Nava.< 3 It's amazing to have a friend like you.YOU'RE ALSO MY SPECIAL SOFA.

EveryonelovesKoko-Daddeh-OH GEEZ,Where do I start with you?Daddeh,you are one of my BESTIE fwiends on here.:DD I couldn't ask for anyone better.You help me and put up with my mood swings so thank you.?

Destiny_Wolf (Laura)-Laura pie-Oh gewd gawd.Laura.Phew.Laura,you are a total weirdy at times but chur another of my bestie fwiends on here.c: I still remember the day we met.OH,The lulz.I yelled at you.xDDD Still sorry for that...chea.Laura,whatever happens,Katteh will be right behind chu.:3 ?

Achala-Achywawa-PHEWIE ACHaswell.xDDYWAWA.You are nuts.xDDD But that makes you fun to be around.You have no idea how many times you've made me crack up irl.xDD So YAAAY FOR ACHYWAWA. ?

Diana Disaster-Dia-pie-pillow/King Dia-Geez.Dia,you are freaking hilarious.xDD Like achywawa,you've made me crack up a hell loada times.xDD I'll always be here for you Dia-pie-pillow.?

Jordan.-Mommeh-Mommeh,oh mommeh.:3 I luff you.You were the one that let me into the family and later on the Unalaq pack.You brang me so much happiness on here so thank you so much.:D ?

AceKristal-Kristull/Kwistal/Kwistull-Geez,Kristull you're crazy.You sometimes scare me but in a good way.SURE,SURE you abandoned me and now I'm the only BSer I know who's a londoner and you went all the way to canada BUUUUT I still luffles you.xDD Kristal,joo is an amazing artist and a brilliant friend.c: ?

Raya-Shaki-Spirit-Wow spirit,I can't even think of words to describe you yer that awsome.xDD I still remember how we met.Aweee.Twilight.xDDD Loool. ?

Blazestar-Bwazeh/bwazey pie-Holy crap,Blaze,you were one of my first friends on here.I remember that day...When you thrashed me when I was a newbie.xDD LOL.But now I'm just glad we're cool.:3 You amuse me at times and Blaze,if ya ever need someone to talk to Kat's here.c: Just dun use the scary face or the kitten eyes.xDD ?

Angel_Dreamer-AngelPie-Oh geez Angelpie,I luff you.You are seriously talented and friendly.Plus you comment on my gallery alot.x3 Thankies.8D ?

Yukon Silvermoon-YuMoo-Oh gawd YuMoo.You crack me up at times,seriously.xD You are complete and utter awesomeness bro.:3  ?

Kepz_TheFairyChihuahua-Kepzzz(Gotta think of a nickname for yew.xDD)-Murrhurr.Kepz you are pretty crazy at times.oO And you enjoy shooting my profile.>O But oh wellz.:3 You are an amazing artist and seriously funny.xDD  ?

Netana-Nasher-Oh gawd,Nasher you are really playful.xD I enjoy our wars.:3 Luff you sissy.  ?

Silver Deni-Deni pie-Wow.No words can describe your awesomeness.But you amuse me.x3 You are one of the mods that I get along well with.:D  ?

 Wolf girl.-Clara-Awe,Clara,your art is adorable.:3 Plus you are probably one of the most friendliest/sweetest  warrior cat-obsesser i've met on here.:333  ?

Fokker wolf-Fokkerbutt-Well well well,look who it is.>U I'mma continue to find ways to torture you fokkerbutt.Lawl.

Pilot-Gracey-Oh geez Gracey,you're so chipper it's hard not to feel happy in your prescence.xDD 

Diego_Rules-Diego-Diego,you rock.Nuff said.And thanks for making Mishka for meee.< 3

PatchWorkZombie-Shenzay-Shenzi,you don't come on much anymore or not that I see you anyway but you're an awesome friend who makes me laugh.:3

GingaDensetsuAleu-Awoo-You are crazy.Nuff said.But anyway,your randomness makes me laugh.xD

Misa Amane-Blizz/Blizzeh-Oh Blizzy blizzy,I'm sorry you were banned.I'm still trying hun,I really REALLY am.And I ain't gonna stop till you ARE out.

Spirit of the wild-Spiwit-Spiwit,you are nuts.But that always makes me smile.YOU MAKE GOOD COOKIES TOO so yeah.>3

Skip-Candyman-Wheres my candy,candyman?:O Oh mai you're my sugar supplier and vewwy VEWWY speeshal.:DD < 3

Catwhohas14tails-Cat(DURRR.)-Geez,you make me crack up.xDDD I always get a laugh outta you.

Alosha,-Mica-owner-Mica,you are vewwy vewwy speshal.:O Kittenpet will always be here to cheer you up if you're feeling down,okay?< 3

Tasha_Marie-Tashaaa-Tasha you're seriously feisty.xDD But I love that bout ya.:3 You thrash them n00bs.>DDD  Love ya Tash,keep on smilin'~

Riot the rouge-Riot-Riot,you are so random,it's hilarious.xDD Love ya tho.:3

Kirada-Kira-pie/Kira-Its our amazing Kira!833 Kira-pie,you're amazing never forget that.< 3

TheLionKingLover-Tee Ell Kay-Oh geez,you're so funny.xDDD At first we didn't speak but now I always enjoy speaking to you.OMG SPARTA.Lil bitty kitty wanna (censored) (censored) BITE.>DDD

Sunshinestunner-Sunneh-Ohmai.I always get a laugh outta you too.x3 You're so random but nice at the same time.:3 Yush yush yush. 

Sardonyx-M'kay bout time I gave her a spot on here.Starry Sarry here is AMAZING.Mess with her,ya mess with MEEEEE.Got that?M'kay.:3 No pressure~ ;3 

 ridin' Solo-Alpine/Alp-ALP,YOU NEED TO GET ON MORE FFF.But HEY,I still love ya.:D


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Member since : 12 July 2009
My group : Unalaq-packs babysitter/random
Country : uk Uk
Gender : female Female

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November 15, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site

May 07, 2013
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Good to see you again!

June 16, 2012
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I like your avatar its.. cool.

April 24, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Former mod/retired
Did I ever ask you if you had MSN? O: I have a new DA account by the way, I closed the old one XD.

April 23, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Former mod/retired
Kat, you is epic XD.


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